The Indian contingent at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast faced intense scrutiny after the discovery of syringes in their accommodation. As per reports, syringes were found in some rooms occupied by the Indian athletes at Gold Coast and the investigation is currently underway to determine if they have been misused by the players. The findings by a cleaner were submitted to the medical commission of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CWF) and are now being analysed by the team with the Indian contingent denying any wrongdoing. The syringes were found on Saturday and the Games are scheduled to start on Wednesday.

The Commonwealth Games follow a strict ‘no-needles’ policy for athletes and “zero tolerance” for doping. If required the medical team of the CWF will follow up on the matter but for now, no Indian athlete has been questioned with the Indian team manager denying any involvement. As per an AFP report, Narang said that the needles had nothing to do with the Indian team and that they were found lying inside a bottle in their path adding that the bottle was found by one his team members. “One of my guys reported that to us. I had a look and could see these were syringes,” Narang told AFP.

“As a good citizen, I immediately went to the Medical Commission office for analysis and disposal. We didn’t open the bottle at all,” he added. Meanwhile, (CGF) chief executive David Grevemberg confirmed that the syringes were reported to the authorities by a cleaner and the medical commission took action upon receiving the information. He also explained that no athlete can use needles during the Games period under the anti-doping standard of the Commonwealth Games unless the case in an exceptional one.

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“Under the 2018 Commonwealth Games anti-doping standard, a no-needle policy applies to athletes for the entire Games period, unless under approved exemptions,” AFP quoted Grevemberg.

This isn’t the first time the Indian team has been put under the scanner for similar situations. During the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the CGF had issued a warning to India over inappropriate disposal of needles. At the 2016 Rio Olympics too, syringes were reported in Indian players’ rooms. This time around the Indian players taking part in the Commonwealth Games were strictly informed to be careful with the use of syringes and were briefed about the dos and don’ts during their stay in Australia.

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