It’s shocking news for entire Karate fraternity because Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has disaffiliated the Karate Association of India for violating its constitution and guidelines. In India, Martial art games are already being ignored, in these adverse situation how can Indian Karate game survive again.

On this challenging issue, Senior Sports Journalist S.S.Dogra spoke to Aniket Gupta who is the top ranked Indian Karate player and Captain-Coach of Indian Karate team-placed 146 at World Ranking. Let’s chalk out what Aniket says all about Karate and its upcoming challenges & remedy. Excerpts:

How do you see the challenge before the Karate Association of India imposed ban by IOA?

Momentarily, it may be shocking, but under Corona Pandemic, no international sports events taking place in any part of the world. And, Its not the business of any player to indulged   into any legality of a particular game. They should concentrate on their games only. KAI will take care submitting desired documents as per IOA guidelines in time, its hoped that everything will be fine again. So nothing to worry much about the future of Karate games.

 What are the main drawbacks  of Indian sports Comparing with European countries?

As per my own international experience, there are so many reasons  Indian Sports lacking behind. First of all, we don’t have sports culture, infrastructure, don’t follow team Spirit, proper connection with coach, not getting proper  Doctor & Media support particularly for Martial art games. Interestingly, we don’t have proper coach for National Karate Team.  There is no job opportunity or security for talented players. Moreover, Politics in Sports is the biggest problem in India. They never bother about the games and players. These are the major hurdles for sports fraternity in India. In such adverse situation, how can we compete the Europeans and find respectable place in the Medal list on international sports arena.

 How can we develop Sports in India?

First of all, India needs to develop nationwide sports culture. The games should be included in the regular curriculum at school level. It’s the duty of every  parent, teachers, friends, neighbors, institutions, organizations to promote and support sports in the society.  We should create proper sports training centers & coaches state wise.  More job opportunities should be offered to active sportsperson & coaches.  Good Sponsors should come forward to organize Karate Championship at Zonal, Districts, State  and National level  on regular  basis. I’m sure; these important measures can improve Indian Sports.

What are your major achievements? 

Apart from my world ranking, I am an Uninterrupted Champion in the Official Delhi State Championships Organised by Karate Do Association of Delhi (KAD) for the Last 16 Years Since 2004 to till date (Consecutive 17 Time Delhi State Champion) 14 Time Medal Winner in National Championship Organised by The National Sports Federation of Karate since from 2005 till date. Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals in consecutive last four Commonwealth Karate Federation Championships Organised by CKF and Won 1 Bronze in 2011, 1 Silver in 2013, 1 Gold in 2015 and 1 Silver and 1 Bronze in 2018. Winning Three-time gold medals in USA Open (International Karate Championship) Organised by USA National Federation/ US Olympic Committee and Won 1 Gold in 2015, 2 Gold in 2018 and 2 Gold in 2019.

Any association or recognition with leading Karate Organizations?

Currently I’m Chairman of Athlete Commission Karate Association of India KAI (NSF) and holding Black Belt 5th Dan/Degree from Japan, World Karate Federation WKF, CANADA apart from the National Sports Federation of Karate in 2015 Further, I have been a officially Certified Kata and Kumite Coach from World Karate Federation WKF, Asian Karate Federation AKF and National Sports Federation – NSF.

 Are you satisfied with your Sports career?

Yes, I am very much satisfied, just because of Sports, I got Govt. Job & everything in life. But in the begging I had to struggle a lot, it was tough time to manage huge expenses for national & international participation.  I am thankful to Delhi Government-honoring me with handsome cash prizes on   few occasions that too during struggling time, that boosted my confidence level & inspire me to perform better.

(Interviewer is the Bureau Chief of Himalini, magazine from Nepal. He is a Founder of Creative World Media Academy & written two books on Media Education)

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