Born on 10 June 1994 in village Chamaria district, Rohtak, His mother died at a young age of only four. He struggled with his life since his childhood, did farming with his father, and when he was studying in twelfth class, his father also left forever. But he did not lose courage, left his studies. Joined a private school in his village, he did farming to earn livelihood for his family life. Today, he is the captain of the Indian Kabaddi team after long struggling life and made a mark in national and international games. Yes, you have rightly guessed he none other than Deepak Hooda who will be honored with the Arjuna Award on the upcoming National Sports Day i.e. 29 August. The Daily Guardian spoke him in long phonic conversation let us know his successful life story of Deepak Hooda. Excerpts:

Q-What was your experience after the announcement of the National Sports Awards?

A-As soon as it was announced to be honored on the occasion of National Sports Day, I got more than three hundred and fifty phones in a single day and received congratulatory messages from sports-lovers, relatives, friends for which I express my heartfelt gratitude. The print and electronic media have also promoted the sports quite well, these are commendable efforts.

Q – Tell me the memories of your early life struggle you faced?

A- When I was only 4 years old, I lost my mother. I did farming with my Father to fetch money for the family. But when I reached the 12th class , my father also passed away. Faced a lot of financial constraints in childhood. At the same time, my elder sister Poonam’s husband (my brother-in-law) also got imprisoned for long due to family quarrel and the maintenance of both his daughter and son including sister also came on my shoulders. Due to the family responsibility, I had to leave my studies and worked for about one and a half years in Shivaji School (private) in the village itself. As soon as I reached home from school at half past two in the afternoon, I used to work hard in the fields to raise funds by farming for the family.

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Q – Where did you take proper kabaddi coaching?

A – By the grace of the God, I got good Kabaddi coaches like Joginder and Mahipal on time, just because of their able guidance my game has improved a lot. By the way, I met my first Professionally Kabaddi coach Jagmal Singh. To get training from him, I borrowed 11 thousand rupees and bought a motor cycle which helped me to move on and covering 29 kilometers away from my village to ride and go to coaching everyday.

Q – What was the Turning of your life?

A – My game improved a lot due to my professional coach. And in January 2014, I won a gold medal in the National Games held in Patna. At the same time, other sports selectors including Gehlot Saheb, the Head of Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India, praised my game and I also felt like my hard work is paying off. After that I did not look back again. Thereafter, in Pro-Kabaddi, immediately after the captain of India team Rakesh Kumar, I got a bid of 12.60 Lakh on my second number. After that, life changed by the grace of God.

Q – What are the major achievement of Indian Kabaddi Team?

A – The Indian has won the World Cup thrice in Kabaddi, once the World Cup has also been held in India. Kabaddi World Cup held once in four years, apart from this, Asian Games, Dubai International Kabaddi Games are regularly organized. I was a member of the 2016 World Cup winning team. A total of eighteen teams participated in the last World Cup. The meaning is clear that the popularity of Kabaddi game is increasing day by day.

Q – What is major grievance of Haryanivi player?

A – In fact, in the last 6 years, the BJP government has neither given money nor given a job to a single international player. And if the old declared prize money has not been received till date, the Government-Sports Administration-Administrator will also have to pay attention to these issues only then the development of sports will be possible in our state and country.

Q-What are your future plans?

See, Playing for the country is considered to be a great achievement of life, that’s why I want to win my team more title by playing all the international Kabaddi tournaments in the coming times as well as the children of the villages around Rohtak in advance. I am training in the evening and I want to expand it so that children dedicated to some sports can do well in sports And I request that only children who are fully devoted to sports should come to the games. Children who live in games for the time pass, please do not waste your time and money of your parents.

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