Mumbai Indians came into this one under immense pressure and in desperation of a victory, a few important changes by Rohit Sharma and at the end it was the skipper himself who rose to the occasion and played a fine knock of 56 runs to lead from the front and get his side over the line. Poor bowling show from CSK, with Shardul Thakur giving away the match in the 19th over where he conceded 17 runs and gave Tahir just 5 defend in the last over. Some miscalculations from Dhoni too as he refrained from giving Bravo the last over and instead of Tahir went with Shardul Thakur in the death overs. Suryakumar Yadav was brilliant once again with the bat as he gave a strong start to Mumbai Indians with Evin Lewis and the two openers put MI in a comfortable position in the game setting the tone for their second win in the competition. 

Highlights from the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians at the MCA Stadium in Pune:

Mumbai Indians beat Chennai Super Kings by 8 wickets 

11:38 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 170/2, 20 overs   Rohit – 56, Hardik – 13

MS Dhoni’s gamble has failed and Dhoni has played another gamble by bringing Tahir into the attack with the final over with just 5 runs to defend. A single and a double to start off with from Pandya. Just two to get from four now and a single from Rohit with one to win. Pandya gets the victory with a boundary. Mumbai Indians’ second victory of the season. 

11:33 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 165/2, 19 overs   Rohit – 53, Hardik – 11

Shardul Thakur with the 19th over for Chennai Super Kings. Mumbai Indians need 22 off 12 now. Pandya starts off with a single as Thakur gets the yorker right. Ohh! Rohit Sharma gets a boundary on the full toss and its a handy boundary for MI could have been a catch. Gets a boundary off the next ball and Rohit follows it up with another. This match has been taken away from CSK and MI is racing away with this one. A full-toss and Rohit bags his fifty! with a boundary. Brilliant innings from the MI skipper. 5 to get from 6 now. 

11:27 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 148/2, 18 overs   Rohit – 37, Hardik – 10

Shane Watson with the 18th over for CSK, the pressure will be on him here. Rohit Sharma gets no run from the first ball. A wide on the next ball from Watto. Rohit goes after Watson and gets a boundary off the second ball with Tahir failing to stop that one. A single to follow it up. To long-on and Pandya gets a six off Watson, the bottom of the bat but manages to clear the ropes by some distance. Full-toss and a single from Pandya. Outside off and Rohit takes two runs off the last ball. 15 from the over and that’s exactly what Mumbai wanted. 

11:21 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 133/2, 17 overs   Rohit – 30, Hardik – 3

Dwayne Bravo with the 17th over for Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are in pursuit of 170 in search of a second win this season. High in the air and Lewis walks back. Lewis c SN Thakur b Dwayne Bravo 47(43) Bravo took the pace off the ball and Lewis went for it ending up giving a good catch to Shardul Thakur. Can CSK get back into this one from here? Hardik Pandya is the new man in for MI. On the gloves and Rohit gets a single to third man. Three back to back singles here on the first three balls. A good shot to the covers from Pandya and he will get two. Great over from Bravo as he finishes with a dot ball, just 5 off it and a wicket. 37 required off last 18 now. 

11:12 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 128/1, 16 overs   Rohit – 28, Lewis – 47

Quite comfortable for Mumbai Indians so far and Dhoni is short on his death bowling options. Shardul Thakur will bowl the 16th over for CSK. Lewis gets a single from the first ball. Rohit steps out and tries to take charge but Raina cuts the ball and ensures no run is taken. Two from Rohit on the next ball and he is playing well to keep the strike rotating. A single off the next ball. A dot ball from Shardul to Lewis. Lewis fails to time it and a good over for CSK with just 5 from it. Strategic timeout. 42 to get from last four overs now. 

11:07 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 123/1, 15 overs   Rohit – 25, Lewis – 45

Dwayne Bravo starts the 15th over with a wide. Rohit Sharma plays a cracking shot on the legal first ball from him for a boundary. A dot ball from Bravo on the next one. An outside edge and Rohit will take a single. Lewis takes a single and Bravo has been so far of no concern to the MI batsmen. A single from Rohit Sharma on the next one. 9 off the over and a good one for MI that. 

11:01 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 114/1, 14 overs   Rohit – 19, Lewis – 43

Watson with the 14th over for CSK. Rohit Sharma plays a gorgeous shot, a lofted straight drive for a six and that’s perfect execution from the Mumbai skipper. A dot next ball from Watto with Raina saving almost a couple. Another dot ball from Watson. A six from Rohit and that’s some sensational stuff from him, capitalised on the length and got a maximum. A single with 13 from the over, excellent over for MI. 56 required off 36 now. 

10:56 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 101/1, 13 overs   Rohit – 6, Lewis – 43

Dwayne Bravo with the 13th over for Chennai Super Kings. Bravo to Lewis and no run from it. A single from him on the next ball. Another single from Rohit and so far so good for Bravo and CSK. Bravo to Lewis and a single from him. Two more balls left in the over. A good full ball from Bravo this time and a single from leg bye. Lewis puts it in the gap and it’s a good finish to the over for Mumbai Indians with a boundary. 100 up for MI. 

10:52 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 93/1, 12 overs   Rohit – 5, Lewis – 37

Harbhajan Singh with the 12th over for CSK. Three singles off the first three ball for Mumbai Indians. Another single from Lewis to long-off this time. Rohit couples with another single and Lewis finishes with another. Six singles from that over and it’s a good one from Bhajji. 

10:49 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 87/1, 11 overs   Rohit – 2, Lewis – 34

Imran Tahir with the 11th over for CSK. A single from Rohit to start the over, Lewis bags a biggie of the next one. A huge six and this is exactly what he needs to do here. Hits it clean again but Jadeja stops the boundary. Single from Rohit to follow it up. Another six from Lewis and the over ends with 16 from it, brilliant over for Mumbai Indians. 

10:44 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 71/1, 10 overs   Rohit – 0, Lewis – 21

Harbhajan Singh with the 10th over for CSK. Suryakumar Yadav starts with a single. Another single, from Lewis this time on a flat ball from Bhajji. Yadav gets a single on the next one. Lewis with a single off the next. A ripper from Bhajji this time and Suryakumar Yadav is gone, caught by Jadeja. Suryakumar Yadav c Jadeja b Harbhajan 44(34). A much-needed breakthrough for CSK and this is the wicket they were looking for all this time. Rohit Sharma walks in to bat for MI. Six off the over and a wicket, brilliant stuff from Bhajji. Stunner from Jadeja. 

10:37 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 65/0, 9 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 42, Lewis – 17

Imran Tahir introduced into the attack by MS Dhoni as he looks for a wicket. A single from Yadav to start the over. Tahir will have to break this partnership to get CSK back in the game. Lewis has failed to read Tahir so far and has been beaten on two successive balls. Another dot ball for him from Tahir. MS Dhoni failed to stop it and its a boundary on bye for Mumbai Indians. A slog and four to finish from Lewis the over on a good note for MI. Strategic timeout called by umpires. 

10:33 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 56/0, 8 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 41, Lewis – 13

Harbhajan Singh with the 8th over for CSK. Lewis gets a single square off the wicket. A good ball from Bhajji and a single for Yadav. CSK need wickets here, they can’t just get happy by restricting runs. Fantastic fielding by Raina and another dot ball from Bhajji. Good over from Harbhajan just 2 runs off it. 

10:29 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 54/0, 7 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 40, Lewis – 12

Shane Watson with the 7th over for Chennai Super Kings. Starts off with a dot ball to Lewis followed by a single. Sensible cricket by Suryakumar Yadav and Evin Lewis as they are not taking any risks and are playing sensible cricket rotating the strike well. A single from Lewis, followed by a single from Suryakumar Yadav. Good bowling from Watto, he is not losing his line and length. A single to finish the over with 4 runs. 

10:24 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 50/0, 6 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 38, Lewis – 10

Shardul Thakur with the 6th over for CSK. A good ball to start with, to Yadav short of length and no run from it. A run out opportunity was there but no direct hit and no wicket. A single to Yadav. A single from Lewis on the next ball. Suryakumar Yadav with a beautiful shot, the scoop with perfect timing and the ball is into the crowd SIX! Followed by a dot ball from Shardul. A single to finish the over with 9 from it. 50 up for MI. 

10:19 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 41/0, 5 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 30, Lewis – 9

Deepak Chahar with the 5th over for CSK. A single to fine-leg to square off the proceedings by Yadav. And Chahar leaves the pitch with a knock on the knee it seemed. That’s a huge blow for CSK if he is ruled out even for a few games. Harbhajan will bowl the left 5 balls and starts off with a dot ball. Lewis smoked it this time but excellent fielding from Rayudu to save three runs for his side. A dot next ball. Perfect placement this time from Suryakumar Yadav to get a boundary at the sweeper cover. Just 7 off the over. 

10:14 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 34/0, 4 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 24, Lewis – 8

Shane Watson with the 4th over for CSK. Was in the air for sometime but the ball lands safely. Dot ball to start with. Four from Suryakumar Yadav, a good shot from the right-hander as he plays with a full face of the bat. A single on the next ball from Yadav. Good ball this one and no run from it. A couple from Yadav and it has been a good start for the Mumbai Indians so far. A fuller ball from Watto and Yadav gets a single. 

10:10 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 25/0, 3 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 15, Lewis – 8

Deepak Chahar with the third over for CSK. Suryakumar welcomes him with a fine boundary. Harbhajan Singh could only see it race over the boundary line. Good comeback ball from Chahar with another short ball which Suryakumar Yadav fails to pick that one and that’s two dots in successive balls. A safe shot this time from Suryakumar Yadav as he gets a boundary to the third man on a short ball. Single on the next ball from him. Lewis takes a couple off the last ball to get 11 off the over. 

10:05 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 14/0, 2 overs   Suryakumar Yadav – 6, Lewis – 6

Shardul Thakur with the 2nd over for Chennai Super Kings. Starts off with a wide. Compensates with a dot second ball. On to the pads this time good swing for him and Lewis takes a couple. Good comeback from Thakur and a dot ball to Lewis. Good pace there with the delivery clocking 144.5 kmph. Outside of this time and another dot ball from Thakur. Lewis with the drive and Thakur gets another dot ball. A four off the last ball from Lewis as he manages to get an edge and spoils the ood over from Thakur. 

10:00 PM IST: Mumbai Indians – 7/0, 1 over     Suryakumar Yadav – 6, Lewis – 0

Deepak Chahar with the first over for CSK and starts off with a dot ball to Suryakumar. A loose ball this time from Chahar and Suryakumar Yadav gets the first boundary of the game. A couple to follow it up from Yadav. Chahar with another poor ball but the batsman finds a fielder this time. A dot ball followed by another. A wide from Chahar this time. A good short ball from Chahar to finish the over and that’s 7 from the over. 

9:55 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings players are in a huddle with MS Dhoni giving some team talk. They are on the field now with the Mumbai Indians openers Evin Lewis and Suryakumar Yadav. The chasing team will still be under pressure having won just a game before this one. 

9:50 PM IST: At the end, Raina got a good six off Hardik Pandya to take Chennai Super Kings to 169 in the 20 overs but credit to Mumbai Indians for restricting runs brilliantly in the last 6-7 overs. From 91/1 in 10 overs to just 79 more in the next 10 despite having 9 wickets in hand. CSK could have added a 20-30 more to that total but Mumbai Indians bowlers gave their best. Suresh Raina 75(47)  and Ambati Rayudu 46(35) got CSK to a total with the middle order failing to contribute and Shane Watson walking back for cheap. The game is still wide open with 170 to get but chasing team will be confident to get this one. 

9:40 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 169/5, 20 overs   Raina – 75, Jadeja – 0 

Hardik Pandya with the final over for Mumbai Indians. Raina starts off with a single. Mumbai Indians have done well to pull things back in the last 6-7 overs can they finish the job well? Just a single from Billings on the next ball. A full-toss this time and just a single again. OUT! Billings c Cutting b Hardik Pandya 3(5). Another dot ball in the last over and Billings goes after not able to connect it well with Ben Cutting taking a comfortable catch. Not the kind of finish this that CSK would have wanted. Raina gets a couple off the 5th ball and finishes the over with a brilliant six from Raina.  170 to chase for Mumbai Indians. 

9:32 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 158/4, 19 overs   Raina – 65, Billings – 2

Bumrah with the 19th over for Mumbai Indians. Raina starts with a couple and bags a six on the next ball. remarkable strength from Raina there as he got on the line of the ball and released his stroke well to get a maximum. CSK need a flourish to end on a good total from here. Billings plays a good pull shot but settles with a single. A single from Raina too. A dot ball from Bumrah to end the good over with just 11 from it. 

9:28 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 147/4, 18 overs   Raina – 55, Billings – 1

Mitchell McClenaghan with the 18th over for Mumbai Indians. He is up against two of the best death batsmen in Raina and Dhoni. A low full-toss outside off to Dhoni and he is caught! Dhoni c Lewis b McClenaghan 26(21). Was not well executed by Dhoni and the shot lacked power as it landed in the hands of Lewis who made no errors. Dwayne Bravo is the new man in for CSK and there you go. Hitting on CSK’s mind. Wicket! Dwayne Bravo c Markande b McClenaghan 0(1). Bravo goes for a duck.Two wickets for McClenaghan in this over as MI get back into this one. Sam Billings walks in to bat for CSK. This could be the game-changing over for Rohit Sharma and his team. Single from Raina to finish the over, just 4 from it with two wickets. 

9:19 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 143/2, 17 overs   Raina – 52, Dhoni – 26

Jasprit Bumrah with the 17th over for Mumbai Indians. Starts off with a long wide. A full-toss and an extra run for CSK. A pull shot from Dhoni and just a single, Raina wanted 2 but Dhoni rightfully sent him back. Fine leg was inside the circle and Raina picks the gape well, Bumrah took the pace off and Raina got a boundary. Credit to him to get that execution perfectly. A dot ball from Bumrah to Raina. A full-toss from Bumrah and Raina clinches his half-century with a stylish boundary. Great effort from Raina this one at the right time. A single on the next ball from him. 12 runs from the over and a good one for CSK. 

9:14 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 131/2, 16 overs   Raina – 43, Dhoni – 25

Mayank Markande with the 16th over for MI. Starts of with a dot ball. Kept it wide this time and MS Dhoni with strong hands gets a boundary off Markande. A wide and there was some stumping opportunity there but Ishan Kishan cannot be faster from the man himself. Whipped over wide long-on this time and Markande is being destroyed by MS Dhoni. That’s a huge one from him. A single to follow it up and another single from Raina on the next ball. A single from Dhoni to end the over. 14 from it, a good one for CSK. 

9:10 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 117/2, 15 overs   Raina – 43, Dhoni – 13

Suresh Raina is closing on his half-century now. Hardik Pandya with the 15th over for Mumbai Indians. A single from Dhoni to start off with. Raina plays a dot ball, good delivery from Pandya giving no room to Raina. Another good ball from Pandya and Raina manages a single from the yorker. One bounce and four, typical MS Dhoni muscles it down the ground and Dhoni is here. Another cracker of a shot from the CSK captain and the same result. Back to back boundaries for Dhoni. 11 off the over with 5 more to go. 

9:05 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 106/2, 14 overs   Raina – 42, Dhoni – 3

Krunal Pandya with the 14th over fro MI. A dot ball to Raina to start the over and a couple on the next ball. Good running between the wickets from Raina and Dhoni. A single to long-on the next ball. Looking for two this time but will settle with a single. A full this time from Krunal and Raina takes a single. Dhoni with another single. Six off the over. 

8:59 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 100/2, 13 overs   Raina – 38, Dhoni – 1 

Rohit Sharma brings back Bumrah into the attack. Starts off with a dot ball to Raina and a single on the next ball. A dot ball to Dhoni this time. Great support for CSK and Dhoni in Pune though. Another dot ball from Bumrah to Dhoni. And another dot ball this time. This has been a great over from Bumrah. Just one run from it with the 100 coming up for CSK. Strategic timeout called by umpires. Bumrah has just given three runs of the two overs he has bowled. 

8:54 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 99/2, 12 overs   Raina – 37, Dhoni – 1 

Krunal Pandya with the 12th over for Chennai Super Kings. Starts off with a dot ball. Rayudu goes in the air this time and OUT! Rayudu c Cutting b Krunal Pandya 46(35). Went across the line and couldn’t connect it well as Ben Cutting made no mistake with the catch. A brilliant inning from Rayudu but he will have to do without a half-century today. MS Dhoni walks into bat for CSK. Two dot balls to him from Pandya to start off with before he takes a single to get off the mark. Raina finishes the over with a single. What a great over from Krunal Pandya, just 2 from it and a wicket. 

8:50 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 97/1, 11 overs   Raina – 36, Rayudu – 46

Nice batting from Raina, welcomes McClenaghan with a boundary. Used the pace on the ball and played it fine for 4 runs. A dot second ball from McClenaghan. Raina takes a single to the deep backward square leg. Good shot from Rayudu but will have to settle with a single. Had picked it well and got it towards long-on but found a fielder. A dot 5th ball from McClenaghan to Raina. A dot ball to finish the over. Six from the over, a good one from McClenaghan. 

8:47 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 91/1, 10 overs   Raina – 31, Rayudu – 45

Mayank Markande with the 10th over for MI. Two singles on the first two balls. Both Raina and Rayudu are playing smart cricket against Markande and taking singles regularly. Lovely shot from Raina, a strong punch and he leaned into it for a boundary. Raina goes big this time and picks it well to get a six over the long on. A single to finish the over and that’s 14 from it, another good one for CSK. 

8:43 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 77/1, 9 overs   Raina – 19, Rayudu – 43

Ben Cutting into the attack now for MI. Starts with a wide ball. There’s go Rayudu and the long-on will watch it go over, there was a change in pace with Cutting taking pace off the ball and Rayudu capitalises with a maximum. Another cutter and Rayudu picks a single. Suresh Raina joins the party this time with a boundary. A slower ball and Raina had no problems sending it over the line. A single from him to follow it up. A single from Rayudu to finish the over with 14 runs from it. Rayudu has had a great start and is racing towards another half-century in the IPL 2018. 

8:38 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 63/1, 8 overs   Raina – 14, Rayudu – 35

Mayank Markande introduced into the attack by Rohit Sharma. Two singles of the first two balls from him and Ambato Rayudu plays a dot next ball before taking a single to long on. Good ball to Raina from Markande, the ball kept low and was pitched outside the off stumps. A dot ball to finish the over and just three runs from the over, a good one from Markande. 

8:33 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 60/1, 7 overs   Raina – 13, Rayudu – 33

Krunal Pandya with the 7th over for the Mumbai Indians. Suresh Raina welcomes him with a boundary, a wider ball and Raina played a superb cut short. 5 runs off the next 5 balls and that’s the end of the 7th over with 9 runs from it and the umpires have called for a strategic timeout. 

8:29 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 51/1, 6 overs   Raina – 6, Rayudu – 32

Hardik Pandya back into the attack for MI. Two singles of the first two ball to start off with, one each from Rayudu and Raina. A dot ball to Rayudu. A full toss that one, Pandya gets his fingers on the ball but it misses the stumps. Raina decides not to take a single. And Rayudu gets a boundary to the third man, a knuckleball, bounced a little bit but Rayudu gets a boundary. A brilliant six from Rayudu to finish the over with 12 runs from it. Good start from Rayudu here. 50 up for CSK.

8:25 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 39/1, 5 overs   Raina – 6, Rayudu – 21

Krunal Pandya with the 5th over for MI. Watson starts with a couple and WICKET! Shane Watson caught by Mayank Markande. A sweep shot and Watson got an edge handing Krunal Pandya his first wicket of the match. A much-needed one for Mumbai Indians. Suresh Raina is the new man in for CSK and Rayudu bags a six off the next ball from Pandya. Unbelievable stuff from him, he has shown great wrist work with that shot. A single from him on the next ball. Raina finishes the over with a six and that’s 15 runs from it with a wicket. 

8:20 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 24/0, 4 overs   Watson – 10, Rayudu – 14

Hardik Pandya with the 4th over for Mumbai Indians. A full-toss to start with and Rayudu takes a single. Another single from Watson and Pandya gets his line right this time. A good dot ball from Pandya this time and this has been an excellent start from Mumbai Indians so far. Smoked this time, and Rayudu gets a boundary, freed his hands and slogged the outside off delivery towards the unprotected third man area. A good comeback by Pandya with a dot ball. Rayudu tried creating room this time and tried to play it to the short third man but no run for him. Good over from Pandya with just 6 off it. Poor start from CSK. 

8:15 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 18/0, 3 overs   Watson – 9, Rayudu – 9

Mitchell McClenaghan with the third over for Mumbai Indians. No run on the first ball with Watson going for the stroke much before, some unwanted bounce there. Beautiful shot by Watto this one to long off, despite touching the fielder’s hand, the ball raced away for a boundary. Good start to the over for CSK. A single from Watson and Rayudu on the striker’s end now. Good shot by Rayudu and good running between the wickets for a single. Towards the fine leg, a couple from Watto to end the over. 8 off the over. 

8:10 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 10/0, 2 overs   Watson – 2, Rayudu – 8

Jasprit Bumrah with the second over for Mumbai Indians. A good dot ball to start with, a short one away from Rayudu. Another good ball from Bumrah and its another dot. A catching opportunity there but a dive was required and he didn’t. Bumrah has been getting the extra bounce and has been troubling Rayudu so far. A single to third man and Rayudu registers first run against Bumrah. A single from Watson to end the over, just two runs from it, brilliant from Bumrah. 

8:05 PM IST: Chennai Super Kings – 8/0, 1 over   Watson – 1, Rayudu – 7

Mitchell McClenaghan with the 1st over for Mumbai Indians. Shane Watson takes a single on the first ball and gets off the mark straightaway, it was pitched outside off and took a thick edge of his bat. A dot next ball to Rayudu. Immediate aggression from Rayudu as he dispatches McClenaghan for a six down the line. Brilliant start from Rayudu this. A good defensive shot on the next ball from him. A single from Rayudu to follow up. A dot ball from McClenaghan to finish the over with 8 runs from it. 

7:58 PM IST: We are minutes away from the first ball at the MCA Stadium in Pune with the Mumbai Indians taking the field. It will be interesting to see how they utilise Duminy when they bat. For now, we have Shane Watson and Ambati Rayudu walking in to bat for the Chennai Super Kings. Both the openers have been phenomenal this season. Watto will take strike against Mitchell McClenaghan.

7:54 PM IST: The last time Mumbai Indians locked horns with the Chennai Super Kings, it was Dwayne Bravo who played a superb knock of 30-ball 68 to snatch away the victory from the defending champions in the last over of the game. All eyes will once again be on him and Watson to perform with the bat and the ball. 

7:51 PM IST: MS Dhoni has decided to go with the winning combination from the previous game and is likely to keep that intact unless forced for a change. He might give chances to a few foreigners and domestic players like Dhruv Shorey, David Willey and Lungi Ngidi towards the end after confirming the top four spot. 

7:48 PM IST: No Pollard for Mumbai Indians and a rightful decision after the West Indies all-rounder’s continuously shambolic performances. He has been far from impressive with the bat and he has rarely bowled this season which left Rohit Sharma with no options but to seek a change. JP Duminy can be the right man to provide a much-needed stability in the middle order as he is someone who can bat anywhere in the order and prove effective with the plethora of experience he has. 

7:42 PM IST: Indeed a perfect platform for Rohit Sharma and co to avenge their defeat in the opener and get their title defence campaign on track. It’s almost like a must-win encounter for them as they have so far managed to win just a single game and it’s going to be a tough one for them against a team which has lost just a game and has seen numerous match winners emerge every game. 

7:37 PM IST: Playing XIs

Mumbai Indians: Suryakumar Yadav, Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan(w), Rohit Sharma(c), Jean-Paul Duminy, Krunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya, Ben Cutting, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah

Chennai Super Kings: Shane Watson, Ambati Rayudu, Suresh Raina, Sam Billings, Ravindra Jadeja, MS Dhoni(w/c), Dwayne Bravo, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Imran Tahir

Dhoni: Same wicket and it got a bit of rest. Will be quite the same. Second innings last game there was bit of variable bounce, not too much. Would have bowled first too. Just made it in time (to the venue). Same team. Always prefer to take one game at a time. Learn from the mistakes. Help each other. Ultimately it’s a team sport.

Rohit: We’re going to field first. It’s a good pitch. Pitch doesn’t change through the course of forty overs. Pollard misses out, Duminy comes in for him. Fizz misses out too, Cutting comes in. First and foremost is to enjoy. That was missing in last few games. Today is a perfect platform for us. It’s important to take one game at a time. Important to come out here and understand what we need to do.

7:32 PM IST: Mumbai Indians have won the toss and opted to field 

Mustafizur Rahaman and Kieron Pollard will make way for Ben Cutting and JP Duminy for Mumbai Indians while CSK are playing with the same squad. 


Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Faf du Plessis, Harbhajan Singh, Dwayne Bravo, Shane Watson, Kedar Jadhav, Ambati Rayudu, Imran Tahir, Karn Sharma, Shardul Thakur, N Jagadeesan, Santner, Deepak Chahar, KM Asif, Kanishk Seth, Ngidi, Dhruv Shorey, M Vijay, Billings, Mark Wood, Kshitiz Sharma, Monu Kumar, Chaitanya Bishnoi.

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah, Krunal Pandya, Ishan Kishan, Kieron Pollard, Pat Cummins, Evin Lewis, Suryakumar Yadav, Ben Cutting, Mustafizur Rahman, Rahul Chahar, Pradeep Sangwan, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jean-Paul Duminy, Saurabh Tiwary, Tajinder Dhillon, Akila Dhananjaya, Nidheesh M D Dinesan, Aditya Tare, Siddhesh Dinesh Lad, Mayank Markande, Sharad Lumba, Anukul Roy, Mohsin Khan.