Former South African cricketer Jacques Kallis asserted that Virat Kohli’s aggressiveness on field works for the Indian skipper but it will be better if he keeps his temperament in check. The former Proteas all-rounder believes Team India as a team cannot achieve better results through Kohli’s aggressive behaviour. Although Kohli’s belligerence plays an integral role in bringing the best out of him but the same factor doesn’t always apply to Team India’s success. The 42-year old former cricketer said that over the years Kohli has remained aggressive which Kallis thinks works for his game.

Kallis feels there are some areas which require self-checking as there is some area where he needs to look at. The former South African captain who played 166 Test matches for South Africa wants Kohli to work on his aggressiveness in such a way that he can help both his team and career. Appreciating his unfazed attitude, Kallis admitted that his aggressiveness which certainly brings out the best in him is certainly something he should not change. Kallis added that the Indian skipper bats well when is aggressive within himself.

“He has been aggressive and I think it works for his game. But it may be an area he needs to look at… the way it works for him he has got to see if it works for his team,” Kallis said. “It might be an area to tone it down a little bit. It certainly brings out the best in him and I think he should not change too much for him. He bats well when he is aggressive within himself,” Kallis added. Kallis heaped praise on Kohli for his passion towards the gentlemen’s game and said although he is young in captaincy but he cannot remain aggressive all the time. “As a leader sometimes you cannot always be as aggressive as he is, that is an area he will work on, he is still young in his captaincy,” Kallis told Hindustan Times. “I am sure he will chill out a little more as he gets a little bit older. But he is obviously very passionate and that is nice to see,” Kallis added. 

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