David Johnson is a 22-year-old Entrepreneur as well as a full-time athlete. He hails from San Antonio in Texas. Currently, he is working as a basketball player in college. While being a college basketball player, he also makes contacts globally.

Popularly known as iamdjjohnson and DJ, he has always been passionate about playing basketball. LeBron James is his idol. This is because he believes LeBron to be a true epitome of leadership. LeBron motivates his teammates to do their best even in the toughest situations. This is why David idolizes him despite knowing countless basketball legends.

When Johnson was in first grade, he dug deeper into basketball. This was because he always loved sports and wanted to choose a specific category, he felt passionate about. When he started playing basketball on the court, he felt a connection and immediately recognised that this was his dream. Thus, he continued working hard for it and never gave up.

Johnson credits his coach Leroy Harley for his success. Harley coached him for AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). This is a travel basketball competition. Harley has been there for Johnson since the initial days of playing basketball in college.

Johnson’s continuous determination and hard work has been a major inspiration for today’s youth. Throughout his journey, he has had many career highlights. This includes the time in high school during a match in James Madison. He broke the school’s all-time record. Moreover, throughout college, he kept working hard and working for things that would bring him closer to his goal. Everything eventually turned out to be beneficial when he was successful in converting his dreams into reality.

Scores play a major role in boosting an athlete’s confidence. This is exactly what happened with Johnson in his sophomore year at Mount Mercy College. He bagged 21 points against three teams, which made the day very memorable for him.

David wishes to motivate and guide every aspiring individual who is yet to make a name in the sports industry. He firmly believes that as long as you are passionate and keep working hard, success is inevitable because hard work always pays off. Furthermore, he said to trust the process and keep working even if there is no noticeable progress. He believes that failure is a temporary measure and should not be counted as a permanent defeat. David has been dreaming of this since he was a kid and he achieved this status much later. Thus, never give up. David Johnson’s optimistic nature is truly inspirational.