Sanju Samson’s mighty efforts didn’t go waste as the Rajasthan Royals bowlers ensured that the Royal Challengers Bangalore didn’t reach the target in 20 overs. Washington Sundar and Mandeep Singh made all the efforts that they could have to pull things back but with 36 required off the last over, RCB fell short by 19 runs. At the halfway mark, with Kohli looking in beast of a form, RCB were very much in it but they lost the plot as the match progressed and the quick wickets pushed them out of the game. 

Highlights from the IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals from the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru: 

Rajasthan Royals have defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 19 runs 

7:35 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 182/6, 19 overs,  Woakes – 0, Mandeep – 31

With 36 required off last ball, RCB lost in on the very first ball of the last over from Laughlin. But Mandeep still hasn’t given with three straight fours to bring it down to 22 off 2. Mandeep Singh has been phenomenal today but just couldn’t do enough to get his team past that huge total posted by RR. Misses the last ball completely and Rajasthan Royals have won it by 19 runs. 

7:30 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 182/6, 19 overs,  Woakes – 0, Mandeep – 31

Ben Stokes welcomed with a four and a six by Washington Sundar. The Tamil Nadu all-rounder is now showing his abilities with the bat. But not for long as Ben Stokes cleans him up. Woakes is the new man in with 36 required of last 6 balls. 

OUT! Sundar cleaned up! Washington Sundar b Stokes 35(19) 

Washington Sundar wanted to play it over the stumps towards the third man but the low full toss kissed the stumps after his bat. The idea was good but the implementation wasn’t. Stokes has calmed things down for Rajasthan Royals. 

7:25 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 170/5, 18 overs,  Sundar – 23, Mandeep – 31

Ben Laughlin concedes a six with the Royal Challengers Bangalore taking 13 runs from that over. 48 runs required of 12 balls and this game is going into the last over with a lot left. Can Washington Sundar and Mandeep Singh make it through from here? Not impossible. 

7:20 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 157/5, 17 overs,  Sundar – 13, Mandeep – 28

The asking rate is racing upwards but Mandeep Singh and Washington Sundar are making all the efforts to get to the mark. First 4 balls from Jaydev Unadkat – a six from Sundar and two boundaries with solid timing and placement from Mandeep Singh who has looked in great touch in IPL 2018. Same shot one again by Mandeep but this time Gowtham cuts it off. 17 runs off the over with RCB needing 61 of 18 balls. 

7:15 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 140/5, 16 overs,  Sundar – 6, Mandeep – 18

Ben Stokes with another cheap over for the Rajasthan Royals as they look set to claim the match with RCB needing 78 runs from the last 4 overs. Washington Sundar and Mandeep Singh had no anwsers to Stokes’ variations. The all-rounder after impressing with the bat has come out to haunt RCB with the ball. 

7:10 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 134/5, 15 overs,  Sundar – 2, Mandeep – 18

Mandeep Singh gets a boundary off Laughlin but the over in Rajasthan Royals’ favour with just 8 runs off it and a wicket. RCB need to up their ante to remain in the chase but they don’t have the kind of players who could lead this chase and match up the required rate from here. 

OUT! Negi c Buttler b Laughlin 3(4)

The off cutter has got Negi, Ben Laughlin sends him back for cheap picking his first wicket of the day. Mandeep will have to stand there now to get RCB close to the target. Washington Sundar walks in to bat for RCB. 

7:01 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 126/4, 14 overs,  Negi – 3, Mandeep – 13

With 92 required off 36 now, Pawan Negi and Mandeep Singh cannot afford to lose the ground and go for the big ones as early as possible. The chase has been destructed here by quick wickets and RR are back in it once again. 10 runs off the over from Gowtham with Mandeep getting a six. 

6:56 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 116/3, 13 overs,  Negi – 1, Mandeep – 5

Brilliant over from Gopal with just 2 runs off it and a wicket of the mighty AB de Villiers before he could have done the damage. Pawan Negi and Mandeep Singh will have to bat it down till the 15th over at least and get RCB as close to the target as they can. 

OUT! de Villiers c Unadkat b Shreyas Gopal 20(18)

Ab de Villiers walks back as Jaydev Unadkat takes a brilliant catch. Shreyas Gopal has finally got his man with his first wicket of the day. Important wicket that one for the Rajasthan Royals. 

6:56 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 114/3, 12 overs,  de Villiers – 20, Mandeep – 4

Good one for RCB with 9 runs off it. de Villiers caryying the onus of the chase after Kohli’s departure. Mandeep SIngh is also settling down and will have to partner whoevr he finds on the other end right till the end to ensure RCB get over the target. 

6:52 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 105/3, 11 overs,  de Villiers – 13, Mandeep – 2

Mandeep Singh has joined de Villiers in the middle after the end of Virat Kohli show. Just 5 runs off the over, a good one for the Rajasthan Royals with a crucial wicket. Can this be the comeback moment for the Rajasthan Royals?  Still long way to go for both the teams. 

OUT! Kohli gone! Kohli c D Arcy Short b Shreyas Gopal 57(30) 

D Arcy Short has done the trick with a half tracker which Kohli pulled it but not with all the force and Gopal made no mistakes with a brilliant catch. Short has got the big fish. 

6:48 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 100/2, 10 overs,  de Villiers – 10, Kohli – 57

Buttler misses another golden opportunity to hand a big blow to RCB by missing a chance to run out Kohli. BeLaughlinin and Rahane couldn’t believe Buttler failed to collect it. de Villiers smacks a six of the 5th ball with just one hand. 100 up for RCB in the first 10 overs. Brilliant chase this one is turning out to be. 

6:44 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 91/2, 9 overs,  de Villiers – 2, Kohli – 56

Shreyas Gopal had bowled a good over with just 4 runs off it from the first 5 balls, Buttler also missed out on a close stumping chance but Virat Kohli ended the over with a mighty blow into the crowd. 31st IPL fifty for the RCB skipper and he has brought it up on a day when it was needed from him. 

6:40 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 81/2, 8 overs,  de Kock – 26, Kohli – 49

D Arcy Short brought into the attack by Rahane and Kohli dispatches him for a six towards long on. Lovely batting from the chase master, he is a treat to watch while chasing a big target. The required run rate is close to the one RCB has maintained currently. After de Kock’s departure, AB de Villiers joins Kohli in the middle. 10 runs off the over with a wicket. 

OUT! de Kock caught! de Kock c Unadkat b D Arcy Short 26(19) 

D Arcy Short has got his man. A crucial wicket for Rajasthan Royals at an important time in the match. de Kock was in a good touch, he pulled a short one from Short straight into Unadkat’s hands. Great wicket for RR. 

6:35 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 71/1, 7 overs,  de Kock – 26, Kohli – 41

Shreyas Gopal introduced into the attack by Ajinkya Rahane. Good bowling from the youngster but Kohli gets a boundary off him too and turns the over into a decent one for RCB with 7 runs from it. Kohli showing his class against the Rajasthan bowlers, the chase master that he is it shouldn’t be a difficult one from here. 

6:30 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 64/1, 6 overs,  de Kock – 23, Kohli – 36

Ben Stokes with an expensive over for the Rajasthan Royals. 15 runs from it with Kohli taking him on. The RCB captain has already gathered 35 off just 19 balls. This is at the moment going well for RCB but a wicket or two can turn it around. That’s the end of the powerplay with RCB managing a 64 off the first 6. 

6:25 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 49/1, 5 overs,  de Kock – 22, Kohli – 23

Gowtham brought back into the attack by Rahane. Three good balls from him to start the over before de Kock slams him for two back to back boundaries. 11 runs off the over, a good one for RCB, both Kohli and de Kock are going solid. Brilliant batting from the duo so far in this innings. 

6:20 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 38/1, 4 overs,  de Kock – 13, Kohli – 21

Unadkat into the attack and Quinton de Kock joins the party with a brilliant boundary. The South African left-hander was in solid form the other day against the KKR and its looking like he has carried his good form here in this game. A single to end the over with 9 runs off it. de Kock, Kohli leading the chase for RCB. 

6:16 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 29/1, 3 overs,  de Kock – 6, Kohli – 19

Gowtham brought into the attack by Ajinkya Rahane. Kohli gets two boundaries off him to finish the over with a decent 10 runs off it. Kohli has stabilized the chase for RCB after McCullum’s dismissal and he is the right man to take things forward from here, his wicket will be of imperative importance for both the teams. 

6:12 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 19/1, 2 overs,  de Kock – 1, Kohli – 14

No McCullum no problem. Virat Kohli takes the show forward. Dhawan Kulkarni bashed Kohli with three boundaries of his over. Not the start Kulkarni would have wanted as Virat gets going.  14 runs to finish the over from the pacer and Kohli has decided to lead this chase and it will be difficult for the Rajasthan bowlers to stop him. 

6:07 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore – 5/1, 1 over,  de Kock – 0, Kohli – 1

Good first over Krishnappa Gowtham to square off the proceedings for the Rajasthan Royals. To send back McCullum early into the game will always play in their favour. Just 5 runs off the over as Virat Kohli walks in to bat with a big total to chase. 

OUT! McCullum c Stokes b Gowtham 4(4)

What a catch from Ben Stokes, flat stroked hard by McCullum and it looked like it was flying over the ropes but Stokes cut it off in between with a perfectly timed catch of the match. 

6:00 PM IST: Ajinkya Rahne has handed the ball to Krishnappa Gowtham to open the attack for Rajasthan Royals. Brendon McCullum and Quinton de Kock will open the chase for the Royal Challengers Bangalore.  

5:55 PM IST: Sanju Samson has to be the talking point of this game, Rajasthan Royals were off to a flyer with Ajinkya Rahane standing braving a muscle injury. Things slowed down after his departure but Samson never looked like he was in a mood to spare the RCB bowlers as he launched a carnage of fours and sixes. Virat Kohli’s men will have to pull off a record chase if they have to win this game. 218 in 120 balls will be some chase for RCB. 

5:48 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 217/4, 20 overs, Samson – 92, Tripathi – 14

Rahul Tripathi joins the party with a huge six and a boundary of Umesh Yadav. Wait, another no ball and another free hit from Umesh Yadav. Will Samson get the maximum from this one? Yes, he does. Free hit dispatched over the ropes and another one from Samson as the Rajasthan Royals touch down 220. 1 run off the last ball as the Royals post 217 in 20 overs. 

5:41 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 190/4, 19 overs, Samson – 79, Tripathi – 1

Sanju Samson is on a different level today, he continues his carnage on the RCB bowlers after Buttler’s departure. A six and two back to back boundaries to end the over from Woakes with 17 off it. Samson has turned this game around for Rajasthan, not giving any hopes of a comeback to RCB. 

5:38 PM IST: OUT! Buttler c Kohli b Woakes 23(14)

Buttler walks back with Kohli giving him a tough farewell. Soft dismissal for Buttler, Woakes was trying a yorker but ended up with a low full toss which Buttler played straight into Kohli’s hands. 

5:35 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 173/3, 18 overs, Samson – 65, Buttler – 21

Another solid over for Rajasthan Royals as Sanju Samson takes on the Khejroliya. two mighty blows back to back into the crowds. What a player Samson is when he is at his best, he has been superb today and is timing it well, clearing the ropes at his well. His footwork, wrist work has all been up to the mark. 

5:30 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 157/3, 17 overs, Samson – 50, Buttler – 20

Sanju Samson, oh what batting by the youngster. Chris Woakes sent into the crowd by Sanju Samson on the 2nd ball of his over as Samson takes the orange cap becoming the highest run scorer of the IPL 2018 so far. This time its Buttler with a biggie as Rajasthan Royals takes 15 runs off the over with two sixes. Fifty! for Samson. Eighth IPL fifty for the youngster. 

5:25 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 142/3, 16 overs, Samson – 42, Buttler – 13

RCB have so far managed to keep things on their side for most of the game, with Umesh Yadav bowling the 16th over. A free hit and smashed away by Sanju Samson who is no mood to spare the RCB bowlers, he has been magnificent today. Good over for the Rajasthan Royals with 13 runs off it. 4 overs from here, can RCB make it 180? 

5:20 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 129/3, 15 overs, Samson – 34, Buttler – 10

Brilliant over from Yuzvendra Chahal to concede just 4 runs off it. He has finished his quota of 4 overs with 2 wickets and 22 runs. After Samson, Buttler to found it tough to read Chahal and didn’t manage to time it well against him. Strategic time called up. 

5:15 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 125/3, 14 overs, Samson – 32, Buttler – 9

Sanju Samson on a rampage here as he hammers Pawan Negi for a biggie. The Rajasthan Royals star is on fire and Buttler is supporting him well with a few unconventional boundaries. Buttler gets a boundary off the last ball from Negi to end the over with 13 runs off it. Not a good start for Negi. 

5:10 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 112/3, 13 overs, Samson – 23, Buttler – 5

With 8 wickets in hand, this is the right time for Rajasthan Royals to up the ante. But wait! Ben Stokes has been cleaned up by Yuzvendra Chahal. The leg-spinner has now become the all-time highest wicket-taker for RCB overtaking Vinay Kumar. Buttler starts his innings and ends the over with fours. Brilliant batting from him. 

OUT! Stokes bowled! Stokes b Chahal 27(21)

A big one from Chahal, the leg-spinner gets his second in form of the dangerous Ben Stokes. Stokes wanted to slog sweep but managed only a thick edge with the ball running over his stumps. 

5:05 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 101/2, 12 overs, Samson – 21, Stokes – 27

Khejroliya back into the attack. Ben Stokes opens the face of the bat and uses the pace from Khejroliya to slice it for a boundary. He punishes the bowler once again as he gives him some room on the left, Stokes powers that one over the ropes. Ben Stokes getting into the groove here. This is the over Rajasthan Royals were looking for, a good one for RR with Woakes saving two runs with an excellent effort on the boundary line. 

5:00 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 86/2, 11 overs, Samson – 20, Stokes – 14

Brute power from Sanju Samson as he slams Washington Sundar for a huge six. Serious blow that one from Samson to start the over, Washington Sundar has been bowling cleverly as he follows Stokes who was backing away to make some room. 10 runs of the over. 

4:55 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 76/2, 10 overs, Samson – 12, Stokes – 12

Umesh Yadav brought back into the attack by Virat Kohli. Ony two singles conceded in the first three balls. Another good ball from Yadav as Ben Stokes steps ahead but fails to connect it well resulting in a dot ball. RCB have been clinical on the field today, some solid effort from skipper Kohli to save a boundary but Stokes gets a boundary off the last ball to get 8 runs off the over. 

4:50 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 68/2, 9 overs, Samson – 11, Stokes – 5

Washington Sundar with his third over of the day for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Brilliant bowling from the youngster, he has not taken a wicket yet but has been effective in containing the run rate. 5 singles off his over to end it with just 5 off it. Good over for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Strategic timeout called by umpires. 

4:46 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 63/2, 8 overs, Samson – 9, Stokes – 2

Kulwant Khejroliya brought into the attack by Virat Kohli and he gets smashed by Sanju Samson. Class from Samson as he dispatches Khejroliya for a massive blow towards the fine leg. None runs off the over for the Rajasthan Royals, a good one for them with some pressure on Khejroliya too. 

4:41 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 54/2, 7 overs, Samson – 1, Stokes – 0

Brilliant over from Yuzvendra Chahal with the wicket of Short. It’s RCB’s time to make a comeback into the game and take control. Ben Stokes has joined Samson in the middle, they are the two best hitters RR have got in their squad, RCB bowlers will have to bowl more sensibly now. Only two runs of that over. 

4:38 PM IST: OUT!   D Arcy Short c de Kock b Chahal 11(17) 

What a ball from Yuzvendra Chahal to dismiss the dangerous Short. The Australian has failed to make an impact yet another time as he walks back on 11. It’s his first season in the IPL and it will be a learning curve for him. Yuzvendra Chahal gets the wicket for RCB. 

4:35 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 52/1, 6 overs, Samson – 1, Short – 11

Chris Woakes brought back into the attack. D Arcy Short pulls him towards the midwicket but Mandeep with an outstanding diving effort to save three runs for his side. Rahane slams a boundary to fine leg and then plays it in the air to get caught by Umesh Yadav. Sanju Samson is the new man in for Rajasthan Royals. A good over for Woakes and RCB as they get a much-needed breakthrough. 

OUT! Ajinkya Rahane caught!  Rahane c U Yadav b Woakes 36(20)

Ajinkya Rahane walks back after a well played 36. The Rajasthan Royals was looking in absolute ruthless touch and was striking the ball well but a slower one from Woakes did the trick with Rahane getting caught by Umesh Yadav. 

4:30 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 43/0, 5 overs, Rahane – 31, Short – 9

Ajinkya Rahane at his lethal best here in Chinnaswamy as he takes the attack on Yuzvendra Chahal. Brilliant sweep to get a boundary and smart move to get a single off the next ball. Rahane showing why he is one of the best players of spin in world cricket. D Arcy Short makes it a good over for Rajasthan Royals with a boundary straight down the ground on the final ball of the over. 10 runs off the fifth with one over left in the powerplay. 

4:25 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 33/0, 4 overs, Rahane – 26, Short – 4

Umesh Yadav brought into the attack by Virat Kohli. The Indian pacer was magnificent the other night against KXIP when he absolutely rattled Yuvraj handing him a golden duck. Can he run the same magic here? Rahane has other plans here, no running only stroking from the RR skipper as he slams a boundary off Yadav. Another boundary towards midwicket from Rahane to end the over. A good one for Rajasthan Royals with 11 runs off it. Two overs left in the powerplay as RCB search for a wicket. 

4:20 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 22/0, 3 overs, Rahane – 17, Short – 3

Washington Sundar with his second over for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. After a dot 1st ball, Rahane stepped out to go after Sundar but had to satisfy with a single. Rahane has seemed to have pulled a muscle and is lying on the ground as the physios come to attend him. Wow, Rahane got his break and took on Sundar right after it, Slogs the first one for a boundary and then lofts it well for a biggie straight into the park. Tremendous effort from Rahane. Good over for Rajasthan Royals with 14 runs off it. 

4:12 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 8/0, 2 overs, Rahane – 5, Short – 1

Chris Woakes introduced in the attack by RCB skipper Virat Kohli. The Englishman who hasn’t had a great start to the IPL gets slammed for a boundary by Rahane on the 2nd ball towards mid-wicket. Woakes to Short and the batsman misses big time, that could have been close if there was an edge. Seven runs off it, a good one from Woakes to begin with. This is not exactly the start Rajasthan would have been looking for, they need to go all out on the RCB bowlers to ensure they set the platform for a good total and put some pressure on that heavy RCB batting unit. 

4:07 pm IST: Rajasthan Royals – 1/0, 1 over, Rahane – 1, Short – 0

Good start from the tall Washington Sundar as he keeps Rahane and Short at bay. Rahane after failing to middle the first one tried to go after Sundar but couldn’t quite get it right. Just one run off that over from Sundar to begin the proceedings on a brilliant note for RCB. Rahane played only a couple of balls in that over. 

4:02 PM IST: Game on! D Arcy Short and Ajinkya Rahane will open the batting for the Rajasthan Royals with some spin at the other end from Virat Kohli. Washington Sundar will take the bowl for RCB. Sundar went for the runs in the 1st game but came back well in the second. 

3:55 PM IST: We are minutes away from kick-off at the Chinnaswamy Stadium with both the Rajasthan Royals and the Royal Challengers Bangalore putting forth strong teams in search of their second successive victory. RCB will be donning the green in the green game where the players would be wearing the recycled green jerseys. 

3:50 PM IST: For the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Virat Kohli has left out Sarfaraz Khan who had failed to hit the top of his game in the past two encounters. In Pawan Negi, Virat will not only have a reliable spin option but also an equally destructive batsman who can be handy down the order. 

3:40 PM IST:  So no Jofra Archer for Rajasthan Royals today. Rahane has put his trust in the same team, D Arcy Short has failed to live to the hype surrounding him and its high time for him to step up and deliver for Rahne or he could be out of the team equation sooner than later. 

Playing XIs: 

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane(c), D Arcy Short, Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson, Jos Buttler(w), Rahul Tripathi, Krishnappa Gowtham, Shreyas Gopal, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jaydev Unadkat, Ben Laughlin

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Quinton de Kock(w), Brendon McCullum, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers, Mandeep Singh, Washington Sundar, Chris Woakes, Pawan Negi, Kulwant Khejroliya, Umesh Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal

3:35 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore have won the toss and opted to field 

Ajinkya Rahane: Rahane: We were looking to bowl first as well. But it doesn’t matter; you need to start and end well. Our bowlers did a fantastic job in the last two games, despite all that people say about T20 being a batsman’s game. We’re playing with the same team.

Virat Kohli: We’re going to bowl first today as well. As we saw last year, batting first in the afternoon would be a bit tricky. The team is feeling good; the wicket would play much better batting second, especially when one big partnership takes you through. Just one change – Pawan Negi comes in for Sarfaraz.

3:30 pm IST: Winning two in the row might just be the perfect boost bot the Royals from Rajasthan and Bangalore would be looking for. Toss will be crucial with a hot day in Bengaluru, T20 in recent time has become a chasing format, will it continue today, let’s see. 

3:28 PM IST: Pitch report:  “It’s really hot here, an absolute furnace at the Chinnaswamy. It’s for the second time this wicket is being used in this IPL. Looks a lot drier and cracks have started to open up. In 2016, almost 200 was an average score but last year it was a lot less, around 140-150. Think toss is going to make a huge difference. Whoever wins the toss must look to bat first and set a big score for the opposition and hope the sun plays its role,” analyses Mathew Hayden. 

3:25 PM IST: Jofra Archer who was phenomenal in the Big Bash is fit again and can be roped in the squad by Rahane as it would ease off some pressure on the likes of Ben Stokes. Laughlin could be the man, Archer can be traded for. This game will be of great importance to both RR and RCB. 


Royal Challengers Bangalore – Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Sarfaraz Khan, Chris Woakes, Yuzvendra Singh Chahal, Umesh Yadav, Brendon McCullum, Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini, Quinton De Kock, Mohammed Siraj, Corey Anderson, Colin De Grandhomme, M. Ashwin, Parthiv Patel, Moeen Ali, Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra, Pawan Negi, Tim Southee, Kulwant Khejroliya, Aniket Choudhary, Pavan Deshpande, Anirudha Ashok Joshi..

Rajasthan Royals  – Heinrich Klassen, Benjamin Stokes, Jaydev Unadkat, Sanju Samson, Jofra Archer, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jos Buttler, Ajinkya Rahane, Darcy Short, Rahul Tripathi, Dhawal Kulkarni, Zahir Khan Pakteen, Ben Laughlin, Stuart Binny, Dushmantha Chameera, Anureet Singh, Aryaman Vikram Birla, Midhun S, Shreyas Gopal, Prashant Chopra, Jatin Saxena, Ankit Sharma, Mahipal Lomror.