After pocketing their first win in the 11th edition of over the mighty Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the monumental Wankhede stadium, Mumbai Indians (MI) will travel to Jaipur to face Rajasthan Royals (RR) on a super Sunday for matchday 21 of IPL at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium. In their title defence, Rohit Sharma’s men have ended up losing most of the matches in the initial stages of the tournament. While the Mumbai Indians started slow with back to back defeats, their opponents and tonight’s hosts Rajasthan Royals have a different story so far this season in the IPL.

Rajasthan Royals led by skipper Ajinkya Rahane bagged two wins in the first three games then witnessed back to back defeats from Kolkata Knight Riders at home followed by Chennai Super Kings’s first win in their new Pune home. Rajasthan were inspired by some brilliant batting by Samju Samson, who decimated the RCB bowlers. Although Sanju failed to repeat his masterclass against Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings as the youngster registered low scores in both of the two games. 

Here are the highlights from the IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians from the
Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur: 

11:50 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals beat Mumbai Indians by 3 wickets  

Hardik gets the last over: OUT! Straight up high and taken by Pandya, Archer departs on the first ball. RR now need 10 in the last 5 balls. Unadkat the next man in. Sensible batting from Unadkat, he gets a boundary on the first ball. Much needed boundary for RR, they only need 6 now on 4 balls. Dot ball! Right in the blockhole by Pandya. No run taken by Unadkat. GAME OVER!! ITS A MASSIVE SIX BY  Unadkat. What a hit! Pandya disappeared by Unadkat. Rajasthan Royals beat Mumbai Indians by 3 wickets. 

11:40 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 158/6, after 19 overs,  

Bumrah to Archer: FOUR! A welcome boundary for Rajasthan Royals. FREE hit! Good recovery by Bumrah but excellent running from Rajasthan Royals batsmen. FOUR! Another boundary! Oh boy Gowtham is on a roll now. Back to back boundaries and now a dot ball from Bumrah. Gowtham strikes it hard, finds the gap for another boundary. End of the over RR now need 10 from the last over.    

11:34 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 139/5, after 18 overs,  

Mustafizur replaces Bumrah: GOT’EM! What a turn around by Mumbai Indians. Cutters are untouchables here for Royals as Klaasen departs. NO BALL! FREE hit to RR.Well connected by Archer but Pollard takes it, just a single in the end. Up in the air but safe! Clever bowling by Mustafizur as he keeps on enticing the tailenders. HIT WELL! Gowtham gets a maximum out nowhere! Huge six by him as Rajasthan tailenders are showing their courage to shift the momentum. Edged and fine, guess what its four more Royals. They are not out of it yet. 15 of the over, RR are now 140-6 in 18 overs.    

11:30 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 124/5, after 17 overs, Samson out for 52, Bumrah takes 2 

Bumrah replaces Pandya: SLOW delivery and safely taken! Samson departs and its game on now! The dangerous Sanju Samson, who was striking the ball with god’s speed has to go. Mumbai are now on the brink of a comeback. Klaasen is the next man in for Rajasthan. BOWLED! WHATTA  a delivery! a peach of a delivery by Jasprit Bumrah. Mumbai Indians are right back in this. Butler departs for 6, RR are now 125-5 in 16 overs.  Archer did very good with the ball can he shine with the bat as well? Hattrick ball is well negotiated by Archer.  Magnificant by Bumrah, what an over almost nothing from it. End of the over, RR are now 125-5 in 17 overs. 

11:26 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 124/3, after 16 overs, Samson 52 Butller4 

Pandya replaced by Krunal: WELL PLAYED SAMSON! The youngster brings up his half-century as RR reach inch closer to their target. Tiedy over and an overall good spell from Krunal Pandya. RR are now 124-3 in 16 overs. the hosts only need 44 from the last 24 balls.  

11:19 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 118/3, after 14 overs, Samson 43 Stoke out for 40

Pandya replaces Mustafizur:  BOWLED! Hardik to Mumbai rescue as he removes Ben Stoake for 40. Trying to flick the ball with a leg glance, Stoke missed his stroke completely. Well needed breakthrough from Mumbai as Rajasthan replaces one Englishman from another one. Butler is the next man in. WOW! WHAT A SHOT, Samson means business and he is here to settle the score. With the boundary, he dethrones Virat Kohli to become the new Orange Cap holder. Sloppy through as Samson completes another double, good cricket by Kerala youngster. 5 overs to go and RR now need 50 of 30 balls as we head to another Strategic Timeout.  

11:10 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 110/3, after 14 overs, Samson 43 Stoke 40

Mustafizur replaces Bumrah: FOUR! Smashed away by Stoke after taking a double on the first ball. RR now need 60 runs of 39 balls. 9 runs from it as RR reach 110-3 after 14 overs

11:05 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 101/2, after 13 overs, Samson 42 Stoke 32

Bumrah replaces Krunal: Back to back single from Stokes and Samson. While Rohit Sharma is in search of a wicket, Stokes and Samson are dealing with singles and doubles and are taking calculated risks. End of the over, so far Bumrah has been economical as he leaked 9 runs in 2 overs. RR are now 101-2 in 13 overs. 

11:02 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 96/2, after 12 overs, Samson 39 Stoke 30

Krunal replaces McClenaghan: 2 wide and 2 double from Stokes as he takes a single to put Samson on strike. Sanju quickly get Stokes moving as he steals a double on the second last ball. Quick running again by the two as they bag 10 runs from this over. End of the over, RR are 96-2 in 12 overs. 

10:58 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 86/2, after 11 overs, Samson 32 Stoke 29

McClenaghan replaces Hardik Pandya: Single on the first ball by Stokes. Samson did the same on the second ball as both batsmen continue to rotate strikes. Good delivery by the Kiwi pacer. Key is to pick singles and doubles—Stokes and Samson are doing just that as they ease off the pressure from Rajasthan dugout. What was that! Way too much slow from McClenaghan as Stoke had to wait for eternity to smack the ball for a six! Brilliant from Stoke as he smashes the last ball for FOUR! End of the over, its an expensive one from McClenaghan. RR are now 86-2 in 11 overs.         

10:52 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 70/2, after 10 overs, Samson 29 Stoke 16

Rohit Sharma introduces Hardik Pandya into the attack: Three singles in a row for Rajasthan Royals as Stoke and Samson are stroking the ball in style. Another single by Stoke puts the Kerala batter on strike again. WIDE! from Pandya as he continues to struggle in his first over. Sanju glanced the next ball for another single to let Stoke play the last ball of Pandya’s first over. Single in the end by Stokes as retains the strike. RR are now 70-2 in 10 overs. 

10:46 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 63/2, after 9 overs, Samson 26 Stoke 13

Markande replaces Mustafizur: Stokes is equalling acting like a pillar for Royals and is easing the pressure of Samson with his quick 1s and 2s. Markande bowls a dot ball dot and gives a single on the last ball to complete his over. End of the over, only 5 from it as Royals reach 63-2 in 9 overs.  

10:39 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 58/2, after 8 overs, Samson 24 Stoke 10

Mustafizur replaces McClenaghan: Review wasted by Mumbai Indians. Series of single to end the over. 5 from it as Rajasthan Royals reach 58 for 2 in 8 overs. Up next is the stategic timeout.  

10:33 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 53/2, after 7 overs, Samson 18 Stoke 14

McClenaghan replaced by Markande: Boundary for Samson, he’s the man Mumbai Indians should watch out for. Quick double and singles by Stokes and Samson as RR gets 6 more runs from Markande’s first over. RR are now 53-2 in 7 overs. 

10:30 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 43/2, after 6 overs, Samson 18 Rahane out for 14

Krunal replaced by McClenaghan: Good running from Samson and Rahane. They get another run as direct hit comes with a bonus.  RR are moving with an above 7.0 run rate. Dot ball by McClenaghan as he continues to tease Rahane with his cutters. Shot and OUT! Rahane departs as McClenaghan removes the skipper. Match tilted in Mumbai Indians’ favour as McClenaghan takes his second of the night. Next batsman in for RR is Ben Stokes. FOUR! Samson leads RR attack as he closes McClenaghan spell with a boundary. End of the over RR are now 43-2 in 6 overs. 

 10:25 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 36/1, after 5 overs, Samson 14 Rahane 12

Krunal replaces Mustafizur: After 4 dot balls, Rahane has smashed Krunal for a boundary. The Rajasthan Royals skipper is such a sweet timer of the ball. End of the over 9 runs from it as RR reach 36-1 in 5 overs. 

10:20 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 30/1, after 4 overs, Samson 14 Rahane 10

Mustafizur replaces Krunal: Starts with a dot ball. Pitched wide and punished by Samson, FOUR runs for Samson again. Good first over from  Mustafizur as he gives just 6 runs. RR are now 27/1 after 4 overs. 

10:15 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 21/1, after 3 overs, Tripathi out for 9 Rahane 3

Krunal replaces Bumrah: OUT! Trying to chip it over Rahul Tripathi gives away his wicket as RR lose their first. Impressive start by Krunal as he gets the important breakthrough. Next batsman is the pride of Rajasthan—Sanju Samson. Sanju starts with a strong bottom hand,  a dot ball in the end. Good stroke by Sanju on the next ball as he gets a boundary. End of the over, RR are now 21-1 in 3 overs.    

10:10 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 13/0, after 2 overs, Tripathi  9 Rahane 3

Bumrah replaces McClenaghan: Single on the first ball as Rahane gets back on strike. The skipper finds the gap along with the fielder for a single. Good first over by Bumrah as the Rajasthan Royals only managed to scalp four runs from it. End of the over, RR are now 13 without a loss.  

10:05 PM IST — Rajasthan Royals – 9/0, after 1st over, Tripathi  7 Rahane 0

McClenaghan to Rahul Tripathi: Decent first 2 balls from McClenaghan as he leaks just a single run from it. FOUR! First boundary for RR as Tripathi puts runs for the hosts. WIDE from McClenaghan. Quick double by Rahul, followed by a single which will keep him on strike. End of the over, RR are now 9-0 loss in 1st over. 

09:47 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 153/4, in 19 overs,  Krunal  7 Pollard 6

Ben Stokes bowls last over: Dot ball, right in the blockhole. IN THE AIR but safe, Pollard takes two as he retains strike. Swung and a miss by Pollard!. NO BALL by Ben Stokes. FREE HIT FOR POLLARD, can he connect? Yes he can! brilliant yorker but Pollard finds the gap to get four more runs. Valiant effort by Gawtham though. Two more balls to go as Mumbai reach 166-7. Straight to the fielder but Pollard refuses to take a single to face the last ball. A two from it, Mumbai Indians have set a target of 168 in 20 overs.   

09:42 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 158/7, in 19 overs,  Markande 0 Pollard 13

Archer replaces Unadkat: OUT! Krunal  Departs for 7. TAKE tHAT! Hardik Pandya smashes Archer straight! Boundary by Pandya. Umpire Tucker just survive an instant blow from Pandya. BOWLED! Archer Cleaned him up! emphatic reply by the bowler as Pandya departs for 4. Bowled! Whatta debut from Archer! McClenaghan witnesses similar result. He departs without troubling the scoreline. Markande the next man in and he will face the hat-trick ball from speed merchant Archer. Survives! dot ball in the end as Pollard refuses to take a single. 

09:36 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 153/4, in 18 overs,  Krunal  7 Pollard 6

Unadkat replaced by Archer: Pollard hammered Unadkat for a maximum! Four, single and a might six now! Pollard then takes a single to put Krunal on strike. End of the over, Mumbai Indians are now 153 for 4 in 18 overs.   

09:29 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 144/4,  in 17 overs,  Rohit Sharma Out for 0 Pollard 6

Archer replaced by Unadkat : Brilliant over by Archer, Mumbai Indians only managed to score 9 from it. End of the over MI 144/4 in 17. 

09:22 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 135/1,  in 16 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav out for 72 Pollard 2

Unadkat replaces Kulkarni: UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Back to back catches for keeper Butler as danger man Suryakumar departs for 72. Mumbai Indians are now 135-3. Two new batsman in the crease—Rohit Sharma who was rampant against RCB last time at Wankhede. Pollard — who needs no introduction. MIX UP! OUT! Rohit Sharma departs without troubling the scores. 

09:18 PM IST — Mumbai Indians –  134/1, in 15 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav 71 Ishan Kishan out for 58

Kulkarni introduced by Ajinkya again: OUT! Buttler takes the catch, a much-wanted breakthrough for Rajasthan Royals as Ishan Kishan departs for 58. Hitman Rohit Sharma to join well set Suryakumar at crease next.Expecting Rohit Sharma? No says the coach as Pollard joins Suryakumar for rest of the overs.  Pollard strikes the ball but only to get a single as Suryakumar gets back on strike. Suryakumar misses it but is rescued by the umpire as he calls for a wide. Full toss but staright to long on, 6 from the over Mumbai Indians are now 134-2 in 15 overs.  

09:15 PM IST — Mumbai Indians –  129/1,  in 14 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav 69 Ishan Kishan 58

Unadkat replaces Gowtham: Decent over by Unadkat so far, Royals have been disappointing in the field so far. Clumsy on the last ball as well. End of the over Mumbai Indians are now 129-1 in 14 overs. 

09:05 PM IST — Mumbai Indians –  121/1,  in 13 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav 69 Ishan Kishan 50

Archer replaces Gowtham: FULL TOSS AND DISPATCHED! Four for Ishan Kishan as he gets close to his half-century. A single on the next ball to give Suryakumar back on strike. Cheeky and smart by Suryakumar as he flicks the ball over to third man, not that fine but textbook stuff by Suryakumar. He gets a single to take his score tally to 69. A single by Kishan, he moves completes his half-century. Kishan get his fifty in 35 balls.  Dot on the last ball, end of the over Mumbai Indians are cruising now as scoreline reads 121 for 1 in 13 overs. 

09:00 PM IST — Mumbai Indians –  112/1,  in 12 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav 66 Ishan Kishan 44

Gowtham replaces Stokes: Gowtham gets back into the attack after he dropped a sitter. Dot, single and another single, that’s has been the story so far Gowtham. Kishan finds to gap again to put Suryakumar back on strike. He does the same as Ishan faces the last ball. Reverse sweep but not that effective as gets a single. End of the over,  Mumbai Indians are now 112-1 in 12 overs. 

08:55 PM IST — Mumbai Indians –  104/1,  in 11 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav 60 Ishan Kishan 42

Ben Stokes replaces Gopal: FOUR! good stroke by Suryakumar he is in good form. Dropped! He mistimed this one but gets a lifeline in the end. Ben Stokes absolutely livid with the fielder. Gowtham is the one to blame. Partnership reaches 100 now. Mumbai are in commanding position thanks to Suryakumar Yadav 60 Ishan Kishan 44. Runs all around on the ground from Suryakumar. Terrific batting so far from the Mumbai Indian opener. Good running in the end as Suryakumar and Ishan snatch a quick double. End of the over, 104-1 in 11 overs.  

08:48 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 93/1,  in 10 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  51 Ishan Kishan 40

Gopal replaces Stokes: Back to back boundaries for Mumbai Indians. Suryakumar gets a well-deserved fifty. Yadav has dominated the proceedings so far tonight and he will be looking to end the Mumbai Indians innings by himself. Single on the next ball after reaching a half-century. SIX! Another maximum, this time by Ishan. 18 from this over, Mumbai Indians are now 93-1 in 10 overs. 

08:43 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 75/1,  in 9 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  44 Ishan Kishan 28

Ben Stokes replaces Gopal: SIX! Kishan on fire as he smashes the new baller for another maximum. Both batsmen are only dealing with sixes so far. End of the over. Stokes recovers well as Mumbai reaches 75 in 9 overs. 

08:38 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 64/1,  in 8 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  41 Ishan Kishan 21

Shreyash Gopal replaces Gowtham: The most economical bowler so far in IPL—Shreyash Gopal has been introduced by skipper Ajinkya Rahane. Single, double and a wide! so far from Gopal in his first spell. Good shot by not a valiant effort! Should’ve stopped: Four runs for Mumbai Indians in courtesy of Archer. Single on the next ball by Suryakumar to put Ishan on strike. Single by the wicket-keeper batsman on the second last ball. Straight to the fielder as Suryakumar retains strike. End of the over and also time for a strategic timeout. Mumbai Indians are now 52-1 in 8 overs. 

08:34 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 43/1,  in 7 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  34 Ishan Kishan 17

Gowtham gets back into the attack, replaces Unadkat: Single, double and single, the story so far in this over from Gowtham. Kishan flicks in into the gap for another single. Suryakumar misses theconventionall sweep, strong appeal but deined by the umpire. Suryakumar connects this time, almost a zerox of the previous shot—This time its a boundary. End of the over Mumbai Indians are now 52-1 in 7 overs. 

08:30 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 43/1,  in 6 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  27 Ishan Kishan 15

Unadkat replaces Kulkarni: FOUR! great shot bySuryakumar as he quickly rotates the strike after smacking Unadkat on the first ball. Unadkat third ball is a dot. Single on the fourth ball by Ishan. This is turning out be a good batting performance from both Suryakumar Yadav  (27) and Ishan Kishan (15). End of the over, ordinary stuff from Unadkat in his first over. Mumbai Indians are now 43-1 in 6 overs.  

08:23 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 35/1,  in 5 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  21 Ishan Kishan 13

Kulkarni replaces Archer: Dot on the first ball. SIX! A massive hit by Ishan Kishan, great contact and superb follow through by the Indian. Maximum points in the end as the ball disappears for a six. Kishan sliced the next one for a single to put Suryakumar back on strike. Stylish Suryakumar smacks Kulkarni hard for a nother biggie! Huge six with just a simple yet elegant flick. Another boundary by Kishan on the last ball, Mumbai Indians are picking up speed now. End of the over Mumbai Indians are 35-1 in 5 overs.  

08:19 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 11/1,  in 4 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  14 Ishan Kishan 2

Archer introduced by Rahane: The Sussex bowler has replaced Gowtham. A single and leg bye in his first two balls. Archer is cranking it up with speed of 148km/h for the Mumbai batsman. Beaten away on the next ball, too much bounce causing trouble for Yadav now. Flicked away nicely by Suryakumar Yadav, that will be four. So a welcome boundary after three freaky delivery by Archur. Dot on the last ball. Six from the over Mumbai Indians are 17-1 in 4 overs.  

08:15 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 11/1,  in 3 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  10 Ishan Kishan 1

Kulkarni replaces Gowtham: SIX! Straight down the ground goes Suryakumar Yadav to smash Kulkarni for the first maximum. Mumbai to pick up the pace in this over. Single after the boundary from Yadav. Kishan with a strong defensive stroke on the next ball.  He pulls the next ball! just short for the fielder, back to back dots from Kulkarni. Strong glance but no run again, good recovery by Kulkarni after going for a six on the first ball. Another dot, only 7 from it in the end. 3 overs gone,  Mumbai Indians are 11-1 in 3 overs. 

08:10 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 4/1,  in 2 overs,  Suryakumar Yadav  3  Ishan Kishan 1

Gowtham replaces Kulkarni: back to back single by Mumbai Indians, Gowtham finishes well, gives only three runs in the second over as Mumbai Indian reach 4-1 in 2 overs. Kulkarni likely to continue. 

08:05 PM IST — Mumbai Indians – 1/1,  in 1 overs, Lewis out for a duck,  Suryakumar Yadav  0 

Dhawan Kulkarni to Lewis: BOWLED! POOR START for Mumbai Indian! Dhawan Kulkarni cleans the in-form Evin Lewis! Kulkarni strikes for the hosts on his fourth ball, emphatic start by Rajasthan Royals. Mumbai are 1 down in the first four balls. Kishan is the next man in for the defending champions. Kulkarni starts with a wicket. End of the over MI are 1/1 after the first over.   

07:58 PM IST — We are about to start ladies and gentlemen, Mumbai Indians’ opening pair of Evin Lewis and Suryakumar Yadav have arrived to open for the defending champions. For Rajasthan its. Dhawan Kulkarni to bowl the first over here at Sawai Mansingh Stadium. 

07:30 PM IST — Mumbai Indians have won the toss and they have opted to bat first against Rajasthan Royals. 

Lets’ take a look at how Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians are lining up against each other tonight  

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane(c), Heinrich Klaasen, Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Rahul Tripathi, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jofra Archer, Dhawal Kulkarni, Shreyas Gopal, Jaydev Unadkat

Mumbai Indians: Suryakumar Yadav, Evin Lewis, Ishan Kishan(w), Rohit Sharma(c), Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Mitchell McClenaghan, Mayank Markande, Jasprit Bumrah, Mustafizur Rahman