From winning Ballon d’Ors to clinching the historic UEFA Euro with Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is a player, who has accomplished everything the world of football has to offer in club and country both. Ronaldo introduced himself during the Sir Alex Ferguson era as a teenager, who ended up cutting a deal at Old Trafford and has been at the pinnacle on various occasions in the world’s most challenging leagues since then. It’s fair to say Ronaldo has tasted success in his Manchester United days and accomplished the same during his current spell with La Liga giants Real Madrid.

While Ronaldo has been the world’s best on two different occasions and going back to the same old debate that he has tasted success in Manchester United, one can fairly reckon the fact that he knows more about the Premier League than his Balon D’Or counterpart, someone who started his journey at Las Masia and is expected to end at the same place. According to a Spanish daily Don Balon, the Real Madrid superstar has even claimed the fact that Lionel Messi is only a single club player and his choice of sticking up with Barcelona is perhaps the only option he is having.

As per reports, Ronaldo believes that Messi’s distress over his national side Argentina is one proof that the player’s brilliance only revolves around the Catalan club. Albeit the Spanish weekly didn’t exactly quote the Portuguese captain weighing on the never-ending Ronaldo-Messi saga but there report suggest that he remained doubtful that the Argentine forward can survive something outside the Catalan atmosphere. The Barcelona talisman has spent more than a decade if we count his journey days since he joined La Masia when he was only thirteen years old. This year both Messi and Ronaldo are shortlisted for this year’s Ballon d’Or in which Cristiano is considered as a clear favourite after his remarkable season with Real Madrid.