Defending champions Mumbai Indians (MI) led by Rohit Sharma are hosting strong title contenders Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the 14th match of Indian Premier League (IPL) at the famous Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. With consecutive defeats in their first three encounters of IPL that to come in the nail-biting last overs, Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indian will be looking to turn things around for themselves against the Royal Challengers. Dwayne Bravo, Deepak Hooda and Jason Roy were the three names that became the difference makers for their respective teams and handed Mumbai Indian a hat-trick of defeats in the initial stages of the tournament.

Coming to the visitors, who will surely be looking to tamper Mumbai Indian’s title defense as much as they can this season, the Royal Challengers Bangalore kick-started their campaign against Kolkata Knight Riders and were decimated comprehensively thanks to some ruthless batting display from Sunil Naraine. With a single win and 2 defeats to their name, RCB will be looking to regain momentum just like their tonight’s opponent at Wankhede Stadium.

Here are the highlights from match 14th of IPL 2018 between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore:

11:52 PM: Mumbai Indians beat RCB by 46 runs

11:50 PM — Bumrah replaces Mustafizur: Four! Spectacular from Virat Kohli! He connects again with another massive SIX! Kohli moves into 92 and refuses a possible single on the second last ball. Hit on the thigh, that will do it for Mumbai Indians as they warp up their first win in style. A brave effort by RCB skipper Virat Kohli as he remains not out on 92 runs. Mumbai Indians have registered their first win with the triumphant result.  

11:45 PM — RCB 137-6, Kohli continues to roar at 80!  (19 overs gone) 

Mustafizur replaces Bumrah: What a hit! Virat Kohli clears the stands once again EFFORTLESSLY! Six for RCB captain as he quickly reaches to 78 of just 52 balls. Masterclass by Rohit Sharma in the first and now what we are seeing is absolute treat by Virat Kohli. Although Rohit missed out his first ton in IPL 2018, Kohli can still go for it with 2 overs remaining. SIX! Siraj gets into the groove although it’s too little too late for RCB now. Single by the skipper which means he will keep the strike in the last over. End of the over, an expensive one from Mustafizur, RCB are now 155-8 in 19 overs. 

11:37 PM — RCB 137-6, Kohli 71 still shining!  (18 overs gone) 

Bumrah replaces McClenaghan: OUT! First for Bumrah! Thes seamer gets his first wicket of the night. Wicket no 50 for the yorker specialist — Bumrah. Umesh Yadav is next to come as bat for RCB. Clumsy! Another swing by Umesh Yadav, another miss as Rohit Sharma collects it very well. Two in one over for Bumrah. RCB continue to tumble, scoreline reads 137-8 in 18 overs.   

11:35 PM — RCB 134-6, Kohli 69, Woakes 11 (17 overs gone) 

McClenaghan to Kohli: Six! Believe or not its a six of the front foot by the best player in the world—Virat Kohli. proper quality by the RCB skipper as he struck another monstrous six. Single on the other by King Kohli as Woakes get the strike. Single again Kohli back on strike. Feilding has been superb by the Mumbai outfit so far in this match. Pollard cut out superbly to save two runs. End of the over, the match has lost all its charm despite Kohli playing as another defeat is now envitable for RCB.    

11:28 PM — RCB 104-6, Kohli 51, Woakes 3 (15 overs gone) 

Pandya replaces Markande: Fifty for captain Kohli! Well played RCB skipper who registers another half-century for his side. Its about time for Mumbai Indians to register their first win in IPL 11 and tonight is the night folks. End of the over—Good one by Pandya, just 4 from it as RCB reaches 108 for 6 in 15 overs. 

11:22 PM — RCB 104-6, Kohli 49, Woakes 0 (14 overs gone)

Bumrah replaced by Markande: Kohli starts with a bang! Six on the first ball and a single after taking quick two on the third ball to give the strike to the young Sarfaraz. OUT! RCB are playing completely different gave, unlike Kohli. Its a swing and a miss for Sarfarz. First action for the new keeper as he knocks the bailout in no time. Sarfaraz departs for 5 which he made in 6 balls. Single taken by next Woakes as Markande records yet another impressive spell for the Mumbai Indians. End of the over, RCB are now 104-6 in 14 overs. 

11:15 PM — RCB 87-5, Kohli 38, S Khan 0 (13 overs gone)

Reserve wicket-keeper Aditya Tare has replaced the injured Kishan. Bumrah continues his spell and restarts his spell with a dot ball. End of the over RCB are struggling with Kohli still alive.   

11:08 PM — Bumrah gets back in the attack: Situation is tense in RCB dugout, although Kohli is still there on the crease but RCB are unlikely to pass the tough Mumbai Indians test at home. Bizzare scenes! Kishan takes an awkward bounce from the throw. The Mumbai Indians skipper was with his helmet is currently treated by doctors on the pitch. The play is suspended at the moment. Time for RCB to regroup themselves and Mumbai Indians players to get a breather. 

11:02 PM — Match winnings spells by Krunal! RCB 87-5, Kohli 38, S Khan 0 (12 overs gone)

Krunal Pandya to W Sundar: OUT! W Sundar departs as Pandya gets his third wicket. Brilliant by the spinners as Mumbai Indians are keen on taking out smaller fishes as Kohli continue to lose support. What a delivery by Krunal! Surely this guy is closer than he appears for Team India! End of the over, 2 runs and a wicket for Pandya. RCB are now 87-5 in 12 overs.  

10:58 PM — RCB 76-4, Kohli 33, Mandeep 13, Corey Anderson 0 (10 overs gone) 

Krunal replaces Markande: OUT! Wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan gathered the ball when as Mandeep Singh is well out of his crease. Singh departs for unlucky 13 as RCB lose their 3rd wicket. In comes Corey Anderson and there he goes! Gone for the big one but ended up in safe hands. Hattrick ball awaits for Washington Sundar. Smart bowling by Mumbai Indians spinners, they tucked up things up superbly for skipper Rohit Sharma. End of the over RCB are now 76-4 in 10 overs. 

10:52 PM — RCB 70-2, Kohli 33, Mandeep 13 (9 overs gone) 

Markande continues his impressive spell: Kohli has scored 4,559 runs in the Indian Premier League, and brilliant innings can make him the first player to score 5,000 runs. With the mission intact, Kohli takes a single and retains the strike. End of the over, RCB are 70-2 in 9 overs.  

10:50 PM — RCB 65-2, Kohli 31, Mandeep 11  (8 overs gone)

Krunal replaces Mustafizur: Run Out chance! Close call as Kohli gets on the receiving end and 3rd umpire prepares his verdict. Not Out given! Kohli continues with a single. Another economical over from Mumbai Indians. Kohli is still there to keep RCB hopes alive in this high-scoring game. End of the ower, RCB are now 65-2 in 8 overs.  

10:44 PM — RCB 59-2, Kohli 29, Mandeep 7  (7 overs gone)

Markande replaces Mustafizur: Two dot ball straight away as Kohli takes a single on the third ball. Single by Mandeep to retain the strike. Textbook stuff by Rohit Sharma, the Mumbai Indian skipper introduces Markande, who slowers the peaking run rate of RCB in no time.  

10:40 PM — RCB 55-2, Kohli 27, Mandeep 6 (6 overs gone)

Mustafizur replaces McClenaghan: FOUR! Kohli going steady at Wankhede. Good short again! Press through the covers by King Kohli, lovely shot as Mandeep Singh watches from bowler’s end. TAKE THAT KOHLI! Mustafizur brilliant cutter almost ended up in Mumbai’s favour. Good dot ball in the end. Single on the next ball as Mandeep takes over from here. Good use of the foot and end of the powerplay, RCB are now 55-2 in 6 overs. 

10:32 PM — McClenaghan takes 2!  RCB 44-2, Kohli 20, Kock out for 19,  Ab De Villiers out for 1 (5 overs gone)

McClenaghan replaces Mustafizur: BOWLED! McClenaghan has cleaned Kock up!  What a ‘wrippahh’ by the Aussie!  De Kock out for 19 (12) and up next is one the greats in modern games — Ab De Villiers. Single by Kohli followed by another single Kohli. McClenaghan gets the important breakthrough for the Mumbai Paltans. OUT! Caught in the deep, South Africa’s number one is out for 1! McClenaghan has turn things around for Mumbai Indians. End of the over, RCB are now 2 down with 41 runs put on board in 5 overs. 

10:25 PM — So far so good! RCB 40-0, Kohli 19, Kock 19 (4 overs gone)

Mustafizur introduced by Rohit Sharma as he replaces McClenaghan: De Kock smashes him for four! A resounding welcome in the high voltage match at Wankhede. Single on the next ball to put Kohli back on strike. Quick single on the next ball by Kohli. How good is that! De Kock has taken things in control, no slow ball on this occasion as the Proteas keeper follow through it superbly for a massive. Single after the boundary, end of the over as RCB reaches 40 without a loss in 4 overs. 

10:22 PM —  RCB 27-0, Kohli 18, Kock 7 (3 overs gone)

McClenaghan replaces Bumrah: Shouts for a catch against Kohli! Umpires says No. Review on the cards? Mumbai Indians contemplating. Kohli pulls the next delivery for a single, De Kock faces McClenaghan. Swing and a miss by the South African; Dot ball by McClenaghan. Decent over so far as the last one was smashed by Kohli out of the park. Superbly done by Kohli, another glorious drive for Four! End of the over RCB are now 27 for no loss after 3 overs.   

10:16 PM — RCB 20-0, Kohli 13, Kock 5 (2 overs gone)

Krunal replaces Bumrah: Boundary for the Proteas wicket-keeper, he starts the proceedings for RCB well in the second over. Single in the next to give Krunal a breather. Four again! no mercy by the skipper, he gets his second boundary of the over; nothing wrong with Krunal’s delivery. 13 from the over as RCB gets into double figures. Way to go Kohli. 

10:08 PM — RCB 7-0, Kohli 5, Kock 1 (1st overs gone)

Bumrah to Kohli: We’re back! Jasprit Bumrah is up against RCB talisman Virat Kohli. Bumrah starts with a dot, Kohli then takes a single to put De Kock on strike. Hits the leg but pitched outside the leg stump. Strong appeal denied in the end. Wide is next for Bumrah, is there too much due out there? Single in the end by Kock to get his captain back on strike. Strong bottom hand by the RCB skipper, this is economical from Bumrah, only three of it so far. Four! Even mid off was fine at the circle, Virat Kohli gets the better of the fielder with glorious yet signature shot—Four for him and 7 runs in the first over.   

Take a bow Rohit! Mumbai Indians 213-6, Rohit 94 (52),  Pandya 17* McClenaghan 0* (In 20 overs) 

9:52 PM — Straight down the ground! A brilliant boundary as Rohit reaches 84! Another one! Its a maximum by Rohit Sharma. He gets into the 90s and 200 comes up for the Mumbai Indians. Down the ground, another boundary for Rohit. Can he get a hundred and headline tomorrow’s newspapers? That’s what he is up to now. Rohit Sharam a six away for a spectacular hundred! OUT! Well played Rohit Sharma: 94 of just 52 balls. Last ball and its a wide, Hardik Pandya steals a run, double bonus for MI! Pandya does what he does the best — The Mumbai Indian all-rounder hammered the ball straight down the ground for a boundary. Another useful cameo by Pandya. Mumbai Indians gets past the 200 mark. End of the 20th over, Mumbai Indian have ended strongly. they have set a mamoth 214 target for Virat Kohli’s men at the Wankhede. 

9:45 PM — What Drama! Pollards departs for 5 as Mumbai Indians reach 192-5 in 19 overs

Woakes replaces Siraj in the 18th over: Woakes starts with a dot and then dismisses Pollard for five. Rohit Sharma gets back to strike. Out! Another for Woakes, Wankhade might’ve become a hub for golden ducks as Hardik Pandiya gets his marching orders. Although Mumbai Indians have taken a review, lets see what happens. What drama here? Hardik Pandya was given out already but after a review, things have changed drastically for RCB, decision overruled and Pandiya survives. Six! Pandya has struck a massive six after the controversial verdict. Another One! Up and over by Hardik Pandya! 13 of the over, Pandya has been brought back to life after a successful review by the Mumbai Indians. What an over for Mumbai India this has been. The hosts will definitely post above the 200-mark now thanks to Hardik Pandya’s two back to back six. End of the very controversial over, MI 192-5 in 19.  

9:38 PM — Mumbai Indians 166-4, Rohit 79,  Pollard 5 (18 overs gone)  

Siraj replaces Umesh in the 17th over: Siraj is introduced by Kohli to lower MI run rate. But it doesn’t matter! Siraj gets the same treatment, its a 95 metre six by Rohit Sharma. It has been a master class performance by the Mumbai Indians skipper. He is still at the crease with 79 in just 45 balls! Can Pollard join the party with the Hitman? Fine over in the end, just one bad ball that went for massive. Mumbai Indians are now 177-4 in 18 overs.  

9:32 PM — Mumbai Indians 166-4, Rohit 72, Pollard 1 (17 overs gone)  

Umesh replaces Anderson in 16th over: Four! Rohit Sharma is in no mood of slowing down at Wankhede! Good comeback by Umesh in the end, Rohit takes a single to put Pollard on strike. Pollard takes a single and is Rohit versus Umesh again. Wide! getting worse for Umesh and RCB. Pressure gets back to Yadav as Rohit smashes next hard, the fielder gets a hand to prevent from a possible boundary. 12 an over from here and Mumbai can get 200. 13 runs from the over and Mumbai Indians are 166-4 in 17 overs. 

9:22 PM — OUT! Pandya departs for 15! Mumbai Indias are 153-4 in 16 overs 

Anderson replaces Umesh in the 15th over: Boundary on the first ball by Rohit Sharma! The MI skipper smashed Cory Anderson, who replaced Umesh Yadav in the 15th over. Run out! Pandya departs for 15. Taking their chances as much as they can, the Mumbai Indians failed to steal this time. Dive was too late for Pandya. Disappointments in Mumbai Indians dugout as RCB gets another breakthrough. Next up his West Indian all-rounder Kier0n Pollard.    

9:16 PM — Mumbai Indians 143-3, Rohit 51, Pandya 15 (15 overs gone)  

Umesh replaces Anderson in the 14th over: Picked up beautifully by Rohit Sharma! The Team India opener and MI skipper smashed the ball at deep square leg stands. Another boundary to bring up his first fifty of the season! A job well done so far by the skipper—The Hitman bags first fifty in 34 balls. For Umesh, its slightly different from his first spell. Yadav closes the 14th over with a boundary by Pandya. End of the over, Umesh Yadav costly for the first time as Mumbai reach 143-3 in 15 overs. 

9:10 PM — Mumbai Indians 128-3, Rohit 40, Pandya 11 (14 overs gone) 

Chahal replaces Anderson in the 13th over: Free swings by Pandya as desperate times call desperate measures. He gets a biggie in the end, and then rotates the strike to put the skipper back in. Single for Sharma in the second last ball. Pandya swings again and it nearly carried. End of the over and its time for a strategic timeout.   

9:05 PM — Mumbai Indians 118-3, Rohit 38, Pandya 3 (13 overs gone) 

Siraj gets back in 12th over: Wow! good bowling by Siraj as bags a couple of dot balls to get RCB back in it after an all-important breakthrough in the last over. Dot dot and now a wide, strange indeed, Siraj wastes his next and Kohli is agitated again. In the end, he gets his next ball just fine as Krunal Pandya eats the 12th over completely. Pandya takes a single and will face the next over. With seven overs remaining Mumbai Indians 118-3.   

9:00 PM — Lewis out for 65 (42 balls ), Mumbai Indians reach 114-3 in 12 overs

Anderson to Lewis: Breakthrough for RCB! Cory Anderson does it for RCB as dangerous Lewis sends the West Indian back to the pavilion. Fine innings by Evin Lewis, a miss-timed shot as Quinton takes an easy catch. Next for the Mumbai Indians is Krunal Pandya.   

8:55 PM — Mumbai Indians 108-2, Rohit 32, Lewis 65 (11 overs gone) 

Chahal replaces Anderson: We are halfway through and Mumbai Indians have settled well. Back to back SIX! by Lewis, How many will he bag tonight, Mumbai Indians are going strength to strength now. Sensible batting by Lewis, after hitting two huge sixes, the West Indian puts back the skipper on strike for the last ball. End of the over as Rohit defense the last ball. Lewis looking unstoppable on 65 as Mumbai reaches 108-2 in 11 overs.     

8:50 PM —  Mumbai Indians 95-2, Rohit 32, Lewis 52 (10 overs gone) 
Corey Anderson replaces expensive Sundar: 
Anderson starts the spell with a dot but gets smashed by Rohit for a boundary. Pressure back on Cory Anderson. Rohit Sharma trikes Anderson again for another four; it’s raining boundaries for MI and Rohit now. The Mumbai Indian skipper is getting into the groove with Lewis. Quick single in the next one, calculated risk-taking by both of the batsmen. End of the over, Mumbai Indians are 95-2 in 10 overs.   

8:46 PM —  Impressive comeback by the hosts, Mumbai Indians are 85-2 in 9 overs  

Kohli introduces Chahal: Y Chahal gets the ball to bowl his first of the night. After a couple of singles, Chahal gets his first dot ball. Appeals for wide by batsmen but Chahal just gets it right. Fifty for Lewis! It’swell-earnedd half century for Lewis. End of the over, 9 from it, not a decent one from Chahal. Its 85-2 after 9 overs.    

8:40 PM — Mumbai Indians 76-2, Rohit 22, Lewis 43 (8 overs gone) 

W Sundar gets the bowl after 7 overs: Maximum for Rohit Sharma! brilliant six by the skipper as he registers his first six of the night. Everything he strikes is a boundary! Lewis gets back in for the last ball and its a boundary. Washington is expensive again. End of the 7th over, MI are 76-2 in 8 overs.  

8:36 PM — Mumbai Indians 63-2, Rohit 14, Lewis 38 (7 overs gone) 

Siraj takes charge: Siraj gets back in the bowling attack for RCB. Lewis takes a single to put Rohit back on strike. The skipper has scored 13 in 12 runs. Dot for Siraj after Rohit takes another single, sensible batting by both MI batsman so far. Brilliant by Virat Kohli as crowd cheers Team India skipper’s emphatic fielding, RCB skipper saves a possible boundary with this.  

8:32 PM — Mumbai Indians 60-2, Rohit 12, Lewis 37 (6 overs gone) 

Lewis took a single on last ball to face Woakes in the start of the 5th over. Four! Lewis starts with a boundary and is eager to reach his fifty. Woakes was expensive last time around but has recovered well in this one. End of the fifth over, Mumbai Indians are 60/2 courtesy of Evin Lewis.    

8:28 PM — Mumbai Indians 56-2, Rohit 12, Lewis 33 (5 overs gone)

8:26 PM — Four! Lovely stroke by Lewis, he is the man in form for Mumbai Indians! 

8:24 PM — SIX! Welcome to the bowling attack Siraj. Lewis has hit a massive six! Mumbai Indias have started to hustle in this powerplay. So far he has scored 28 runs in 15 balls with two biggies and three boundaries. Good comeback by Siraj after being smashed for a six on the first ball. He bowls his fourth ball a yorker. 

8:22 PM — Sundar expensive for RCB! Mumbai Indians 40-2, Rohit 12, Lewis 22 (End of 4th over) 

Back to back boundaries for Lewis! Up next taking the white ball is Washington Sundar. Rohit immediately dispatches the spinner’s third ball for a boundary. In pressure, Sundar balls a wide that has gone for a boundary! Lewis dispatches Sundar for another one!   

8:17 PM — Mumbai Indians 21-2, Rohit 7, Lewis 13 (End of 3rd over) 

Still lot of batting to come for the Mumbai Indians despite losing out Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav cheaply. Its end of the 3rd over MI are 21-2 as Rohit and Lewis hold things up for the defending champions. 

8:14 PM — Yadav to Lewis: Umesh Yadav continues his spell and concedes a boundary in the second ball. Lewis bringing MI back in the tie with a couple of boundaries. Can Rohit and Lewis truck a memorable partnership for the hosts? 

8:11 PM — Mumbai Indians 14-2, Rohit 6, Lewis 8 (End of 2nd over) 

Rohit Sharma smashes Woakes with a boundary and then rotates strike to put Lewis in. A six and eleven runs already in this over. 12 from the over in total, MI are 14 -2.

8:02 PM — Mumbai Indians 2-2, Rohit 0, Lewis 1 (End of first over) 

Could’ve asked for anything more from Umesh Yadav? I don’t think so, Its a sensational start by the fast bowler. Two wickets with gut-wrenching deliveries Yadav sets RCB’s intentions straight. Mumbai Indians are struggling within the very first over.  

Rohit survives hattrick ball! Mumbai Indians open their account with Rohit Sharma with a single. 

7:54 PM — BOWLED! Another one for Yadav! Ishan Kishan departs just like Kumar! Two in tow for Umesh Yadav. He’s on a hat-trick now. 

7:52 PM — BOWLED! Golden duck for Kumar, he departs on the very first ball, in search of good start in the IPL? Have Yadav on speed dial! Impressive start for the Indian seamer. MI-0-1  

7:50 PM —  It’s game time folks! Both teams are boosted with possible match winners in their squad.  Who will end on the winning side at Wankhede? Will it be Rohit, McClenaghan, Markande? or nemesis Kohli, Chahal, Anderson? Stay tuned first ball coming to you next! 

7:45 PM — RCB’s Umesh Yadav went for staggering 59 in four overs last time around. Although has been a pivotal bowler in the Indian Premier League, but for the moment he needs to tweak up his line and length just a little bit. Let’s take a look at the squads for both of the teams. 

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Quinton de Kock, Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Corey Anderson, Sarfaraz Khan, Washington Sundar, Chris Woakes, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Mohammed Siraj

Mumbai Indians: Suryakumar Yadav, Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan, Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Hardik Pandya, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman 

7:42 PM — Here’s the head to head record between Mumbai Indians and RCB: Out of the 22 games played between the two sides, MI have emerged victorious on 13 occasions while RCB has managed to win 8 just games against the tonight’s hosts. MI have been known as slow starters in the IPL but it is time they shrug it off before it is too little too late. Read the match preview here: Winless Mumbai Indians aim for turnaround against Kohli’s RCB at Wankhede

7:30 PMRCB wins toss! opts to bowl first against MI: The visitors have won the toss and will be bowling first at the promising Wankhede pitch. The hosts have made a single change in the form of Akila Dananjaya who is replaced with Mitchell McClenaghan. Kohli’s RCB have made three changes against MI, Sarfaraz Khan, Mohammed Siraj, Corey Anderson are in for the Challenmegrs as Pawan Negi, Kulwant Khejroliya and Brendon McCullum will be making out for them. 

7:00 PM — Hello and welcome to NewsX’s coverage of the 14th match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018 between Mumbai Indians (MI) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).