Shane Watson and Murali Vijay couldn’t give them the start they wanted, Sam billings also went cheaply and it was all down to MS Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu who took some or perhaps a lot of time as per the situation to settle down and go bonkers. Kings XI Punjab sent back Ambati Rayudu at the right time before he could have upped the gear and it was all down to Dhoni who braved a back pain to almost notch up another close win for his beloved CSK. The men in yellow and the yellow army would not be one bit disappointed with the loss for what they witnessed from there captain. A single on the second ball in that last over could have been a wise decision with Bravo on the strikers end but Dhoni had other plans and the appreciation he received from the KXIP players and the CSK dugout was a proof he had made them go wow. 

Highlights from the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab from the PCA Stadium Mohali:

Kings XI Punjab beat Chennai Super Kings by 4 wickets in a thriller 

11:47 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 193/5, 20 overs, Bravo – 1, Dhoni – 79

Dhoni with a dot ball and keeps the strike, asks Bravo to stay off. The man wants to take it on from here.  A good ball from Mohit Sharma, and its not a wide. Dhoni couldn’t touch it and its 16 off 4 now.  Mohit Sharma playing to Dhoni’s weakness, he knows the CSK skipper’s back is injured. Dhoni with a boundary, brilliant placement. Even if CSK lose it from here they will be in awe of their skipper marvelous. Another one into the slot from Mohit and the match is out of Chennai Super Kings’ hand now. That’s it CSK have lost it with 11 required off 1 but what batting by Dhoni here. Wraps up with a six and Dhoni not CSK has lost this one by 4 runs.  

11:42 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 181/5, 19 overs, Bravo – 0, Dhoni – 69

Andrew Tye starts off well with just a single off the first ball and Jadeja gives away a catch on the second ball. But Dhoni won’t stop as he sends Tye into the crowd and follows it up with a boundary. The skipper making it a Dhoni show at the PCA Stadium in Mohali. Sensational batting from him. Dhoni with one hander and its into the park. What batting from the CSK captain. 17 of the last 6 now, Can CSK make it another thrilling finish?

OUT! Jadeja c Ashwin b Andrew Tye 19(13)

Jadeja wanted to go after it, mistimed it and Ashwin made no mistakes with the catch. 

11:35 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 162/4, 18 overs, Jadeja – 19, Dhoni – 50

A full toss to start the over from Mohit Sharma, Dhoni goes after it and gets a boundary with a misfield from Mujeeb. Good start to the over from CSK. Well bowled by Mohit, Dhoni takes a single off the next ball. Ashwin taking all his time in setting up the field for Jadeja. What is Jadeja thinking here? Absolutely poor from him. Wider ball and he just toes it for a single. MS Dhoni with a mighty blow into the park. Dhoni is still there and the match is far from finish yet. Well bowled by Mohit Sharma as Dhoni takes a single and completes his 50 in 34 balls. It has been some effort from him, his 18th IPL fifty. Jadeja goes big and finishes the over with a six. Its a biggie from him. 

11:27 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 143/4, 17 overs, Jadeja – 12, Dhoni – 38

67 required off 24 as Andrew Tye comes on to ball the high-pressure 17th over for Kings XI Punjab. After the 1st dot ball, powerful second but only a single from it. Jadeja making it worse for CSK with absolutely no power in his shots. What is Jadeja thinking? Dhoni bangs a boundary but that would do nothing good here. Another powerful shot but the fielder at long on cuts it off comfortably. One bounce into the ropes from Jadeja with 12 runs off the over. 

11:21 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 131/4, 16 overs, Jadeja – 7, Dhoni – 32

Barinder Sran with the 16th over as CSK struggle to match up the required rate. That was close but Ravindra Jadeja had no doubts about his pace between the wickets. Another wide ball from Sran and a single to follow it up. A good over for KXIP as Sran keeps it cheap in such high-pressure situation. The match running out of CSK’s hands here. A full toss and 2 off it to wrap up the over with 9 runs off it. Jadeja will have to realize that it’s not those singles but the boundaries which will win them the game. 

11:15 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 122/4, 15 overs, Jadeja – 1, Dhoni – 31

Ashwin with his final over. Dhoni is looking like he is injured but not enough to not dispatch Ashwin out of the park. Dhoni went down on one knee to slog a flighted ball. A good one from Ashwin with just 9 runs off it as the equation races in favour of KXIP. 5 overs left 76 needed. 

11:12 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 113/4, 14 overs, Jadeja – 0, Dhoni – 23

Barinder Sran introduced back in the attack with the required rate up to 13 per over. Rayudu steps out to connect but fells short with a dot first ball. What a shot that one, he set himself well and sends it packing towards the deep square leg for a six. Rayudu 1 run away from his half-century. Good one from Sran, slower one and away from him. Ohh, wait! A killer throw from Ashwin and Rayudu is back. No half-century for Rayudu. Just 6 runs off the over and brilliant stuff from Ashwin. 

OUT! Rayudu run out (Ashwin) 49(35)

Ambati Rayudu is disappointed to go after a well played 49. Ashwin with a stunning through and a slight mix up meant CSK’s best batsman so far is walking back. Look at that roar from Ashwin, he knows the importance of that wicket. 

11:06 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 107/3, 13 overs, Rayudu – 43, Dhoni – 23

MS Dhoni and Ambati Rayudu start with two singles as R Ashwin comes back with the 13th over. It was on pads but it was pitching outside clearly which perhaps stopped Ashwin from thinking twice. 4 off the first 4 balls for the Chennai Super Kings. A single from Rayudu as he stepped out but failed to connect. Excellent over from Ashwin with just 6 off it. 

11:02 PM IST: MS Dhoni seems to have taken a knock, a bit of massage, a painkiller, and the man is back at business. Well if he was incapacitated it would have been a big blow for CSK with the likes of Jadhav and Raina all ruled out injured. 

11:00 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 100/3, 12 overs, Rayudu – 40, Dhoni – 21

Mujeeb Ur Rahman back into the attack. Two similar balls from the spinner with two different shorts from Dhoni and Rayudu for a single. Pushed towards the fine leg and he is a brilliant athlete, 2 runs completed without any risk. 4 runs now off the first three balls. A Single off the 5th ball and Rayudu brings up the 100 for CSK with a single to take 7 runs from the over. 

10:55 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 94/3, 11 overs, Rayudu – 37, Dhoni – 17

Andrew Tye brought into the attack by Ashwin and its the right to get spin and pace put more pressure on the two right-handers in the middle. Dhoni and rayudu will have to target someone and up the ante before its too late. Good shot from Rayudu with four as he goes unaffected in his business. A single to follow up.  9 from the over a good one for CSK. 

10:50 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 85/3, 10 overs, Rayudu – 31, Dhoni – 14

Mujeeb introduced in the attack by R Ashwin and he bowls a terrific over. Just 2 runs off the first four balls as Ambati Rayudu struggles to pick him. The variations he has git makes him a dangerous prospect: Mujeeb. Dhoni with a single to end the over. 

10:45 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 81/3, 9 overs, Rayudu – 29, Dhoni – 12

Incredible from Ashwin as he continues with the 9th over. He has successfully implemented leg spin techniques in his bowling. With the required rate going up, Rayudu gets a boundary off him. Ashiwn returns with a carrom ball to surprise Rayudu and then gives away only a single. Dhoni and Rayudu will have to stay and deliver to take CSK close. Well played MS Dhoni, just a nudge and it races down the boundary line. 117 required off 66 balls now. Quite gettable. 

10:41 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 68/3, 8 overs, Rayudu – 23, Dhoni – 7

Yuvraj Singh brought into the attack by Ashwin now and its a clash of the titans with Dhoni taking on Yuvi. It has been a day of surprises from Ashwin, he has brought all his secret elements in open today. After Gayle, it is Yuvraj with his first over in the IPL 2018. Dhoni smacks Yuvraj for a boundary and follows it up with a single. Rayudu takes a single to wrap up the over. 

10:36 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 58/3, 7 overs, Rayudu – 20, Dhoni – 1

Ashwin himself has taken the ball after the end of the powerplay as Chennai Super Kings look to settle down before taking on the KXIP bowlers. A single and a couple to start off with followed by a dot ball in what is turning out to be a good over for KXIP. Ashwin feels Billings has got some pads on before the bat and has gone up for a review. Brilliant over from Ashwin with just 5 off it and a much important wicket. 

OUT! Billings lbw b Ashwin 9(8) 

Ashwin take a bow. What a decision from the KXIP skipper. He was adamant that it was on pads first and Billings has to go. He wanted an LBW and he has got it. Chennai Super Kings struggling here in Mohali. 

10:31 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 53/2, 6 overs, Rayudu – 18, Billings – 7

Mujeeb Ur Rahman brought into the attack by R Ashwin. Billings gets a boundary off the googly from him but overall a good one from the Afghan sensation. Seven runs off the over to restrict the run rate and up the required one. Who will Ashwin get next to the attack? 

10:27 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 46/2, 5 overs, Rayudu – 16, Billings – 2

Andrew Tye with the 6th over for KXIP, the move from Ashwin pays off with Vijay walking back on the first ball. Ambati Rayudu gets a boundary of the second ball which was a poor follow up delivery from Tye. Seven runs off the over, a good one for Kings XI Punjab as Sam Billings joins rayudu in the middle. 

OUT! Murali Vijay caught! Vijay c Barinder b Andrew Tye 12(10) 

Andrew Tye bowls a slower one to Vijay, he pulls it in the air and gets caught by Sran who takes a comfortable one. Big blow for the Chennai Super Kings as their opening pair is back in the dressing room. 

10:20 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 39/1, 4 overs, Rayudu – 11, Vijay – 12

Mohit Sharma with the 5th over KXIP and starts off well with just two singles of the first three balls. Rayudu and Vijay will have to stay there and go steady in the chase. Another good slower one from Mohit Sharma with just 1 off it from Vijay’s bat. One bounce and four as Ambati Rayudu plays a controlled short stepping out. Smart cricket from Rayudu. Good response by Mohit with a fuller one directed towards the covers by Rayudu for a single. 8 runs off it, a good over for CSK. 

10:15 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 31/1, 3 overs, Rayudu – 5, Vijay – 1o

Barinder Sran with the third over for Kings XI Punjab. After a single, Ambati Rayudu times it beautifully to get a boundary of Sran. Rayudu is in some form and he has to play a big part here for the Chennai Super Kings today. Murali Vijay goes big, goes after the short ball and turns a good one from Sran into a good one for his team. 14 runs off that over from Sran. 

10:10 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 17/1, 2 overs, Watson – 3, Vijay – 1

Former CSK bowler Mohit Sharma takes the ball for KXIP, a good first ball from him for a dot ball. Shane Watson free his hands a bit and gets a boundary on the second ball from Sharma. He follows it up with another superb short towards the third man beating the fielder there. Two back to back boundaries for Watto to cool things down in Mohali. Watson is making the full use of the powerplay overs with his experience. Wicket! Watson caught.  Brilliant over from Mohit Sharma. 

OUT! Watson c Barinder b Mohit Sharma 11(9)

What was he trying to do there? Absolutely no power in that shot, a thick edge, and Barinder Sran takes the easiest catch of his life. Big blow for Chennai Super Kings, this is not what they would have wanted before the end of the powerplay overs. The slower one does the trick for Mohit. 

10:03 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 9/0, 1 over, Watson – 3, Vijay – 1

Barinder Sran gives away runs straight, that’s 3 runs without even a ball being bowled with a wide and extra couple of runs. A good second ball from Sran with a single off it. Wide of the next ball and this is not a very bright start for Sran. 1 run from leg bye, this could have been close it was on full stump line with no bat from Vijay. Shane Watson sent it blazing towards the third man but a good effort from Mujeeb Ur Rahman saved three runs for his side. A single off the last ball with 9 runs from the over. Good start for both the teams. 

9:57 PM IST: Shane Watson and Murali Vijay who has taken Suresh Raina’s place in the side will be opening the batting for the Chennai Super Kings with Barinder Sran bowling the first over for the Kings XI Punjab. 

9:55 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings have made a brilliant comeback into this one with some good bowling from Imran Thair and Shane Watson. 197 is a huge total to post but KXIP knows they are 15-20 runs short of where they should have been after the first 100 runs in 9 overs. What a show it was from KL Rahul and Chris Gayle who launched an absolute carnage on CSK bowlers to get off to a flyer. Gayle 63(33) was at his brutal best as he announced his arrival for Kings XI Punjab. It was a Gayle Storm for the first time in this IPL and surely he has shown his captain and the management what he can do at his best. Among other firsts was also Dhoni getting involved in the dismissal of R Ashwin for the first time in tournament’s history. It will be Ashwin’s turn to do that when Dhoni walks out to bat in Mohali. CSK came into this game on the back of a victory against KKR chasing down 202 and they will be backing themselves to do that again. 

9:43 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 197/7, 20  overs, Sran- 0, Tye – 3

Dwyane Bravo with the last over for Chennai Super Kings, he does what he does best. Variations and the slower ones as Nair and Tye take two singles of first three deliveries from Bravo. Karun Nair walks back after getting caught by Jadeja as Tye takes a single off the last ball to finish it with 197 on the board for KXIP. 

OUT! Nair caught! Nair c Jadeja b Dwayne Bravo 29(17)

Nair mistimed it, went after Bravo and ended up getting caught by Jadeja. It was a back of the length ball and Nair failed to judge it completely. 

9:36 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 193/6, 19  overs, Nair – 24, Tye – 0

Shardul Thakur with the 19th over for the Chennai Super Kings as Karun Nair aims to keep the momentum going from where Yuvraj and Agarwal left. After a few singles and a double Ashwin hits a six off Thakur, Murali Vijay was waiting for the ball but it went past him over the ropes. But no more, R Ashwin gives away his wicket with his former skipper Dhoni taking the catch. Good over from Shardul. 13 off it. 

OUT! Ashwin c Dhoni b SN Thakur 14(11) 

Dhoni catches and Ashwin walks back, the first time in the IPL, the two have been involved in each other’s dismissal. It was a mistimed pull short by Ashwin with a comfortable catch for Dhoni. 

9:32 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 180/5, 18  overs, Nair – 24, Ashwin – 5

Dwayne Bravo with the 18th over for the Chennai Super Kings. Karun Nair smashes him for a six and follows it up with a boundary. Poor bowling from Bravo as he gives away 15 runs off the 18th over. 200 looks like an easy target to post from here. Nair certainly has continued his good form from the Delhi game into this one. 

9:28 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 165/5, 17  overs, Nair – 11, Ashwin – 3

Another good over for CSK with Imran Tahir getting the team back into it. Nair and Ashwin will have to get things going from here if KXIP are looking a target anywhere close to 200. Karun Nair played a superb innings against the Delhi Daredevils and can repeat his heroics here. 

9:24 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 160/5, 16  overs, Nair – 5, Ashwin – 1

Brilliant over from Shardul Thakur just 6 runs off it and a wicket of Yuvraj Singh. What a comeback by CSK in this match after the carnage launched by KL Rahul and Chris Gayle. 

OUT! Yuvraj c Dhoni b SN Thakur 20(13)

Yuvraj Sing with another poor show for the Kings XI Punjab. Shardul Thakur gets his first wicket of the day as Dhoni catches his India mate behind the stumps. CSK have made a strong comeback in this one. 

9:18 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 154/4, 15  overs, Nair – 5, Yuvraj – 18

OUT!   Finch lbw b Tahir 0(1) Karun Nair is the new man in for KXIP 

Tahir makes it 2 in 2, sends back Aaron Finch for a golden duck. KXIP went for a review but to no avail as the Hawkeye showed three reds. Two straight golden ducks for Finch and it’s definitely not a good sign for him. 

OUT! Mayank Agarwal c Jadeja b Tahir 30(19)

Third one down and Imran Tahir with the breakthrough. A mistimed lofty shot by Agarwal as Ravindra Jadeja makes no mistakes with the catch. A big breakthrough for CSK. 

9:10 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 149/2, 14  overs, Mayank – 30, Yuvraj – 18

Dwayne Bravo brought into the attack by MS Dhoni. Yuvraj Singh smashes him for back to back boundaries on the last two deliveries with Bravo conceding 13 runs off the over. Yuvraj Singh and Mayank Agarwal going strong for KXIP as CSK look for another wicket. 

9:05 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 136/2, 13  overs, Mayank – 28, Yuvraj – 7

Yuvraj Singh joins the party slams Imran Tahir for a six straight down the ground. But a good one for Tahir and CSK with just 7 runs conceded off it. Yuvraj Singh is also looking in a great touch here and can be destructive if he gets going. 

9:00 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 129/2, 12 overs, Mayank – 27, Yuvraj – 1 

Told you, Mayank Agarwal had saved the best for CSK. Shane Watson disappointed to get hammered for a six on the first ball of his second over. And Gayle gone, Watson with all his experience has got the big fish. Yuvraj Singh is the new man in. Just 9 runs off the over as CSK look to get back into this one. 

OUT! BIG ONE! Gayle c Tahir b Watson 63(33)

Watson strikes as Gayle walks back. The West Indian went with the pull half-heartedly and got caught by Tahir. The big man is gone and its a big wicket for CSK. 

8:58 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 120/1, 11 overs, Mayank – 19, Gayle – 63

Dwayne Bravo brought into the attack by Dhoni and this move shows how desperate CSK are for a wicket. This is just brilliant batting by the Punjab top order or lets ‘s say Gayle specifically. The 38-year-old still has got absolute power in him. Good over from Bravo, just 5 runs off it. 5 singles, a rare over with no boundary by the West Indies all-rounder. 

8:54 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 115/1, 10 overs, Mayank – 16, Gayle – 61

Mayank Agarwal bags a four and six off Harbhajan Singh to make the most of the over. It seems Agarwal had saved his best for CSK and is continuing the momentum despite Rahul’s departure. What a brilliant show from KXIP for the home fans, no respite for CSK meanwhile. First 10 overs have been dominated heavily by CSK. 

8:50 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 102/1, 9 overs, Mayank – 4, Gayle – 58

Shane Watson bowls the 9th over for the Chennai Super Kings and its a good one from the veteran all-rounder with just six runs off it. 100 runs up for KXIP in just 9 overs but the carnage in the last two overs has been brought to a pause. Can this be the time for CSK to make a comeback? 

8:45 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 96/1, 8 overs, Rahul – 37, Gayle – 58

Harbhajan Singh brought into the attack by Dhoni after going for 24 in his first two overs. Can he get the breakthrough? Two runs of the first three balls in what is turning out to be a good one for CSK. KXIP are cruising here with Gayle and Rahul putting up a show here in Mohali. KL Rahul gone with Mayank Agarwal the new man in. Good over for Harbhajan with a wicket and 4 runs off it.  

OUT! KL Rahul caught! Rahul c Dwayne Bravo b Harbhajan 37(22) 

Harbhajan Singh has got his man. In-form KL Rahul who was making it count once again in Mohali has been caught by Bravo. It was a full toss outside off stump, Rahul chipped it and Bravo took a sensational steal to bring an end to Rahul’s innings. 

8:38 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 92/0, 7 overs, Rahul – 35, Gayle – 56

Imran Tahir introduced into the attack but nothing can stop the right-hand, left-hand KXIP opening combination. KL Rahul welcomes Tahir with a boundary and then follows it with a couple before Gayle muscles it down the ground for a four and completes his fifty. Six more to end the over with 17 runs off it. What a show from Chris Gayle on IPL 2018 debut as Dhoni calls for a strategic timeout. 

8:33 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 75/0, 6 overs, Rahul – 28, Gayle – 46

Huge one from the big fellow Chris Gayle and Deepak Chahar can only witness it going out of the park. Another ball and another brutal hit for Gayle, this time a boundary, controlled well and hit well. Again! No stopping for Gayle today as he hits another boundary of Chahar. The short of length delivery was smashed away by Gayle. Another massive six from Gayle, he is in a different zone today and there is no stopping to the mighty West Indian. Powerplay ends with 75 runs of the first 6 for KXIP. 

8:28 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 53/0, 5 overs, Rahul – 27, Gayle – 26

Shardul Thakur introduced into the attack by MS Dhoni and Gayle welcomes him with a four. Absolutely brutal from Gayle. Dhoni and Watson can be seen discussing something. And that something is likely to be that how to break this partnership. KL Rahul muscles it this time for a boundary. CSK seemed to have not done their homework well. These two Punjab openers are making them pay for every mistake. A Boundary on long on to end the over with 14 runs of it. Now, who for Dhoni? He has tried three bowlers already. 

8:23 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 39/0, 4 overs, Rahul – 22, Gayle – 17

Harbhajan Singh back into the attack and once again he gets a four off the first ball. a massive blow of the next ball which goes straight into the crowd. Gayle getting into the groove as the crowd in Mohali enjoy the show. KL Rahul is unstoppable on the other end with a splendid boundary. Another superb boundary from Rahul to end the over with 19 off it. 

8:19 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 20/0, 3 overs, Rahul – 14, Gayle – 6

Deepak Chahar with the ball in the second over. He is keeping Gayle at bay with his variations, fuller and wide yorkers all of it in the first three before Gayle takes a single off the 4th ball. KL Rahul slams it towards the fine leg for a four. This was absolutely brilliant from Rahul, that tells about the form he is in. Nails it. Good over for CSK with just 5 off it. 

8:14 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 15/0, 2 overs, Rahul – 10, Gayle – 5

Chris Gayle on the strike with Harbhajan Singh taking the ball. Four of the first googly from Bhajji. Followed by two dot balls and a single. Good over from Harbhajan Singh for Chennai Super Kings with just 5 runs off it. The Chennai Super Kings have very limited pace options with the likes of Shardul Thakur and Chahar leading the line along with Bravo. 

8:09 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 10/0, 1 over, Rahul – 10, Gayle – 0

A good first ball from Chahar but the second one goes over the ropes with a beautiful shot for a boundary. A double off the next ball for Rahul. Chahar is getting some swing here and can trouble Gayle with his variations. Rahul seems to have hurt his ribs on the 5th one. That was a scorcher from Chahar and has left Rahul cribbing. Brilliant cover drive from Rahul to end the over and that’s 10 from the 1st. Gayle is yet to play a ball. 

8:00 PM IST: Its Pune but its nothing different for MS Dhoni who has led this side twice to the championship. Chris Gayle is opening the batting with KL Rahul. The Karnataka batsman is hammering the ball well and is in destructive touch. These two can get KXIP off to a screamer. Deepak Chahar with the ball for Chennai Super Kings. 

7:55 PM IST: KL Rahul has been in the form of his life for the Kings XI Punjab this season and his form today will be of great significance to Ashwin as he would want a big total on board to put some pressure on CSK. Gayle is back so expect fireworks if he gets going. 

7:45 PM IST: Chris Gayle is finally here and what a time to launch him for Ashwin. The West Indies left-hander has been most of the time trapped by Ashwin against old CSK but this time he will be weighing up his chances with Ashwin on his side. 

07:35 PM— Playing XIs 

Chennai Super Kings (Playing XI): Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Murali Vijay, MS Dhoni(w/c), Sam Billings, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Chahar, Harbhajan Singh, Imran Tahir, Shardul Thakur

Kings XI Punjab (Playing XI): Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Karun Nair, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Ravichandran Ashwin – Too early to get any spice in the tournament. We don’t know where we are heading towards in the tournament. We will treat it just as a normal game. We have two got two changes. Unfortunately, Axar Patel has a small niggle and he misses out. Barinder Sran comes in place of him and Chris Gayle is in for Marcus Stoinis.

MS Dhoni – We are bowling first. Pitch looks good as of now, quite a few venues are getting dew so it is always good to chase. We have a forced change. Suresh Raina is not fit, he is not ready so Murali Vijay comes in place of him. I look good and I don’t have any serious niggle. Yes, we are a team of over-aged people so we have to keep ourselves fit. It is all about the process how much you train and how much you rest. With old age you get experience and that is good.

07: 30 PM — Chennai Super Kings won the toss and Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni elected to Bowl first.


Chennai Super Kings

Harbhajan Singh, Shane Watson, Dwayne Bravo, MS Dhoni (c & wk), Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ambati Rayudu, Imran Tahir, Deepak Chahar, Sam Billings, Shardul Thakur, Murali Vijay, Karn Sharma, Faf du Plessis, Mark Wood, Dhruv Shorey, Lungi Ngidi, Monu Kumar, Kshitiz Sharma, Chaitanya Bishnoi, Kanishk Seth, N Jagadeesan, KM Asif

Kings XI Punjab

Yuvraj Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin (c), Aaron Finch, Mayank Agarwal, Mohit Sharma, Karun Nair, Lokesh Rahul (wk), Axar Patel, Marcus Stoinis, Andrew Tye, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Chris Gayle, Manoj Tiwary, David Miller, Akshdeep Nath, Ankit Rajpoot, Barinder Sran, Ben Dwarshuis, Pardeep Sahu, Mayank Dagar, Manzoor Dar