Nothing it seemed could have gone wrong for the Delhi Daredevils under their new captain, the young Shreyas Iyer who is the youngest to lead a DD side. He not only proved with the bat that the captaincy has nothing do with how he will be batting throughout the tournament but also marshaled his bowlers well in the second innings to restrict Kolkata Knight Riders 55 runs short of the target. A much-needed victory for the Delhi Daredevils and it came with an exceptional display on both fronts, with the bat and the ball. It was Prithvi Shaw who gave DD a flying start combining with Colin Munro for a good 59 runs opening stand. After Munro’s dismissal Shaw 62 (44) and skipper, Shreyas Iyer 93 (40) took the attack on the KKR bowlers and it was Iyer who gave DD a brilliant finish with 29 runs off the final over from Mavi, taking KKR to a phenomenal 219 in 20 overs. 

Coming into bowl the Delhi Daredevils bowlers never let the KKR batsmen take control of the chase and kept taking wickets at regular interval eventually scaling 9 wickets. Maxwell drew the first blood with Lynn’s dismissal and it was Boult who sent back Robin Uthappa for a duck and then got Sunil Narine in the same over. Nitish Rana and Dinesh Karthik too were sent back cheaply, leaving Andre Russell with Shubman Gill as the only genuine batting option. With 75 runs required of the last two overs, KKR were ousted and were outclassed eventually. Johnson got two boundaries on the last two balls of the final over but that didn’t help his team’s cause. 

LIVE updates from the IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils from the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium, Delhi: 

Delhi Daredevils beat Kolkata Knight Riders by 55 runs 

11: 35 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 164/9, 20 overs  Kuldeep – 7, Johnson – 12

Trent Boult with the final over for DD with 67 to get from it. Johnson takes a single off the first ball. A wide ball to follow up. A dot ball next and a brilliant yorker from Boult to Kuldeep which leaves him startled. A full-toss 4th ball and all Kuldeep could manage is a single from it. Johnson with a strong drive and gets a four from it. Another four of the last ball but Delhi Daredevils will take this one by 55 runs. Their biggest win over KKR this one. 

11: 31 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 153/9, 19 overs  Kuldeep – 6, Johnson – 3

Glenn Maxwell with the 19th over for the Delhi Daredevils. A single from Johnson to start off with. Chawla smashes it this time and he is caught! Chawla c Munro b Maxwell 2(4). Chawla thought he has got the six but Munro took a brilliant catch and sent him packing. Kuldeep Yadav is the new batsman in for KKR. A four to fine leg and a couple to finish the over. 67 to get from last 6 now. 

11: 25 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 145/8, 18 overs   Chawla – 2, Johnson – 1

Avesh Khan with the 18th over for the Delhi Daredevils. Single from Piyush Chawla to start off with. Russell plays it well but manages no run as he refuses a potential single. Another quick ball from Khan and Russell gets nothing from it. Another short ball and Russell misses it completely, excellent bowling from Khan. Bowled him! nailed the yorker and Russell is baffled. Avesh Khan to A Russell, out Bowled!! The base of the off-pole A Russell. Avesh Khan was aggressive, didn’t leave his line and got the result at the end. This might just be the decisive wicket for DD. Brilliant over from Khan with just 2 off it and a wicket. 75 to get from 12 now. 

11: 19 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 143/7, 17 overs   Chawla – 1, Russell – 44

Plunkett with his final over of the day for DD. A single to start off with from Rusell. Piyush Chawla plays a dot ball and takes a single on the next ball to bring Russell back on the strike. No run there, it was a single but Russell refrained from running for it. A dot ball from Plunkett on the next ball. The over finishes with just 2 from it and the equation is now 77 required of the last 18 balls. Can Russell do it for KKR? 

11: 14 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 141/7, 16 overs   Mavi – 0, Russell – 43

Amit Mishra brought into the attack with the 16th over for DD. Shubman Gill starts off with a single. A stumping appeal on the next ball with Russell stepping out a bit, but he has kept his foot on the ground and is safe. And a run-out appeal this time, it was Shubman Gill running on the dead end and he is gone. RUN OUT! Shubman Gill run out (Shreyas Iyer/Pant) 37(29). Good innings from Gill under pressure but an unfortunate way to walk back, there was a slight miscommunication between him and Russell. Pant and Iyer did brilliant jobs to get the ball back quickly and remove the bails. Shivam Mavi is the new man in for KKR. Another skidder and gone.  Bowled!! Shivam Mavi b Mishra 0(3). Piyush Chawla is the new batsman to walk in for KKR as they stand on the verge of defeat. 

11: 07 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 140/5, 15 overs   Gill – 37, Russell – 43

Rahul Tewatia into the attack with the 15th over for DD. A single from Gill to start the over and Andre Russell smokes the next one absolutely ruthlessly for a big six. Bags a boundary on the next ball which was a tossed up delivery from Tewatia. Quicker one from Tewatia this time and the over finishes with two dot balls. 11 runs off the over and another good one for KKR. Both Gill and Russell are nearing their half centuries now. 

11: 03 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 129/5, 14 overs   Gill – 36, Russell – 33

Amit Mishra with the 14th over for DD. He is welcomed with a boundary by Shubman Gill who timed it well. A single on the next ball from him. Russell gets a couple with the ball taking an edge of his bat. Two singles in the next two balls by Gill and Russell. A single to finish the over and a good one that for KKR with 11 runs from it. 50 runs partnership between Russell and Gill. 

10: 59 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 118/5, 13 overs   Gill – 28, Russell – 30

Trent Boult to bowl the 13th over for Delhi Daredevils. A single to square off the proceedings with a single. A dot second ball to Russell. A full-length delivery this time and a poor on from Boult with Russell sending it out of the park. Straight six. A boundary to follow it up with a slog utilizing the pace on the ball. A single from an overthrow on the next ball. Gill plays a dot ball and he is disappointed with himself. A dangerous single on the last ball with 14 runs off the over. 

10: 54 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 104/5, 12 overs   Gill – 26, Russell – 19

Avesh Khan with the 12th over for Delhi Daredevils. Starts off with a dot ball. Two singles from Russell and Gill in the next two balls. A terrific bouncer from Khan to Russell and no run from it. Smacked into the stand the 5th ball as Rusell gets a six from a slower bouncer. A wide ball from Khan on the next one. Another huge six from Rusell to finish the over with 15 runs from it. 100 runs up for KKR. Russell has got going here and it might be bad news for DD. 

10: 47 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 89/5, 11 overs   Gill – 25, Russell – 6

Liam Plunkett with the 11th over for KKR. Slower one and a single from Gill to start the over. Another slower one to Russell and he misses it completely. This time Russell gets a powerful shot of Plunkett and sends him for a boundary. He found the gap well there and there was immense power on that shot. A single and Gill finishes the over with a dot ball. A slower one it was and he could only manage to send it back to the bowler. Just six off the over and a good one for DD. 

10: 42 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 83/5, 10 overs Gill – 24, Russell – 1 

Amit Mishra with the 10th over for DD. A slower ball to start the over with, Gill takes a single. Rishabh Pant misses Karthik’s catch by a few inches. Mishra gets him on the next ball OUT! Karthik caught.  Karthik c Boult b Mishra 18(18), Karthik played against the spin and gave away a comfortable catch to Boult. This might just be the match-winning wicket for DD as they have sent half the KKR team back into the dressing room. Andre Russell is the new man in for KKR. A single form him to get off the mark. A boundary on the next ball by Gill with a strong pull. 

10: 39 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 76/4, 9 overs Gill – 18, Karthik – 18

Vijay Shankar with the 9th over for Delhi Daredevils. The required run rate is close to 13 now. A dot ball to start with from Shankar and Karthik takes a single off the next. Gill shows his class this time and smokes him for a six to long-off. A clean strike from him. A single to couple it up with two more singles to get 10 runs off the over. So far Gill has been great with the bat and will hope to keep going like this. 

10: 34 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 66/4, 8 overs Gill – 10, Karthik – 16

Amit Mishra with the 8th over for DD. Good start from him, just three runs with the first five balls. The veteran after being left out for a couple of games has once again made his way back in place of Shahbaz Nadeem. Well fielded by Boult to cut off the boundary on the last ball and gives away just two runs. Just 5 off the over, a brilliant one for Delhi Daredevils.

10:28 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 61/4, 7 overs Gill – 7, Karthik – 14

Plunkett with the 7th over for the Delhi Daredevils. Three singles on the first three ball and a good over on its way from Plunkett. This time Karthik picked it well and slammed it for a six. A much-needed one for him and KKR. A single on the next ball to follow up the big shot. Shubman Gill with a defensive shot to end the over with a dot ball. 10 runs off the over from Plunkett, a good one for KKR. 

10:23 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 51/4, 6 overs Gill – 5, Karthik – 6

Avesh Khan with the 6th over for DD. WICKET! Nitish Rana is gone. Nitish Rana c and b Avesh Khan 8(7). Short ball from Khan and Rana couldn’t control the shot playing it straight into the hands of the bowler who made no mistake with the catch. KKR are slowly losing the plot of the chase. Shubman Gill is the new batsman in for KKR. Lovely shot from Gill this time was a length ball and he lofted it over the boundary line with ease. 5 runs and a wicket from it, a good over from Avesh Khan. 

10:17 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 46/3, 5 overs Nitish Rana – 8, Karthik – 6

Liam Plunkett with the 5th over for the Delhi Daredevils. Karthik takes a couple of the first ball to start the over. good bowling from Plunkett here who is bowling short of length and is not providing the batsmen the room. A couple and 4 singles off the over to give away just 6 runs from it. Good over from Plunkett and DD won’t might the less than 10 runs overs for sure. 

10:12 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 40/3, 4 overs Nitish Rana – 6, Karthik – 2

Avesh Khan brought into the attack by Shreyas Iyer. Good start by him with three singles in the first four balls. A splendid boundary by Nitish Rana to end the over with 7 runs from it. Still a good over for DD who are defending the biggest total of the season so far. Nitish Rana and Karthik will have to build a partnership to remain in the chase. 

10:07 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 33/3, 3 overs Nitish Rana – 1, Narine – 26

Wicket on the first ball for Boult. Uthappa c Prithvi Shaw b Boult 1(2). Trent Boult with the third over for Delhi Daredevils. Narine welcomes him with a biggie, spectacular shot by the West Indies all-rounder and he is enjoying his batting today. Another six from him as Boult bowls another shorter length delivery that gets the same treatment. A dot ball and Out! Narine caught by Shreyas Iyer. Wicket! Narine c Shreyas Iyer b Boult 26(9). Trent Boult went with the short ball again and got his desired result this time. Great over for DD with two wickets from it. 

10:03 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 20/1, 2 overs Uthappa – 1, Narine – 14

Glenn Maxwell with the second over for DD. That’s some move from Iyer but will it pay off? A mighty lift from Sunil Narine and Maxwell can just watch going it into the crowd. Another four from Narine before Maxwell gets better of Chris Lynn. OUT! Lynn dismissed. Chris Lynn b Maxwell 5(6). An inside edge and it just raced into the stumps. Maxwell draws the first blood for his side. 

10:00 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 5/0, 1 over   Lynn – 5, Narine – 1

Trent Boult with the opening over for Delhi Daredevils. And he is off to a good start with just 5 runs off the first over. Chris Lynn capitalized on a wrong length ball from him and got a boundary but Boult made a strong comeback giving away just two runs off the next four balls. 

9:40 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 219/4, 20 overs    Vijay Shankar – 0, Shreyas – 93

Shivam Mavi with the final over for KKR. Shreyas Iyer welcomes him with a huge six and put pressure on him to bowl the next five balls. This time on his pads and Iyer smacks it for another six. 12 runs off the first two balls. A single, wait Maxwell is walking. Run Out! Maxwell run out (Karthik/Shivam Mavi) 27(18). A good throw from Karthik and Maxwell has departed. Shreyas Iyer goes big against as he ruthlessly slams Mavi for another six. That’s the third one in this over. A wide and Mavi is showing the signs of pressure. This time a yorker picked up well by Iyer and a boundary with Delhi crossing the 210 runs mark. Another six to finish off things in style. Brilliant batting by Iyer tonight. 

9:32 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 190/3, 19 overs     Maxwell – 27, Shreyas – 65

Mitchell Johnson with the 19th over for KKR. A good shot by Iyer and a single from it. Just knocked it off the pads. Maxwell was expecting it to be short, got on top of the ball and it’s a flat six. That’s typical Glenn Maxwell for you when he manages to middle it, it goes straight over the line. A single from him and Iyer misses the next one completely with no run from it. This time Maxwell tried the same shot but it was a slower one from Johnson and Maxwell missed. Straight this time and he absolutely smoked it for a boundary. 11 off the over for DD. 

9:28 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 179/3, 18 overs     Maxwell – 17, Shreyas – 64

Sunil Narine with the 18th over for KKR. A double from Maxwell to start off the over, a single to follow it up. This time Iyer goes big, the ball is in the air but clears the ropes with Nitish Rana dropping the catch. Was a difficult one but Rana could have made an extra effort. Maxwell goes bonkers this time, smokes it into the crowd to finish the over with a biggie. Waited for the ball and dispatched it. 18 off the over and a brilliant one for DD. 

9:23 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 161/3, 17 overs     Maxwell – 6, Shreyas – 58

Shivam Mavi with the 17th over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Maxwell takes a single on the first ball. A good yorker from Mavi to Iyer and a single from it. Smoked it this time by Maxwell but the timing was not quite there, a single for the Aussie. Shreyas Iyer timed it well and found the fielder but the catch was not taken and it’s a six. FIFTY! for Shreyas Iyer and what a day to bring it, in his debut game as the captain. Another brilliant shot goes after this one and dispatches Mavi for another six. Iyer is on fire here at the Kotla. A single to finish the over with 18 runs from it. 

9:16 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 143/3, 16 overs     Maxwell – 3, Shreyas – 44

Piyush Chawla with the 16th over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Good start from him with a few falt balls against Maxwell. He keeps both Iyer and Maxwell at bay with his variations and finishes the over with just three runs from it. Excellent over from Chawla and DD will look to up the ante from the next one after the strategic timeout break. 

9:11 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 140/3, 15 overs     Maxwell – 1, Shreyas – 43

Andre Russell with the 15th over for KKR. Starts off with a wide to Iyer. Shreyas Iyer takes a single on the next ball. And out! Rishabh Pant is gone, caught by Karthik. Glenn Maxwell is the new man to walk in for DD. Shreyas Iyer is going unaffected in his business even after Pant’s dismissal as he gets a boundary off Russell and wraps up the over with a big six. 13 off the over with a wicket. 

OUT! Pant c Karthik b A Russell 0(1)

Pant had no idea how to play that one and failed to get the bat on the ball at the right time. Karthik took a comfortable catch with the left-hander getting beaten by the pace and the bounce of the delivery. Huge blow for DD. 

9:06 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 127/2, 14 overs     Shaw- 62, Shreyas – 32

Shreyas Iyer takes on Piyush Chawla on the first ball of the 14th over. A huge six from him that hits the top tier of the stadium was a well-controlled shot and Iyer played it magnificently. A double from Iyer followed by a single with some misfielding from Rusell. Bowled him! Chawla the magician has weaved his magic and sent back Shaw. Rishabh Pant is the new man in for DD. 

OUT!  Prithvi Shaw b Chawla 62(44) 

A much-needed breakthrough for the Kolkata Knight Riders and Piyush Chawla has struck at the right time. A mistimed slog by Shaw who was looking dangerous with every passing ball and the falt ball from Chawla just skidded away on to his stumps. A well-played half century by the youngster as he walks back. 

9:01 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 118/1, 13 overs     Shaw- 62, Shreyas – 23

Mitchell Johnson with the 13th over for KKR. A single from Shaw to start the over. A back of length ball which was comfortably played by Shaw. Two dots balls to Shreyas Iyer from Johnson. This time Iyer gets a boundary, a short ball it was and Iyer played it fine managing to avoid the ball from Karthik’s clutches. Iyer finishes with a six, was on the pads, he picked it up well and cleared the square-off boundary. 12 runs off the over and DD racing towards a big total. 

8:57 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 106/1, 12 overs     Shaw- 55, Shreyas – 18

Kuldeep Yadav with the 12th over for KKR. Shreyas Iyer welcomes him with a six, a beautiful slog sweep from the DD captain and he nullified the spin well. Finishes the over with two doubles. 12 runs off the over and an excellent one for the Delhi Daredevils with the partnership between Shaw and Iyer reaching 47. 

8:54 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 94/1, 11 overs     Shaw- 54, Shreyas – 7

Andre Russell with the 11th over for the KKR. Starts off well with two dot balls and there’s some clever bowling on display by Russell. This time Shaw got on the short length ball and smashed it away for a boundary. A single to third man and that’s the Fifty for Shaw. His first IPL fifty and he has become the joint youngest to get a half-century in the IPL. This is his only second game of the season. Another brilliant shot by him for a boundary, solid timing. 10 runs off the over and some brilliant batting by Shaw. 

8:49 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 84/1, 10 overs     Shaw- 45, Shreyas – 6

Sunil Narine with the 10th over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. A single from Prithvi Shaw to start of the over. Another single from Shreyas Iyer to follow it up. Singles game going on here in Narine’s over as the two DD batsmen know that this over needs to be given the due respect. Shaw whacked it over the mid wicket but just a couple for him. A single by him to close the over. 7 runs off the over, a good one for KKR. 

8:44 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 77/1, 9 overs     Shaw- 40, Shreyas – 4

Mitchell Johnson with the 9th over for KKR. Good length ball and Shaw dashed it away for a single. Two of India’s future prospects are currently on the pitch for DD and have a chance to show what they are capable of. Johnson is bowling on the good line and is using his experience well. Exquisite timing from Shaw this time as he plays an amazing back lift for a boundary. This time Shaw muscles it like a helicopter and gets a six off, Johnson. The 17-year-old is getting the fans excited at Kotla. Shaw is in brilliant touch here and is just 10 runs away from his half-century now. 13 of the over for DD and they are heading towards a big total. 

8:39 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 64/1, 8 overs     Shaw- 28, Shreyas – 3

Andre Russell with the 8th over for the Kolkata Knight Rider. Three singles in the first three balls from Shreyas and Shaw. Good strict bowling from Russell so far, medium pace nothing fancy. A double from Shreyas Iyer as he clips away a ball targeted on the pads to finish the over with 5 from it. Good over from Russell for KKR. 

8:34 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 59/1, 7 overs     Shaw- 26, Munro – 33

Shivam Mavi with the 7th over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Starts with a dot ball to Munro who misses his hot and the ball goes straight into Karthik’s hands. A single on the next ball from him, this time Mavi kept it on the shorter length. A single from Shaw and Mavi is bowling brilliantly. Bowled! Munro is gone. Shreyas Iyer is the new man in for DD. 

OUT! Munro b Shivam Mavi 33(18)

Munro was looking is destructive touch today and Mavi has cleaned him up with a brilliant delivery that clocked 143 kmph. What temperament from the youngster, draws the first blood for his side in the imperative encounter. 

8:28 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 57/0, 6 overs     Shaw- 25, Munro – 32

Mitchell Johnson with the sixth over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Starts off with a good length ball with the right amount of pace. Another good ball to Shaw and this time the youngster fails to control the shot. A bouncer by Johnson on the next ball and Dinesh Karthik saved it well to stop the ball from racing down to the boundary. Brilliant by Shaw to the sweeper cover capitalizes on the width and gets a boundary. Six off the over and that’s the end of the batting powerplay. Good start from DD. 

8:24 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 51/0, 5 overs     Shaw- 20, Munro – 31

What an acceleration by Munro and Prithvi Shaw, they are going at 10 an over now and have used the last three over fully. Sunil Narine brought into the attack by Karthik and he starts with a single from Shaw. Dot next ball. Munro steps out this time, waits for it, makes room for himself and places it perfectly for a four. A six and it sails into the crowd as Munro takes on Narine, made room for himself and slogged it with power. Good over for DD with 11 off it. 

8:19 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 40/0, 4 overs     Shaw- 19, Munro – 21

Shivam Mavi introduced into the attack by Dinesh Karthik. Starts off with a dot ball to his U-19 skipper Shaw. A cracking shot and 4 runs for Shaw this time as he unleashes a brilliant square cut middling it well. Good start from Mavi as he gives away just a single in the next two balls. Munro this time and he is in no mood to spare anyone, went down the pitch and smoked it over long-on for a boundary. Good comeback by Mavi with a dot ball. 

8:15 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 31/0, 3 overs     Shaw- 14, Munro – 17

Piyush Chawla with the third over for KKR. Munro steps out and bags a stylish boundary on the very first ball. Another boundary, this time to the third man and Munro is muscling the ball well. He has settled down and is brimming with confidence. Another brilliant shot and this time its Prithvi Shaw, it’s turning out to be a great over for the Delhi Daredevils. Another boundary from the youngster. 18 runs off the over, solid one for KKR. 

8:10 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 13/0, 2 overs     Shaw- 5, Munro – 8

Kuldeep Yadav with the 2nd over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Starts off well with two singles off the first two balls. A good sweep shot by Shaw on the third ball but it found the fielder and he had to settle with a single. Colin Munro goes big after reading Kuldeep well, a huge SIX! and that’s the first one of the day. DD get 10 off the over, a good one for them. No dangerous shots by the DD openers yet. 

8:06 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 3/0, 1 over     Shaw- 3, Munro – 0

Piyush Chawla with the first over for KKR. Starts off with a dot ball, tossed it up to Shaw who played a good defensive shot and sent the ball back to the bowler. A dot next ball and a double on the third ball as Shaw gets off the mark. There was no turn this time but Chawla appealed and the umpire was unimpressed. A dot fifth ball. The lbw call was not given as the ball was missing the stumps. A single to finish the over. Good start from Chawla and KKR. 

8:00 PM IST: The umpires are walking out on the field now with the Delhi Daredevils openers Prithvi Shaw and Colin Munro. The KKR Players are also on the ground now and Piyush Chawla has been given the ball to square off the proceedings for his team. 

7:52 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders have opted for just one mild change in there bowling line-up with Mitchell Johnson replacing Tom Curran. A mild change as Johnson perhaps gives them the same options as Curran. Karthik will be expecting performances from Sunil Narine and Kuldeep Yadav who have been exceptional for them over the years. 

7:50 PM IST: Gautam Gambhir as a batsman was expected to play in this game after stepping down from captaincy which might have also helped him get some pressure off him and perform with the bat but Iyer and Ponting have taken a big decision here to keep him out of the playing XI and give Vijay Shankar who has been absolutely poor so far in the season, a chance. 

7:40 PM IST: Playing XIs

Kolkata Knight Riders: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Mitchell Johnson, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav

Delhi Daredevils: Prithvi Shaw, Colin Munro, Glenn Maxwell, Rishabh Pant(w), Shreyas Iyer(c), Vijay Shankar, Rahul Tewatia, Liam Plunkett, Amit Mishra, Avesh Khan, Trent Boult

Shreyas Iyer: There’s some pressure on us, but this is also a great opportunity for me. We need to win 7 out of our remaining eight games, it’s tough but not impossible. Gautam Gambhir isn’t playing, so is Dan Christian. Vijay Shankar and Colin Munro are in

Dinesh Karthik: We are going to bowl first. There will be dew and the wicket will be better to bat at night. Just keep cool, it’s just a game, the weather shouldn’t be a problem tonight. Just one change for us, Mitchell Johnson replaces Tom Curran

7:34 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss and have opted to bowl first 

7:30 PM IST: We are moments away from the toss as Delhi Daredevils and the Kolkata Knight Riders set to lock horns for the second time in the IPL 2018. It will be interesting to watch how the DD bowlers counter an in-form KKR batting line -up. The likes of Jason Roy, Rishabh Pant, and skipper Shreyas Iyer will be put to test against Sunil Narine and co. 


Delhi Daredevils: Shreyas Iyer (C), Chris Morris, Rishabh Pant, Glenn Maxwell, Gautam Gambhir, Jason Roy, Colin Munro, Mohammed Shami, Amit Mishra, Prithvi Shaw, Rahul Tewatia, Vijay Shankar, Harshal Patel, Avesh Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Daniel Christian, Jayant Yadav, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Trent Boult, Manjot Kalra, Abhishek Sharma, Sandeep Lamichhane, Naman Ojha, Sayan Ghosh and Liam Plunkett.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Dinesh Karthik (C), Andre Russell, Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Mitchell Johnson, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav, Shubman Gill, Ishank Jaggi, Nitish Rana, Vinay Kumar, Apoorv Wankhade, Rinku Singh, Shivam Mavi, Cameron Delport, Javon Searles, Tom Curran and Prasidh Krishna.