Kolkata Knight Riders owners and the management will be happy after what they witnessed at the Eden Gardens. Delhi Daredevils were off to a shambolic start with Gautam Gambhir and Jason Roy going for cheap. Full marks to the Kolkata Knight Riders bowlers and Dinesh Karthik for the way he marshaled his troops. Rishabh pant and Glenn Maxwell after Iyer’s dismissal had brought them back in the game and were countering the required rate well but after their 62-run stand fell apart it was a collapse. Kuldeep Yadav struck to get rid of Maxwell and Pant despite getting targeted and set the tone for what was turning out to be a big victory for KKR. A much-needed one too both for the fans and captain Dinesh Karthik after the defeat against Sunrisers Hyderabad. Kuldeep and Sunil Narine ran havoc at the DD batting line-up, they lost 7 wickets for a mere 43 in the last 35 balls and it was KKR who proved their dominance at home. 

Highlights of the match between Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils from the Eden Gardens in Kolkata: 

Kolkata Knight Riders beat Delhi Daredevils by 71 runs 

11:22 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 125/8, 14.2 overs, Shami – 6, Nadeem – 3

Wicket! Boult c and b Kuldeep Yadav 0(2) Kuldeep Yadav with the final nail in the coffin. 

11:20 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 125/8, 14 overs, Boult – 0 , Nadeem – 5

Sunil Narine with the 14th over for KKR, a dot and three singles to start off with before Shami gives it Russell. Wicket! Shami gone! Good over from Narine. 

OUT! Shami c A Russell b Narine 7(6)

Wanted to go over deep midwicket and was trying to slog from the first ball. Ended up playing in the air and Sunil Narine got hsis third wicket of the day. Andre Russell took an easy one there. 

11:18 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 125/8, 13 overs, Shami – 6, Nadeem – 3

Kuldeep Yadav with the 13th over for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Shami gets a boundary off the last ball from him to finish with 7 runs off the over. That won’t hurt DD in any way as the required rate is now up to 11. Good over from Kuldeep for KKR. 

11:15 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 118/8, 12 overs, Shami – 1, Nadeem – 1

OUT! Vijay Shankar lbw b Narine 2(4)

Vijay Shankar is the next one to walk back after all three reds in the Hawkeye. With that wicket, Narine might have sealed the fate of this match for KKR. Only a miracle can take DD through from this position. Shami and Nadeem are the new batsmen on the crease. 

OUT! Chris Morris b Narine 2(3)

Sunil Narine cleans up Chris Morris with a gem of a delivery. Morris had no idea off it and he was bamboozled as the ball took off the stumps. 

11:07 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 114/6, 11 overs, Shankar – 1, Morris – 1

OUT! Glenn Maxwell caught! Maxwell c Uthappa b Kuldeep Yadav 47(22)

Kuldeep Yadav strikes again. After getting hit for two sixes straight, he traps Maxwell and ends the over with a wicket despite conceding 15 from it. Brilliant over from Kuldeep and that should be the blow which can cost DD the match. Maxwell was going well but got caught by Uthappa after mistiming his stroke. 

11:02 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 99/5, 10 overs, Maxwell – 33, Shankar – 1

Tom Curran back with the ball and he gets his first wicket of the day. Rahul Tewatia gone. Nine runs off the over and a brilliant one for the Kolkata Knight Riders as they send Delhi on the back foot. The required rate is still in control though. 

OUT! Rahul Tewatia c A Russell b Tom Curran 1(2)

Half of the Delhi Daredevils side is back in the dressing room as Tewatia gives an easy one to Russell. Wanted to go big over the covers but failed with the timing and ended up straight into the West Indies all-rounder’s hands. 

10: 55 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 90/4, 9 overs, Maxwell – 25, Tewatia – 1

Kuldeep Yadav introduced into the attack by Dinesh Karthik and Pant is gone. After being hit for a four by Maxwell, Yadav does what he does best. Rahul Tewatia is the new man in. Just 9 runs off the over and its a good one from Kuldeep with a wicket. Sending Tewatia before Morris can be a dangerous one for Gambhir. 

OUT! Pant c Chawla b Kuldeep Yadav 43(26) 

Pant had absolutely smashed it but was unlucky to get caught by Piyush Chawla before the boundary line. Kuldeep yadav strikes in his first over and gets the big fish. 

10: 48 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 81/3, 8 overs, Maxwell – 17, Pant- 43

Tom Curran, the tall pacer from England gets welcomed with a boundary from Rishabh Pant. Solid shot from the left-hander as he muscles it towards the covers. Maxwell with a six towards the fine leg, it was a leading edge but went miles into the crowd. Pressure on Curran as he goes for two boundaries in first three balls. A dot ball to finish with 12 runs from it. 

10: 44 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 69/3, 7 overs, Maxwell – 10, Pant- 38

Piyush Chawla brought back into the attack by Dinesh Karthik. Some field placements before he bowls to Maxwell. Quick one from Piyush Chawla and Maxwell failed to strike settling with a single. Took the pace of this time and pitches outside leg as umpires call for a strategic timeout. 13 off the over with a six and a four from Rishabh Pant’s bat as he races towards his fifty. 

10: 39 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 56/3, 6 overs, Maxwell – 9, Pant- 27

Rishabh pant strikes it well gets on the ball and sends it over the ropes. Four off Narine. Back to back boundaries from Pant as he spoils Sunil Narine’s start with the ball after a dismal show with the bat. A single to end the over, smart cricket from Pant to get 11 off the over. Good powerplay for DD but they have lost wickets. 

10: 34 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 45/3, 5 overs, Maxwell – 8, Pant- 17

Shivan Mavi with a good first ball, the 19-year-old clock 142.4 kmph there and he is looking good. Pant takes a single with a leg bye. Maxwell to is left surprised as he fails to read Mavi and settles with a single. Another leg bye.  Just 7 runs off the over and a good one for KKR. 

10: 28 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 38/3, 4 overs, Maxwell – 4, Pant- 16

Andre Russell into the attack with the 4th over for the Kolkata Knight Riders and Rishabh Pant takes him on. Two fours off the over for Pant and Maxwell wraps it up with a boundary off the last ball to take 14 runs from the over. Maxwell and Pant can change gears any time and if they get going no target is too big for DD. 

10: 22 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 24/3, 3 overs, Gambhir – 8, Pant- 7

Shivam Mawi brought into the attack by Dinesh Karthik and he has been given an attacking field. The U-19 star has been perfectly backed by his captain. Brutal pace from him as he bowls a big wide with good bounce as Karthik saves a potential 4 runs. Mavi with pace again but Pant sends him to fine leg for two runs. Four to fine leg, it was bowled short on the on side and Pant drove it well to get another boundary. Another short pitch ball from Mavi and its working well for him. And Bowled! Gambhir startled by the youngster. Glenn Maxwell is the new man in. 

OUT! Gambhir b Shivam Mavi 8(7)

What a way to end a good over. Mavi got his man, he angled across the left-hander and beat Gambhir florring his wickets. Big one for Mavi who has got his first IPL wicket. 

10: 14 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 15/2, 2 overs, Gambhir – 5, Pant- 0

Andre Russell who was devastating with the bat and he has now been handed the ball by Karthik. Two fours one from Gambhir and the other one from Iyer before Russell strikes. Wicket! Iyer walks back. Rishabh Pant is the new man to walk in. Andre Russell bowls a wide. 11 runs off that over from Russell. 

OUT! Shreyas Iyer c Nitish Rana b A Russell 4(3)

Rana was standing at slip, anticipating that one and took a good one to get Shreyas Iyer walking. Delhi has been jolted here by two quick wickets and Gambhir now will have to stay and deliver to get them close. 

10: 08 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils – 4/1, 1 over, Gambhir – 2, Shreyas Iyer – 0

Piyush Chawla will start off the proceedings for KKR. Gambhir starts off with a single. Good bowling form Chawla here and Karthik’s decision to start with him has paid off. OUT! Jason Roy stumped! Qucik hands by Karthik and Roy is walking back. Just 4 runs off the over with 4 singles, a brilliant one from Chawla. 

OUT!  Roy st Karthik b Chawla 1(3)

Good work by Karthik from behind the stumps and Roy who went berserk in the last game against Mumbai Indians is gone. Exactly what KKR wanted, Chawla gets the breakthrough. 

10:00 PM IST: KKR started slow and ended with just 1 off the last over from Tewatia but this is a massive total posted by them.  Chris Lynn gave them the stability but it was Robin Uthappa’s innings followed up by Russell’s and Nitish Rana’s that gave them the edge towards the end. 

9:50 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 200/9, 20 overs, Mavi – 0, Curran – 2

Tewatia with the last over for the Delhi Daredevils and KKR complete 200. OUT! Shubman Gill gone. Another wicket as Piyush Chawla gets caught by Rishabh Pant. Tom Curran becomes his third victim of the over. Brilliant last over from Tewatia as he wraps the innings with nothing more than the 200. 

OUT! Chawla c Pant b Rahul Tewatia 0(3)

Rahul Tewatia strikes again and the move by Gambhir is paying off well here as Rishabh Pant takes a comfortable one. 

OUT! Shubman Gill c Chris Morris b Rahul Tewatia 6(5)

A simple catch for Morris at the point as Gill walks back. He got a boundary but didn’t look convincing once again in that position. 

9:42 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 199/6, 19 overs, Gill – 6, Curran – 1

Chris Morris with the 18th over for Delhi Daredevils and Nitish Rana continues his superb run. It was outside off but Rana still managed to nail it into the gap to earn a boundary off it. Wicket! Rana caught! Two set batsmen are back into the dressing room. Tom Curran is the new man in and Shubman Gill ends the over with a boundary. 

OUT! Nitish Rana c Gambhir b Chris Morris 59(35)

It was outside off once again but was a slower one from Morris and he has got his man. Rana walks back after a well played 59 with Gambhir taking the catch. 

9:35 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 188/5, 17 overs, Gill – 5, Rana – 55

Trent Boult with the ball and a single from Rana as he completes his Fifty, his first for KKR. A good flick it was and the youngster has played a decent innings here. Russel bowled! Wicket for Boult.  Shubman Gill comes into bat and gets a boundary off the first ball from Boult. 11 runs off the over with a four from Rana. 

OUT! A Russell b Boult 41(12)

Spot on from Boult, he absolutely nailed that yorker and floored in-form Russell who missed his fifty and KL Rahul’s record. But Russell has already done the damage with 12-ball 41. 

9:30 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 177/4, 17 overs, Russell – 41, Rana – 49

Mohammed Shami returns with the ball after the strategic timeout and gets welcomed by Russell with a brilliant six. Flat over the square drive and that was muscled well by the West Indies all-rounder. A single to follow it up. Rana plays a dot third ball from Shami. A wide yorker, cut well by Rana for a single. This partnership is now 54 of 19 deliveries with another mouth-watering six from Russell. Took control of the ball and muscled it towards the long-on. What was this? wait. A mistimed hit and it’s a six again. Russell 9 runs away from his fifty and if he manages to get it with two sixes he will be fastest to 50 and break KL Rahul’s record. 

9:22 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 157/4, 16 overs, Russell – 22, Rana – 48

Nitish Rana this time and he goes after Chris Morris. A short ball pulled well by Rana for a six. A dot ball and another boundary, this time to the third man as Rana joins the party. Andre Russell will face the last ball, goes for it but misses big time to settle with a single. 12 runs off it as KKR crosses the 150 run mark. Rana is now just a couple of runs away from his half-century. 

9:16 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 145/4, 15 overs, Russell – 21, Rana – 37

Andre Russell gets a six off Shami, uses his pace and sends into the KKR dugout. It was a short of length delivery which was given the treatment by Russell. A couple and another big blow by the West Indies batsman and this time he picked the fuller one and dispatched it towards the long-off. Shami thrashed. Miles into the crowd, are we up for another Andre Russell show here? Another huge six from him to end the over with 22 runs off it. 

9:11 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 123/4, 14 overs, Russell – 0, Rana – 36

Chris Morris with the 14th over pitched into the pads and a fine use of wrist from Karthik to get a boundary with a superb shot. Classy from the KKR skipper and he follows it up with a similar shot to earn successive boundaries. Wicket! Karthik is gone! Boult takes the catch and Morris has his man. Rana hits a six on the 5th ball off the over to make it a good one in terms of runs for KKR. 15 runs off it as Andre Russell walks in to bat. 

OUT! Karthik c Boult b Chris Morris 19(10)

Was similar kind of shot again on the same sort of delivery form Morris and Dinesh Karthik is taken this time as he failed to notice that fielding change. Boult was called there and the ball went to him straight. DK could have been more aware there. 

9:05 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 108/3, 13 overs, Karthik – 11, Rana – 29

Mohammed Shami with the 13th over for the Delhi Daredevils and he strikes on the first ball, a bit of pace there and DK is beaten on the pads, the umpire has given him out but he challenges it with a review. So there was an edge and the KKR skipper will stay with umpire changing his decision. Single towards the third man for Karthik and another two singles to end it with 6 runs. 

9:00 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 102/3, 12 overs, Karthik – 7, Rana – 27

Vijay Shankar with his first over of the IPL 2018 and Nitish Rana hits a short ball from him with solid power to get a four. Dinesh Karthik hits him for a six despite not middling it well, he steps out and hits it over deep backward square. 12 runs coming from the over with KKR crossing the 100 run mark. 

8:55 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 90/3, 11 overs, Karthik – 0, Rana – 22

Mohammed Shami brought into the attack by Gautam Gambhir and good first two balls from the Indian pacer before Lynn sends a bullet shot towards sweeper cover with a bullet of a shot that is cut off. And gone! Lynn dismissed. Jason Roy takes a sensational catch as Lynn departs. A wide followed by a dot ball to end the over from Shami. Dinesh Karthik comes in to bat for KKR. 

OUT! Chris Lynn c Roy b Shami 31(29) 

Big blow for KKR as Roy takes a good catch, it was a fuller one from Shami and Lynn failed to get the elevation playing it in the hands of the fielder. Lynn was set and looked in great form but this is it for him tonight a well played 31. 

8:47 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 85/2, 10 overs, Lynn – 28, Rana – 21

Nitish Rana goes after Nadeem. Two back to back boundaries, a six lofted towards deep mid-wicket followed by a four with a sweep towards fine leg. Nadeem makes a comeback on the last three balls and there’s a close chance here. An LBW appeal by Nadeem and DD have called for a review which has been wasted. 14 runs off the over and a good one for the Kolkata Knight Riders. 

8:42 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 71/2, 9 overs, Lynn – 27, Rana -8

Rahul Tewatia brought back into the attack. After three dot balls, it’s Rana who gives him the treatment. Hammers it towards the deep mid wicket for a six and gets startled on the comeback ball from Tewatia. Good one for the Delhi Daredevils with just seven runs from it. Rana showing his class early in the game. 

8:38 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 64/2, 8 overs, Lynn – 27, Rana -1

Nadeem back into the attack and the last 20 balls have been good for KKR with 43 runs. OUT! That’s the end of Robin Uthappa, shorter one towards the off side, Uthappa mistimes it and he is gone. Good over froNadeemem, he is giving more reasons to Gambhir to not think of Amit Mishra anytime soon. Nitish Rana walks into bat as KKR take 4 off the over. 

OUT! Uthappa c and b Nadeem 35(19) 

Uthappa was looking in a great touch but he failed to read this slower one from Nadeem and ended up getting caught by the bowler himself. 

8:34 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 60/1, 7 overs, Uthappa – 34, Lynn – 25

Snaps the wrist and smacks it out of the park, Uthappa in a different zone today as he takes on Rahul Tewatia now. Brilliant batting from the IPL veteran. OH! that could have been the breakthrough but dropped, Uthappa is dropped. 10 runs off the over and not the start Tewatia would have wanted. 

8:30 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 50/1, 6 overs, Uthappa – 26, Lynn – 23

Nadeem brought back into the attack by Gambhir. Smack and a huge six from Uthappa. Deep midwicket was targeted by the right-hander and he got the distance. It wasn’t a bad delivery from Nadeem though. But Uthappa has no stopping another six from him this time over Nadeem’s head, he waited took control of the ball and sent it over the boundary line. A splendid boundary next to top it up and end the over with 18 off it. So Uthappa and Lynn have upped the ante here showering boundaries at the Eden. 50 up for KKR. 

8:26 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 32/1, 5 overs, Uthappa – 8, Lynn – 23

Trent Boult back with his third over and that tells yoGambhirir wants one more inside those powerplay overs. One out of Uthappa or Lynn will certainly be a big one for DD. Uthappa with a boundary straight down the ground and he has got going. That was a clean hit from him. Another one down the ground as Lynn takes Boult on this time and another one to long on. A good over for KKR with 13 runs off it. 

8:22 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 19/1, 4 overs, Uthappa – 3, Lynn – 15

Shahbaz Nadeem brought into the attack and he pushes Lynn on the back foot with his first two deliveries. The third one though is smacked by Lynn for a boundary as he continues dealing in boundaries. Two singles to follow it up and seven runs off the over for KKR. 

8:18 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 12/1, 3 overs, Uthappa – 1, Lynn – 10

Trent Boult back with the ball and phenomenal he has been so far. Accurate with the short ones and has topped it with good pace to keep Narine and Lynn silent. Narine has been beaten twice in the first two balls and it seems like he is gone. Yes, Wicket! Narine caught by Maxwell. Chris Lynn continues the assault though with a boundary of the last ball, but a brilliant over for Boult and Delhi with just 5 and a wicket. Robin Uthappa is the new man in for KKR. 

OUT! Narine c Maxwell b Boult 1(4)

The third umpire checked for the height but it was fine and Sunil Narine will have to head back to the dressing room. He has failed to click yet again and this time unfortunately in his preferred playing position. Boult gets the breakthrough with Maxwell taking the catch. 

8:12 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 7/0, 2 overs, Gambhir – 1, Lynn – 6

Chris Morris with the second over for the Delhi Daredevils and good two first balls from the South African all-rounder. Chris Lynn, mighty blow that one from the Aussie batsman and Morris witnesses it going into the park. Good over from Morris though with just 7 runs off it. That’s not the kind of start Lynn and Narine are famous for. 

8:07 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 0/0, 1 over, Gambhir – 0, Lynn – 0

Trent Boult opens the attack for KKR with 4 dot balls. He is getting the swing earlier on this track and Lynn has failed to read it yet. Superb over from the Kiwi pacer as he ends it without a run, what a way to start. Maiden. This is the kind of start, Delhi Daredevils wanted. 

7:59 PM IST: We are moments away from match action with Delhi Daredevils coach Ricky Ponting ringing the bell. Sunil Narine has come out to open the batting with Chris Lynn for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Trent Boult will take the ball for the Delhi Daredevils. 

7:45 PM IST: Some big player contests await as the Kolkata Knight Riders lock horns with the Delhi Daredevils at the Eden Gardens. Trent Boult will be bowling against Chris Lynn while Sunil Narine will be weighing up his chances against Jason Roy. Both Andre Russel and Chris Morris can be integral to their team’s success today. 

7:40 PM IST: Playing XIs 

Kolkata Knight Riders: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Shivam Mavi, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav

Delhi Daredevils: Jason Roy, Gautam Gambhir(c), Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Shreyas Iyer, Vijay Shankar, Chris Morris, Rahul Tewatia, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mohammed Shami, Trent Boult

7:38 PM IST: Dinesh Karthik: All teams seem to be chasing. Just one change. Tom Curran comes in for Mitchell Johnson.

Gambhir: We are gonna bowl first. Looks like a good track. Won’t change much. Try to control. They have got the most loyal fans. Wouldn’t have been successful without their support. This wicket will suit him as well. We have one change. Chris Morris comes in place of Dan Christian.

7:33 PM IST: Delhi Daredevils have won the toss and opted to bowl 

7:25 PM IST: BIG update! Well if Cricbuzz reports, Andre Russell is going through some extra drills and is looking like he has damaged his hamstring, he is yet to take the bat or the ball and go in the nets. He is spending some extra time with the physio, certainly, there is a problem. 

7:20 PM IST: KKR’s batting too has not been impressive, with Sunil Narine pushed down the order, their flaws were left exposed against Sunrisers Hyderabad who restricted them on average 138 and chased it down comfortably. Karthik will have to make amends in that order to ensure a better display for the home fans. 

7:10 PM IST: Apart from their batting which was outclassed by CSK at the Cheapuk, it was also their death bowlers who miserably failed to deliver as Ravindra Jadeja sent Vinay Kumar out of the park to win it for his team in the last over. Talking about their overseas pace options, they only have Mitchell Johnson and Tom Curran to rotate with. Mitchell Starc’s services have been missed dearly but the Indian pacers will have to shoulder the death responsibilities in his absence. 

6:55 PM IST: Gambhir’s decision to sabotage Colin Munro for Jason Roy paid him in dividends, the Englishman was brilliant with the bat and he would definitely be used on top again for the fear he can bring among the opposition bowlers. Chris Morris if deemed fit can be replacing Dan Christian against KKR. 

6:50 PM IST: Will the Kolkata Knight Riders and skipper Dinesh Karthik stay with the same combination in the batting order? The decision to plot Sunil Narine down the order misfired spectacularly for KKR and back to Eden, the gamble cannot be repeated as the West Indies all-rounder over the years has shown his best asset is his ability to use freedom and run havoc right from the beginning. 


Kolkata Knight Riders: Dinesh Karthik (c), Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Chris Lynn, Tom Curran, Robin Uthappa, Kuldeep Singh Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Nitish Rana, Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Shivam Mavi, Mitchell Johnson, Shubman Gill, Ranganath Vinay Kumar, Rinku Singh, Cameron Delport, Javon Searless, Apoorv Vijay Wankhade, Ishank Jaggi.

Delhi Daredevils: Rishabh Pant, Shreyas Iyer, Chris Morris, Glenn Maxwell, Kagiso Rabada, Amit Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Vijay Shankar, Rahul Tewatia, Mohammad Shami, Gautam Gambhir, Trent Boult, Colin Munro, Daniel Christian, Jason Roy, Naman Ojha, Prithvi Shaw, Gurkeerat Singh Mann, Avesh Khan, Abhishek Sharma, Jayant Yadav, Harshal Patel, Manjot Kalra, Sandeep Lamichhane, Sayan Ghosh.