Chris Gayle doesn’t look like he is going to stop anytime soon, the way he has been batting in this tournament is absolutely phenomenal. Another day at office for him as he walks back delighted after clinching another emphatic victory for Kings XI Punjab by 9 wickets. The target set by Kolkata Knight Riders was a good one but Chris Gayle and KL Rahul made things look ridiculously easy as they took on the KKR bowlers’ right from the first over of the match and went on until rain came to the opposition’s rescue. Both KL Rahul and Gayle have been in superlative form this season but it was Rahul today who outshined his Caribbean teammate with a 27-ball 60. He was ruthless in his approach and dispatched the KKR bowlers all around the park with relative ease.

KXIP riding on the solid batting show from Gayle and KL Rahul posted a phenomenal 96/0 in just 8.2 overs to ensure that they were well ahead of the Duckworth Lewis requirement during that point of time. After some good work by the grounds men and the covers, the match was resumed but only to be reduced to 13 overs and target brought down to 125 in 20 overs. Gayle returned back and welcomed Piyush Chawla with a huge six, he wrapped up the win with another big blow into the crowd to make it three straight wins for KXIP in three games. Ravichandran Ashwin’s men with the win took the top spot on the IPL points table with 8 points from 5 games.

LIVE Updates from the IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and the Kings XI Punjab from the Eden Gardens:

Kings XI Punjab have beaten Kolkata Knight Riders by 9 wickets at the Eden Gardens 

8:41 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 126/1, 11. 1 overs,  Gayle – 62, Mayank – 2

Five required of 12 now and Tom Curran will bowl the 12th over for Kolkata Knight Riders. Gayle middled it well and it’s a six. Another emphatic victory for Kings XI Punjab in style with a huge blow from Gayle. He has once again been the showman today. 

8:37 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 120/1, 11 overs,  Gayle – 56, Mayank – 2

Shivam Mavi with the ball now to bowl the 11th over of the match and it has almost reduced to a formality. Mayank Agarwal takes a single off the first ball to bring Gayle on strike. A brilliant yorker by Mavi to Gayle. A wide to follow it up. The youngster is learning quite a lot of how to bowl in pressure situations against some of the best T20 batsmen. Gayle went for the slog this time and missed it completely. 

8:33 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 117/1, 10 overs,  Gayle – 55, Mayank – 1

Sunil Narine in the attack and KL Rahul bangs a six on the first ball and follows it up with three fours. Solid batting by KL Rahul and this time he has gone up in the air and OUT! KL Rahul caught. Mayank Agarwal is the new man in for Kings XI Punjab, only a single from the over with 8 required off 18 now. 

OUT! Rahul c Tom Curran b Narine 60(27)

Was looking impressive KL Rahul and after 14 runs off the first three balls didn’t need to go for the big one. Mistimed it and Tom Curran took the catch. First wicket for Narine and KKR today. 

8:28 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 102/0, 9 overs,  Gayle – 55, Rahul – 46

Fifty for Gayle, his second IPL fifty this season and what a way to bring it. He grabs the full-toss and hits a monstrous six off Piyush Chawla to take KXIP past 100. 13 runs off the over, Gayle had left after a six and came back to hit another on the first ball. 

8:20 PM IST: UPDATE – The game has been reduced to a 13-over game and the target has been shortened down to 125. So Gayle and Rahul will have to get 29 runs in 28 balls if they have to make it an emphatic 10 wickets victory. Should be a cake walk for KXIP and a huge disappointment for KKR who batted well to post a good total on board. 

7:55 PM IST: Just to give you a throwback to what happened in the second innings of the match, Gayle and KL Rahul were off to a flyer with a sensational start. It was Rahul who changed his gears right from the start of the match when he took on Shivam Mavi. It was Gayle who joined the party later and thrashed Mavi mercilessly. Gayle took on Andre Russell in the 4th over of the game and plundered him for two sixes and a boundary to earn 18 off it. Brilliant batting display it was from the opening pair of KXIP as they ensured they had more then enough on board in 8.2 overs to win this one comfortably if D/L method comes to action. 

7:45 PM IST: Weather update – The rain has halted and the covers are being taken off. All the covers are off now and the game should begin anytime soon. The crowd should be credited for staying back patiently to witness the Chris Gayle masterclass. It has been a significant delay of over 45 odd minutes but good that game has not been affected much. 

7:00 PM IST: Weather update – The news from the Eden Gardens is not a good one as the downpour continues in Kolkata. The covers are firm and its likely that the match will be called off with KXIP ahead on the DL score. The cut-off time to resume play is 8:10 PM IST. 

6:50 PM IST: The whole ground has been covered with the drizzles becoming slightly heavy. Gayle and Rahul have put KXIP in a comfortable position in the match already with their sensational efforts with the bat. This certainly will affect their rhythm but KXIP are currently ahead as per the D/L score which is 65 at this stage. 

6:46 PM IST- RAIN interrupts play

6:45 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 96/0, 8.2 overs,  Gayle – 49, Rahul – 45

Piyush Chawla with the 9th over for KKR. Chris Gayle slams a biggie off Chawla to reach 49. That was a might blow from the Jamaican as covers come on and the players leave the field. 

6:43 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 89/0, 8 overs,  Gayle – 43, Rahul – 45

Sunil Narine introduced in the attack by Dinesh Karthik and he starts off well with two singles from the first three balls. Narine has been effective so far but a wicket still is far from his clutches. Eight overs done and 89 on the board for Kings XI Punjab. There are chances of rain here with the wind coming in. 

6:38 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 86/0, 7 overs,  Gayle – 42, Rahul – 43

Wonderful powerplay overs for KXIP as they bring down the asking rate down to 8.5 per over. Kuldeep Yadav introduced into the attack by Karthik in search of a wicket and Rahul welcomes him with a boundary. Gayle bangs it into the crowd and gets a six off Kuldeep. 91 meters it was and Kuldeep Yadav is under pressure here. A single from Rahul with Gayle finishing the over with another single. Both Rahul and Gayle are 7 and 8 runs away respectively from their half-centuries. 

6:33 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 73/0, 6 overs,  Gayle – 35, Rahul – 37

Piyush Chawla introduced into the attack by Dinesh Karthik. A single, dot and another single to start off the over. KL Rahul this time, he pulled the short ball from Chawla for a boundary and got the 5th ball fine for another boundary. That’s 11 runs off the over and KL Rahul has been far more destructive than Gayle here as he races away towards his half-century.

6:28 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 62/0, 5 overs,  Gayle – 34, Rahul – 27

Sunil Narine with the 5th over for Kolkata Knight Riders and he starts off well with a single and three dot balls. Another dot ball from Narine to Gayle. But no more as Gayle picks this one well and sends it to the fine leg for a boundary off the last ball. Just 5 runs off the over and a good one for KKR, a much-needed one. 

6:25 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 57/0, 4 overs,  Gayle – 30, Rahul – 26

Gayle welcomes Russell with a huge one. The universe boss is on fire here and he is in no mood to spare anyone. A BIG SIX and you don’t bowl these to the mighty Chris Gayle. He picks it well and sends it into the crowd. Goes on the back foot this time and creates room on the off side to slog a boundary of Russell. Gayle gets another boundary off the over and follows it up with a huge six. Towards the third man and Russell falls down rolling over as he slips. Russell has seemed to have taken a knock on his hamstring. Nitish Rana bowls the last ball to finish the over as Russell leaves the pitch and it’s not good news for KKR. 18 off the over and a brilliant one for KXIP. 

6:18 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 39/0, 3 overs,  Gayle – 13, Rahul – 25

Kings XI Punjab are off to a good start and Mavi into the attack with the third over for KKR. Starts off with a wide and single. Gayle goes over the extra cover and launches it straight over the ropes for a boundary. Mavi hits back at Gayle with a good ball which beats him. Gayle is looking for the big one but Mavi is not shying from bowling to his strengths. A thick inside edge but Gayle powers it hard to get a boundary, Gayle is settling down well and is getting into the groove. KL Rahul with a beautiful six to deep square leg to finish the over with 17 runs from it, good over for KXIP this one. 

6:11 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 22/0, 2 overs,  Gayle – 4, Rahul – 18

Andre Russell introduced in the attack by Dinesh Karthik. A boundary by KL Rahul to welcome him and followed it up with another good boundary. Eight runs already off the first two balls off the over. A single and Gayle is back on strike, he is yet to open his account. Through the gap, good foot movement and a boundary for Gayle gets him his first runs of the match. A dot 5th ball from Russell and this has so far been a good over for KXIP. A bouncer to finish the over with 13 runs off it. 

6:06 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab – 9/0, 1 over,   Gayle – 0, Rahul – 9

Shivam Mavi with the first over for Kolkata Knight Riders. A thick inside edge and Rahul is lucky the ball didn’t kiss the stumps. A boundary for KXIP to start off the proceedings. Another boundary from Rahul’s bat and this time he plays a brilliant shot, towards the third man and 4 runs to add. A single off the next ball from Rahul to bring Gayle on strike. A brilliant ball from Mavi to the big man, pitches of the off stumps and startles him. Another dot ball to finish the over. A good one from Mavi with 9 off it. 

6:00 PM IST: Chris Gayle and KL Rahul take the field for KXIP and will be rearing to give their team a good start against a big total here at the Eden Gardens. The umpires are also on the pitch and so are the KKR players. Expect a cracker of a contest. Can Gayle and Rahul put up another show here? 

5:55 PM IST: Credit to the Kings XI Punjab bowlers to have managed to keep the KKR lower order silent in the death overs. Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, and Ankit Rajpoot all did well in the last few overs. Chris Lynn was brilliant, his first half-century of the IPL 2018 and what a day to bring it. A 41-ball 74 will just be the kind of warm up, Lynn would have been looking for in the season. 191 is a good total to have at the Eden Garden any day and KXIP will expect its top order to make the chase easy with a good start. 

5:46 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 191/7, 20 overs  Gill – 14, Chawla  – 2

Andrew Tye with the final over for Kings XI Punjab. Starts off with a slower one and strikes on the next ball. Tom Curran caught. A wide off the next ball and a single to follow it up by new KKR batsman Piyush Chawla. Straight towards long off this time for a single for Piyush Chawla. Excellent over from Andrew Tye to restrict KKR well before 200. A brilliant finish from Tye as KKR fail to make it past 200. 

OUT! Tom Curran c Rajpoot b Andrew Tye 1(3)

Once again the trend of losing wickets at the end is haunting KKR and they are near still far from a good looking 200. Was pitched outside off by Tye and Curran went after playing straight into the hands of Ankit Rajpoot. 

5:41 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 186/6, 19 overs  Gill – 12, Curran – 1

Barinder Sran with the 19th over for the Kings XI Punjab. Dinesh Karthik starts off with a single and Gill does the same in his turn. Karthik had played it in the air but luckily the ball landed in a no man zone and the knuckleball did no harm to KKR. A single turned into two by Dinesh Karthik after an overthrow. 4 singles and a wide so far in this over from Sran with two balls remaining. A slog and gone. Karthik caught. Tom Curran is the new man in and a good over from Sran with just 6 off it. 

OUT! Karthik c Andrew Tye b Barinder 43(28) 

Sran strikes again, his second wicket of the day with Andrew Tye taking the catch. Good innings from Karthik and he has once again shown his leadership class playing a captain’s innings. 

5:35 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 180/5, 18 overs  Gill – 10, Karthik – 41

Dinesh Karthik starts off with a boundary off the first ball of the 18th over from Rajpoot. Goes fine again this time and gets another boundary, got some room outside off stump, placed it well angling the bat for a four to the third man. A slower one from Rajpoot with a single off it. Gill will get a few balls today if he can show his attacking prowess and get the most out of them. Two back to back wides from Rajpoot. A couple from Gill with the last ball still to be bowled. Good timing from Gill to get a boundary towards the sweeper cover region. 17 runs off the over and KKR now are only 20 short of 200. 

5:29 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 163/5, 17 overs  Gill – 4, Karthik – 32

Barinder Sran with the 17th over for the Kings XI Punjab. Good bowling from Sran with two singles off the first two balls. A full toss this time and Russell drives it powerfully for a boundary. A slower ball was too short and Russell gives it the right treatment. Had picked it well and slammed it towards the fine leg. OUT! Caught and Russell show comes to an end. Shubman Gill is the new man to walk in for KKR. And he starts with a boundary, a beautiful square cut and Gill is off the mark. 15 off the over and a good one for both the teams. 

OUT!  A Russell c Nair b Barinder 10(7)

A huge blow for KKR and a big dent in their 200 hopes. Full marks to Barinder Sran for sticking with the basics, a yorker which Russell didn’t time well and ended up giving another one to Karun Nair who took his third catch of the day. 

5:20 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 148/4, 16 overs   Russell – 1, Karthik – 31

Andrew Tye brought back into the attack by R Ashwin. Chris Lynn is not looking fully fit but he hasn’t let that come into his game, has played some marvelous shots. Edged and caught! Lynn walks back. Andre Russell is the new man in for KKR. Excellent over from Tye with just two runs off it and a wicket. He has finally got his first wicket of the day. 

OUT! Chris Lynn c Rahul b Andrew Tye 74(41) [4s-6 6s-4]

Chris Lynn walks back after playing a superb knock of 71 in just 41 balls which has put KKR in a comfortable position to target a big total from here. It was bowled wide off by Tye, Lynn went with the slog and ended up giving a comfortable catch to KL Rahul. 

5:15 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 146/3, 15 overs   Lynn- 74, Karthik – 30

R Ashwin with the 15th over for the Kings XI Punjab. KKR are in a good position in the match with their power hitter Andre Russell to come in, they would be looking for a potential 200 plus target. Ashwin starts off with a wide, a dot and a single to follow up. Lynn takes a single again off the next ball. A boundary from Lynn and it’s turning out to be a good one for KKR, 10 of it as Lynn takes 2 of the last ball. 

5:10 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 136/3, 14 overs   Lynn- 67, Karthik – 28

Mujeeb with the 14th over for KXIP and Dinesh Karthik welcomes him with a four towards the deep square leg. The boundaries are flowing now for KKR as Kings XI bowlers desperately look to break this partnership. Lynn and Karthik have added 49 off 25 so far. A couple to finish the over with 9 runs off it. Are we in for another century treat here? Lynn has been magnificent so far with the bat. 

5:05 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 127/3, 13 overs   Lynn- 64, Karthik – 22

Andrew Tye with the 13th over for the Kings XI Punjab. Karthik takes a single off the first ball. And bang Chris Lynn goes big and gets a huge six. That’s gone for a 103 meters, longest in the IPL 2018 with Andre Russell. A brilliant shot and a four to follow it up. 15 runs off the over as KKR move towards a mighty total with Lynn and Karthik taking on the KXIP bowlers. Andrew Tye has been smashed today. 

5:01 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 112/3, 12 overs   Lynn- 51, Karthik – 20

Yuvraj Singh introduced into the attack by R Ashwin. Cheek four from Karthik to start off the over and Yuvraj is not looking in sharp at all. Lynn goes after him this time and gets a boundary with a powerful shot. A couple to end the over and Chrys Lynn has completed his fifty. 4th IPL Fifty for the Australian. 13 off the over and a good one for KKR. 

4:57 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 99/3, 11 overs   Lynn- 44, Karthik – 14

R Ashwin with the 11th over for the Kings XI Punjab. A dot ball to start off with. Dinesh Karthik gets a boundary off the 2nd ball and gets another on the third. Special timing from Karthik and he is off to a good start, he is ensuring the momentum continues with Lynn firing from the other end. 13 from the over for Karthik as KKR move on to 99. 

4:52 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 86/3, 10 overs   Lynn- 40, Karthik – 1

Mujeeb Ur Rahman back into the attack and two singles for the Kolkata Knight Riders to start the over. And gone! Nitish Rana run out. Dinesh Karthik is the new man in for the Kolkata Knight Riders as they struggle at the Eden Gardens. A brilliant over from Mujeeb as he concedes just three and contributes in the wicket. 

OUT! Nitish Rana run out (Rajpoot/Rahul) 3(5)

Easy wicket for the Kings XI Punjab as Nitish Rana throws away his wicket, he cut that well and was looking at the ball despite having left the crease. L, on the other hand, and remained firm on his crease as Rahul quickly removed the bails. 

4:46 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 83/2, 9 overs   Lynn- 40, Rana – 2

Ravichandran Ashwin with the 9th over for the Kings XI Punjab. And he strikes on the first ball, Uthappa removed. Nitish Rana is the new man in and a good over from Ashwin as he finishes with just 5 of it with no boundaries. KKR still in a comfortable position and can target a big total from here. 

OUT! Uthappa c Nair b Ashwin 34(23)

Robin Uthappa dismissed as Karun Nair takes another good catch. Uthappa was going good and was looking in brilliant touch but he failed to make his innings a big one here. 

4:40 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 78/1, 8 overs   Lynn- 40, Uthappa – 34

Robin Uthappa welcomes Barinder Sran with a big six. A short ball and pulled away fine by the right-hander. A single on the next ball as Lynn takes strike. Another boundary and its Chris Lynn this time slaps it hard and the ball goes racing. And a huge SIX on the next ball, a 96-meter long hit as the KKR duo take on Sran. A slower one from the pacer to give nothing off the next ball. Another massive six into the crowd towards the deep square leg. 23 runs off the over and its a brilliant one for the Kolkata Knight Riders. 

4:35 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 55/1, 7 overs   Lynn- 24, Uthappa – 27

Ravichandran Ashwin, the Kings XI Punjab skipper will bowl the 7th over for his side. Two singles in the first two balls from Ashwin. Another single from Uthappa to follow it up. Both the KKR batsmen are currently going strong and are taking a calculated risk, going after only the poor deliveries. Just 5 runs off the over and Ashwin is off to a good start. 

4:32 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 50/1, 6 overs   Lynn- 22, Uthappa – 24

Andrew Tye with the 6th over for Kings XI Punjab and he starts off with a no ball. Not the start Tye was looking for but he manages to keep silent on the free hit delivery. Only a single from it. Three dot balls from Tye to follow it up. What a shot from Uthappa, picked the knuckleball well and placed it towards the short fine leg to get a boundary. A single to wrap up the over and KKR get 8 runs off it. 50 up for KKR at the end of the powerplay. 

4:27 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 42/1, 5 overs   Lynn- 21, Uthappa – 18

Barinder Sran introduced into the attack by R Ashwin and Lynn gets two off the first ball. A dot to follow it up by Sran, he has been good in the season so far and has bowled on a good line. Chris Lynn gets on top of the ball this time and smashes it for a four, it was a slower one from Sran and it has been given the right treatment. A bouncer from Sran which surprises Lynn as he completely misses. Another good ball, slightly slower on the off and Lynn misses again. A dot ball to finish the over with just 6 runs off it. 

4:22 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 36/1, 4 overs   Lynn- 15, Uthappa – 18

Mujeeb with the fourth over for KKR. A dot ball and Uthappa gets a boundary with a beautiful reverse sweep. Back to back two more boundaries one with a delectable sweep shot and another towards the fine leg. Pressure on Mujeeb now and he succumbs to it with a wide. 15 runs from it and KKR are now steadily racing up the run rate as they look to make full use of the powerplay. A poor over from Mujeeb. 

4:17 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 21/1, 3 overs   Lynn- 14, Uthappa – 5

Ankit Rajpoot brought back into the attack by Ashiwn, and Chris Gyle misses. It was a tough one, Uthappa gets a boundary with the thick edge. Three dot balls from Rajpoot to make a good comeback before Uthappa pulls a short delivery for a single. Chris Lynn bags the first SIX of the match and its a biggie from the Australian opener who sends it flying towards the deep square leg. 11 off it, a good over for KKR. 

4:12 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 10/1, 2 overs   Lynn- 8, Uthappa – 0

Mujeeb Ur Rahman introduced in the attack early by R Ashwin. Starts off with a single from Lynn. Narine gets on this one and he is caught, Karun Nair takes a brilliant catch. Chris Lynn slams a boundary off Mujjeb in the next ball as he seems to go unaffected in his business. Robin Uthappa is the new man in for KKR. 

OUT! Narine c Nair b Mujeeb 1(4)

Mujeeb Ur Rahman strikes in his first over and he has got a big wicket. Sunil Narine walks back for cheap. No Narine show today. Went for the slog but couldn’t middle it as Nair took a potential catch of the match. 

4:07 PM IST: Kolkata Knight Riders – 5/0, 1 over   Lynn- 3, Narine – 1

Ankit Rajpoot with the first over form Kings XI Punjab. He starts off well with a full-length delivery outside off. Single from Lynn to get the first runs on board. Sunil Narine and Lynn with two singles in the next two balls. Good start by Rajpoot he is bowling on the good length and Lynn misses completely. A single to finish the over and just 5 from it, a good one for KXIP. 

4:00 PM IST: A jam-packed Eden Garden roars as Chris Gayle rings the bell to announce the start of the match between two of the most consistent sides in the IPL this season. The Kings XI Punjab players are on the pitch and so are the umpires. Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn will open the innings for KKR. 

3:55 PM IST: Currently, the Chennai Super Kings with 6 points from just 4 games so far in the IPL 2018 sits on top of the points table due to highest run rate among the top 4 who share same points. This game between KKR and KXIP who are respectively placed 2nd and 4th in the points table will decide who takes the top spot.

3:53 PM IST: We are minutes away from the action here at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata where two of the debutant IPL captains will tussle against each other to prove their mettle over one another. While Ashwin apart from being a terrific leader has aggressively worked on his bowling, Karthik while remaining calm has been a superb leader for his side and has performed with the bat when called upon. 

3:50 PM IST: While there will be Chris Gayle to threaten the opposition on one side, Sunil Narine has been mysterious both with the bat and the ball and can be the difference for KKR. His lethal and ruthless batting on top of the order can prove to be destructive for KXIP. Gayle has been in stupendous form meanwhile, and if he gets going then KKR bowlers will have to find a shelter to hide soon. 

3:45 PM IST: As expected an unchanged playing XI from Dinesh Karthik who is playing smart and not tampering with the winning combination that is working well for him. On the other hand, Kings XI Punjab has once again made a change and this time in the bowling unit. Mohit Sharma who was solid against the Chennai Super Kings has been traded for another pacer in Ankit Rajpoot. On the Eden track, spinners will definitely play a big role for both the teams. 

3:40 PM IST: Playing XIs

Kings XI Punjab: Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Ankit Rajpoot, Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Kolkata Knight Riders: Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav

3: 35 PM IST: Kings XI Punjab have won the toss and opted to field first 

Karthik: We would’ve bowled first as well. Looks a good wicket and it will remain same. We have made no changes. It’s been a good start and it’s important we stay consistent.

Ashwin: We are going to bowl first. This is sort of a fortress for the KKR and we will try to restrict them to a decent total. We have got one change. Mohit Sharma goes out and Ankit Rajpoot comes in.


Kolkata Knight Riders – Sunil Narine, Chris Lynn, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi, Kuldeep Yadav, Mitchell Johnson, Ishank Jaggi, Prasidh Krishna, Vinay Kumar, Apoorv Wankhade, Rinku Singh, Cameron Delport, Javon Searles.

Kings XI Punjab – Lokesh Rahul(w), Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Aaron Finch, Yuvraj Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin(c), Andrew Tye, Barinder Sran, Mohit Sharma, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Axar Patel, David Miller, Marcus Stoinis, Ankit Rajpoot, Manoj Tiwary, Akshdeep Nath, Ben Dwarshuis, Pardeep Sahu, Mayank Dagar, Manzoor Dar.