AB de Villiers 57 (40) proved his mettle once again as he brought Royal Challengers Bangalore back into the game after Afghan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman knocked over Kohli to hand a huge blow to RCB who managed to win it on the last over with Washington Sundar smashing a boundary of Mohit Sharma. It could have been yet another disappointing day for RCB fans but de Villiers and de Kock got things going and ensured KXIP never took control of the game. Ashwin with his double was also effective with the ball but couldn’t do much despite marshaling his troops well. 

Highlights from the Indian Premier League match between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Chinnaswamy Stadium:

RCB beats KXIP by 4 wickets at the Chinnaswamy Stadium to pick first three points of the season

11: 40 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 159/6, 19.3 overs, Woakes – 1, Sundar – 9

Mohit Sharma with the ball with 5 required off 6. Washington Sundar gets a boundary to bring the scores to the level. Nice upper-cut by the all-rounder as RCB look set to win their first game of the 1PL 2018 campaign. Ashwin giving Sharma the field he wants. 1 required off 4. Sundar hits it through the gap for a boundary to win it for RCB with 3 balls to spare. First with the ball and now with the bat. 

11: 37 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 151/6, 19 overs, Woakes – 1, Sundar – 1

OUT! Mandeep run out (Mayank Dagar/Rahul) 22(19)

Good work from substitute fielder Mayank Dagar, Mandeep fell short and is going back in a crucial position in the match. This Andrew Tye over has done what was expected from the over from Mujeeb. The game isn’t over yet. Washington Sundar is the new man in. Woakes and Sundar in the middle, can they finish it for RCB? Good over from Andrew Tye with just 5 off it. 

OUT! de Villiers c Nair b Andrew Tye 57(40)

AB de Villiers gives it away, he was looking to go over the point but didn’t find the elevation right mistiming it to get caught by Karun Nair. He has done the work he was supposed to do before departing. RCB require 10 0ff 11 to win, Woakes is the new man in. 

11: 28 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 146/4, 18 overs, de Villiers – 57, Mandeep – 19

FIFTY! for AB de Villiers and what a way to bring it. Takes full control of the delivery from Mohit Sharma to dispatch it into the crowds. A giant foot stride and it went straight into the fans. Super show by Ab de Villiers to keep RCB into the game with a half-century. 12 runs off the over with 10 required of 12. 

11: 21 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 134/4, 17 overs, de Villiers – 47, Mandeep – 17

Yes, Mujeeb it is with the 17th over, can he weave his magic once again?  Mandeep Singh with a much-needed boundary for RCB as he eases of pressure on AB de Villiers. Good cricket from Mandeep and de Villiers as they take singles before sending Mujeeb out of the park. The South African ace delivers two back to back sixes to bring the equation down to 22 required from 18. With 19 runs off it, RCB close to the target and de Villiers close to his fifty. 

11: 16 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 115/4, 16 overs, de Villiers – 34, Mandeep – 11

This match is moving towards another exciting finish with 41 required off the last 4 overs. Mandeep is playing the support role well but it has to be de Villiers who will have to take the chase forward from here. is it time to introduce Mujeeb? The 17th over can be the turnaround over for the Kings XI Punjab. Good over from Tye as he concedes just 6 runs off it. 

11: 10 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 109/4, 15 overs, de Villiers – 31, Mandeep – 9

Mohit Sharma with the 15th over concedes 9 runs off it as Karun Nair and Marcus Stoinis both fail to save the boundary and wait to look at each other for a dive. It was a powerful sweep shot from de Villiers. Mohit Sharma will be disappointed with how the over finished for him. 

11: 06 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 100/4, 14 overs, de Villiers – 23, Mandeep – 8

Andrew Tye gives away just 7 runs off the over as RCB look to up the ante. 100 up for the chasing team after R Ashwin ran riot with the wickets of de Kock and Sarfaraz in a single over. No boundary in that over with excellent running between the wickets by Mandeep and de Villiers. 

11: 01 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 93/4, 13 overs, de Villiers – 21, Mandeep – 4

Brilliant over from Axar Patel to continue the good show by the KXIP bowlers. Just 5 runs off the over with Punjab requiring 63 runs off 42 balls to win the game. de Villiers will have to up the ante from here to ensure RCB has a comfortable stride. 

10: 56 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 88/4, 12 overs, de Villiers – 19, Mandeep – 1

OUT! Sarfaraz Khan caught! Sarfaraz Khan c Nair b Ashwin 0(1)

Mandeep Singh is the new batsman in as R Ashwin pulls off a Umesh Yadav with two on two. So Ashwin is making all his hard work in the nets count by letting his leg spin do the talking. Just one run of that over as Ashwin pulls the game back in his team’s favour. 

10: 53 PM IST: OUT! Quinton de Kock is gone! de Kock b Ashwin 45(34)

Ashwin cleans up the South African southpaw as de Kock misses his fifty. Can this be the comeback moment for the Kings XI Punjab? de Kock was steeping out, Ashwin pre judged it and ripped it through his bats to floor him completely. 

10:51 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 87/2, 11 overs, de Villiers – 19, de Kock – 45

de Kock racing away towards his half-century gets a boundary off Axar Patel’s over to dig out 8 runs from it. RCB going well here and it should be a comfortable chase for the hosts. Punjab in desperate need of a wicket, they don’t have much options in pace so the spinners will have to step up and deliver. 

10:47 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 79/2, 10 overs, de Villiers – 18, de Kock – 38

de Kock attacks Ravichandran Ashwin, gets a whopping six and backs it up with a 4 to get 12 runs off his over. The South African batsman is looking in great touch. RCB going strong in the chase currently, but a wicket from here could land them in trouble once again. 

10:42 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 67/2, 9 overs, de Villiers – 17, de Kock – 27

It was a close call for the umpire on the first ball but de Kock was saved as KXIP wasted the review. de Kock escaped a close one there with the final call going to the umpire. Just three runs off the over from Axar Patel as umpires call for a strategic timeout. de Villiers and de Kock can stride comfortably and put RCB in a winning position if they stay there in the middle. 

10: 36 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 64/2, 8 overs, de Villiers – 15, de Kock – 27

Mohit Sharma welcomed with a six as AB de Villiers sends the first ball from him out of the park. de Kock joins the party with a boundary off the third ball as Yuvraj Singh makes a blunder in the fielding. A boundary off the last ball to finish the over. 16 runs off that over from Sharma as de Villiers reduces the required rate. 

10: 31 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 48/2, 7 overs, de Villiers – 4, de Kock – 22

Mujeeb with another good over for Kings XI Punjab, what a talent he is. Getting good turn and the ball is coming inside as AB de Villiers finds him difficult to tackle. Seven runs off the over for RCB as they near the 50 run mark. Smart cricket from de Villiers and de Kock, they know the right time to go big. 

10: 27 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 41/2, 6 overs, de Villiers – 2, de Kock – 17

Eight runs off the over from Ashwin with a four from de Kock and four singles. Ashwin is creating the pressure with spin from all end in search of another wicket, the KXIP captain perhaps knows a wicket from here will push RCB on the back foot. 

10:23 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 33/2, 5 overs, de Villiers – 0, de Kock – 11

10:22 PM IST: OUT! Virat Kohli floored! Kohli b Mujeeb 21(16)

Mujeeb has bowled the ball of the match to rattle the legendary Virat Kohli. Absolute ripper from the Afghan spinner which beat Kohli outright and shook his stumps. The pressure is back on RCB with AB de Villiers joining de Kock in the middle. Brilliant over from Mujeeb just 1 run off it with Kohli’s wicket. 

10:20 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 32/1, 4 overs, Kohli – 21, de Kock – 10

Andrew Tye smashed for a four in the very first ball of his first over of the day by RCB skipper Virat Kohli who gets another on the 5th ball with a classic stroke towards the extra cover. That was a remarkable shot from Kohli, raced down the boundary line. That takes Kohli to 21 off 10 balls. 

10:16 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 22/1, 3 overs, Kohli – 12, de Kock – 9

Good first over from Mujeeb, just 3 runs conceded off that over. The youngster for Afghanistan took the scene by storm against Delhi Daredevils and will look to continue the performance here in Bengaluru. RCB cannot afford to lose a wicket here. 

10:12 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 19/1, 2 overs, Kohli – 10, de Kock – 9

Two great boundaries off the bat of Kohli and de Kock to get 9 runs off the second over from R Ashwin. Kohli and de Kock are both playing sensible cricket and will take the cahse from hereon. Punjab will have to keep an eye, this partnership doesn’t gets going. 

10:08 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 10/1, 1 over, Kohli – 5, de Kock – 5

Brilliant start by the Kings XI Punjab. Two fours, one each from Kohli and de Kock to end the over with 10 runs off it but Axar Patel has done the job for captain Ashwin. McCullum could have been a potent match winner for RCB but no more. 

10: 05 PM IST: OUT! McCullum goes! Brendon McCullum c Mujeeb b Axar 0(1)

Superb start from Kings XI Punjab, Axar Patel draws the first blood, dismisses McCullum as RCB square off to a shambolic start. Huge blow for the chasing team. 

10:00 PM IST: 155 runs on a Chinnaswamy track cannot guarantee you the match but considering how this tournament has unfolded with a number of last over games, it can be a close chase. KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal gave KXIP a solid start but Umesh Yadav pulled things back for RCB before Woakes and Sundar destroyed their middle order. 

9:51 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 155/10, 19. 2 overs, Mujeeb – 0, Mohit – 1

OUT! Mujeeb c Sarfaraz Khan b Woakes 0(2)

Chris Woakes with his second wicket of the day. Mujeeb dismissed without opening his account and that’s it from Kings XI Punjab. A solid bowling display by RCB and they would be rearing to open their win account in front of the home fans when they come on to bat at the Chinnaswamy. 

9:46 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 153/9, 19 overs, Mujeeb – 0, Mohit – 0

Mujeeb Ur Rahman is the new man in after a fine cameo from Ashwin came to an end. 10 runs off the over as KXIP manage to cross the 150 runs mark.  Can they reach the 160 run mark, Mohit Sharma and Mujeeb are the two new batsmen on the pitch. 

9:43 PM IST: OUT! Ashwin stumped! Ashwin st de Kock b Chahal 33(21) 

So that’s the end of R Ashwin. After he got a good boundary off Chahal, the leg-spinner had the last laugh with de Kock doing some good glove work from behind to send back Ashwin. Chahal had seen Ashwin was coming down the track, he bowled a fine leg break beating Ashwin for de Kock to do the rest. 

9:40 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 143/8, 18 overs, Mohit – 0, Ashwin – 24

Chris Woakes has gone for runs today and R Ashwin doesn’t spare him in the 18th over with a good boundary. A good lofted one over the boundary line. Ashwin is leading with example and is cameo is turning out to be a good one for KXIP as they target the 160 run mark. Eight runs off the over from Tye, he will com back to bowl the last one. 

OUT! Andrew Tye caught!  Andrew Tye c Kohli b Woakes 7(7)

Some respite for Woakes a she gets the first wicket of the day.  Tye got the elevation right but not the distance as RCB captain Virat Kohli took a comfortable catch to see him off. Mohit Sharma is the new man in. 

9:33 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 135/7, 17 overs, Tye – 6, Ashwin – 18

Umesh Yadav with a brilliant over for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. A couple and a few singles till the fifth ball, but a misfield earns KXIP three runs on the last ball with 8 runs from the over. Umesh Yadav finishes his 4 overs with 3 wickets and 23 runs. 

9:27 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 127/7, 16 overs, Tye – 2, Ashwin – 14

Another good over for RCB with Washington Sundar giving just 5 runs off it. Can Ashwin take Punjab close to a 160-70 from here? He has done it before with the bat but IPL is a different ball game altogether and an over here could be decisive. Sundar completes his quota of 4 overs with 22-2, a good day for the spin all-rounder. 

9:23 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 122/7, 15 overs, Axar- 2, Ashwin – 11

OUT! Axar lbw b Kulwant Khejroliya 2(3), Andre Tye is the new man in 

The Kings XI Punjab are in trouble here as Axar Patel walks back after Khejroliya caught him lbw. Ashwin went for a review but there was no bat and three reds in the Hawkeye meant Axar Patel was gone. review lost for Punjab. They are seven down and a good total can be difficult if wickets don’t stop. Khejroliya with his second of the day after giving 11 runs off the over. 

9:17 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 111/6, 14 overs, Axar- 1 , Ashwin -1 

Nine runs off the over but Sundar sends the dangerous Stoinis back to the dressing room to make it a good over for RCB. R Ashwin and Axar Patel are the two new batsmen in the middle. Sundar will be a happy man with how things have turned for him in the match so far. 

9:14 PM IST: OUT! Stoinis stumped!, Stoinis st de Kock b Washington Sundar 11(9)

Stoinis was looking in a dangerous touch but sent packing after hitting a six off Washington Sundar. The all-rounder took a stride forward and missed the ball as de Kock did a splendid job from the back of the stumps. Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma with a loud cheer after the wicket there. she is also in attendance at the Chinnaswamy to cheer for her husband. R Ashwin is the new man in. 

9:11 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 102/5, 13 overs, Stoinis – 5, Nair -29

OUT! Nair b Kulwant Khejroliya 29(26) Axar Patel walks in to bat 

Kulwant Khejroliya, oh you beauty! Sensational delivery which completely deceived Karun Nair and sent him packing. Nair was looking in a good touch and wanted to go after the bowler but instead had to go back himself. Just 4 runs off the over as RCB takes control of the game, 1st wicket for the Delhi pacer in the IPL. 

9:06 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 98/4, 12 overs, Stoinis – 3, Nair -27

Brilliant over from Washington Sundar, he got his man KL Rahul who was looking all out dangerous once again. Rahul walked back without another half century in the 2018 IPL to his name with Sundar picking his first wicket of the day. Just 4 runs off the over, a good one for RCB. 

9:02 PM IST: OUT! KL Rahul misses half century, Rahul c Sarfaraz Khan b Washington Sundar 47(30)

What an innings by KL Rahul yet again in the IPL 2018, he will be disappointed to have missed out on the fifty. Washington Sundar gets the breakthrough with Sarfaraz Khan making no mistake with the catch. Rahul mistimed it and paid the price. Sundar gets his first of the day. Stoinis is the new man in. 

9:00 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 94/3, 11 overs, KL Rahul – 47, Nair -26

Karun Nair is making full use of his creativity here, he pre-judged that one from the leg-spinner and sent it towards the third man for a boundary. 10 runs to end the over with RCB racing towards the 100 run mark. Nair and Rahul can set the platform for a big total if they manage to stay. 

8:55 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 84/3, 10 overs, KL Rahul – 44, Nair – 19

Washington Sundar introduced into the attack by skipper Virat Kohli as he looks to break the budding partnership between Rahul and Nair. It’s a good start from Sundar who concedes just 5 runs off the over. KL Rahul is going fine and requires just 6 from here to make it 2 half centuries in 2 games for the Kings XI Punjab. 

8:50 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 79/3, 9 overs, KL Rahul – 42, Nair – 16

Yuzvendra Chahal with the 9th over for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. KL Rahul stole a cheeky boundary on the last ball to take 8 runs from an otherwise good one from Chahal. That last delivery was a spoiler. Rahul is now racing towards another half century in the Indian Premier League 2018. Time for a strategic timeout. 

8:45 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 71/3, 8 overs, KL Rahul – 36, Nair – 14

The Kings XI Punjab and the RCB fans are both enjoying the batting of the two local boys KL Rahul and Karun Nair. Chris Woakes concedes 10 runs off the over. Karun Nair showed his class with a short towards the third man, placed perfectly into the gap. No sixes in that one from Rahul. 

8:40 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 61/3, 7 overs, KL Rahul – 34, Nair – 7

Yuzvendra Chahal was going well until KL Rahul decided to go after him and dispatched him for a six on the 5th ball of the over. 11 runs from it as Rahul continues to attack the RCB bowlers. Not the start Yuzvendra Chahal would have wanted to have in the game. 

8:35 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 50/3, 6 overs, KL Rahul – 24, Nair -6 

Another good over for Royal Challengers Bangalore with just 2 runs off it. Umesh Yadav is on fire here at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Keeps Rahul and Nair at bay with only two singles off the over. Umesh Yadav is enjoying bowling here on a super Friday. 

8:31 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 48/3, 5 overs, KL Rahul – 23, Nair – 5

12 runs off the over from Khejroliya as Rahul takes him on. KL Rahul is in a zone of his own and is dispatching the bowlers out of the park. As six from Rahul and a four from Nair to end that over on a good note for RCB after losing three quick wickets. 

8:26 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 36/3 4 overs, KL Rahul – 16, Yuvraj – 4

OUT! Yuvraj b U Yadav 4(4) Karun Nair is the new man in 

What an over it has been for RCB, the third wicket for Umesh Yadav and the Royal Challengers Bangalore as Yadav cleans up veteran Yuvraj Singh with a sensational delivery. The southpaw completely missed it and is back in the dressing room. 

8:21 PM IST: OUT! Finch lbw b U Yadav 0(1)

Golden duck for the Australian explosive batsman. Aaron Finch waited on umpire’s call and found himself going. 2 wickets in two successive deliveries for Umesh Yadav. This could be the match turning over. Yuvraj Singh is teh new man in. 

8:18 PM IST: OUT! Mayank Agarwal caught Mayank Agarwal c de Kock b U Yadav 15(11) 

That was smooth as a silkworm, Quinton de Kock takes a brilliant catch behind the stumps to ensure the departure of Mayank Agarwal who was looking in a good touch. Umesh Yadav gets the breakthrough. It was a full-length delivery from Yadav, Agarwal went with the flow and the ball took a healthy edge before de Kock took a stunning catch. 

8:16 pm IST: Kings XI Punjab – 32/0 3 overs, KL Rahul – 16, Agarwal – 15

Kulwant Khejroliya with the third over for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). Mayank Agarwal welcomes him with a boundary off the 2nd ball. Clever batting from the two Kings XI Punjab batsman. Sarfaraz Khan has dropped a crucial one their, that could have seen the departure of Agarwal but Sarfaraz missed it completely. Just 7 off the over, a good one for RCB. 

8:11 pm IST: Kings XI Punjab – 25/0 2 overs, KL Rahul – 16, Agarwal – 9

Umesh Yadav starts the second over with a boundary from Mayank Agarwal as the Karnataka batsman gets off the mark. Two dot balls from Yadav to make a strong come back. But Agarwal sends his 4th delivery straight down the boundary line with a beautiful stroke which he middled it sweetly. Mayank Agarwal is also looking in a brilliant touch. 9 runs off that over from Umesh Yadav. 

8:07 pm IST: Kings XI Punjab – 16/0 1 over, KL Rahul – 16, Agarwal – o

After two dot balls from Woakes, KL Rahul gets into action immediately, slaps the third ball into the crowd. The man is in sublime touch and proves it with another superb shot of the next ball that disappears in the crowd. two sixes of two successive deliveries to earn 16 runs off the over with four off the last ball. 

8: 00 PM IST: KL Rahul who has been in a great touch in the IPL this season will open the proceedings for Kings XI Punjab with his Karnataka mate Mayank Agarwal. No Aaron Finch opening for the Kings XI Punjab, that’s another move from Ashwin. Chris Woakes will bowl the first over for RCB. 

7:43 PM IST: No Chris Gayle for Punjab, now that could be a match-winning or breaking move from R Ashwin. The West Indies powerhouse has a proven track record at the Chinnaswamy and is a player who you got to have in the 11 if he is in your ranks. No homecoming for the ‘Universe boss’. 

Kings XI Punjab: Lokesh Rahul(w), Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Brendon McCullum, Quinton de Kock(w), Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Chris Woakes, Washington Sundar, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal

7:38 PM IST: Virat Kohli has won the toss and chose to field 

David Miller misses out with Aaron Finch taking his place in the Kings XI Punjab team. No Chris Gayle once again for Punjab as Ashwin takes the safer passage. 

Virat Kohli: We are gonna have a bowl. I think the crowd thinks the match is decided on the toss. Looks like this pitch is back to normal, hence the decision to bowl first. It’s the same team that played the last match. The crowd is excited.

Ravichandran Ashwin: I think it’s important to start well and put up a par score. It’s very important to have wickets in hand while batting first. I think we have enough bowling ammunitions to put them under pressure. We have one team change, Finch comes in the place for Miller. He deserves it.

7:25 PM IST: It will be interesting to see if Chris Gayle is called up for action on the ground he has previously run havoc on. For RCB too, getting Tim Southee in place of a batsman or one of the allrounders in Corey Anderson or Colin de Grandhomme is played in place of Quinton de Kock. If that happens, who would Parthiv Patel replace? 

7:20 PM IST: The Chinnaswamy Stadium is packed as the crowds are waiting to see their star players take the field against the Kings XI Punjab. The Average first innings score up till 2016 was 195 but last year it has dropped down to shocking 141. 


Predicted XIs

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Brendon McCullum, Quinton de Kock, Virat Kohli (captain), AB de Villiers, Sarfraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Chris Woakes, Washington Sundar, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Kulwant Khejroliya.

Kings XI Punjab: KL Rahul, Mayank Agarwal, Yuvraj Singh, Karun Nair, David Miller, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, Ravichandran Ashwin (captain), AJ Tye, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb-ur-Rahman.