Sunrisers Hyderabad asserted their dominance as a brilliant defending team with yet another successful defence of a moderate target. Chasing 152 in 20 overs, the Rajasthan Royals would have rarely thought that they couldn’t make it at their home ground. But some disciplined bowling performances from the likes of Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma and Shakib Al Hasan meant Rajasthan were restricted 11 runs short of the target. After Rahul Tripathi’s early dismissal, Ajinkya Rahane (65) and Sanju Samson (40) posted a good partnership of 59 runs before Siddarth Kaul got Samson in the 10th over of the game. Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler both failed to control the chase leaving Rahane fighting lonely alongside a young Lomror who succumbed to pressure towards the end of the game. With 21 to defend in the final over, Thampi conceded just 9 and also picked Krishnappa Gowtham’s wicket to take SRH on top of the IPL table with 12 points from 8 games. 

Highlights from the IPL match between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers Hyderabad from Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur:

Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Rajasthan Royals by 11 runs 

7:27 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 140/6, 20 overs  Archer – 1, Rahane – 65

Basil Thampi with the penultimate over for SRH with 21 to defend off the last 6. Gowtham picks the yorker and gets a boundary to the deep square leg. A single off the next ball from Gowtham and Rahane is on the strike now. Good ball into the hole, wider of off stumps and just a single. 15 to get from 3 now. A couple from Gowtham on the next ball. And caught! Gautham went for it and Dhawan takes a comfortable catch. Gowtham c Dhawan b Basil Thampi 8(5) Jofra Archer is the new man in to play the last ball for RR. That’s it Sunrisers Hyderabad have defended a moderate total successfully yet again. 

7:21 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 131/5, 19 overs  Gowtham – 1, Rahane – 64

Kaul will bowl the 19th over for SRH. Rahane gets a single off the first ball. Lomror goes big this time, great effort by Manish Pandey to save the six. Two runs for Rajasthan Royals there. The crowd is shouting “We want six.” Three runs off the first two balls and its 24 from 10 to get now. Caught! SRH are pulling it back and Kaul strikes with another knuckleball. Lomror c Saha b S Kaul 11(12). Excellent catch by Saha that one after Lomror edged the short ball. K Gowtham is the new man in for RR. A single from him to start with. Rahane with a good square cut and the ball was racing down but Shakib Al Hasan with some excellent footwork to save a boundary. Change of pace and dot ball to finish the over. just 6 off it. 

7:14 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 125/4, 18 overs   Lomror – 9, Rahane – 61

Rashid Khan with the 18th over for SRH. Rahane welcomes him with a brilliant six, that’s some shot from the RR skipper who has single-handedly run this chase for Rajasthan Royals. Good comeback by Rashid with just 4 singles off the next 5 balls. 9 runs off the over. 27 to get from last 12 now. The match is going into the last over now certainly. 

7:09 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 116/4, 17 overs   Lomror – 8, Rahane – 53

43 to get off the last 24 balls now. Kaul will bowl the 17th over for Sunrisers. Rahane gets a couple and it’s an important Fifty! from him. A single this time to the third man after his half-century by Rahane. A single off the next ball from Lomror. Kaul is keeping it tight with knuckleballs. Good over from Kaul, 7 off the over with 36 to get from last 3 overs. 

7:04 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 109/4, 16 overs   Lomror – 6, Rahane – 48

Rashid Khan with the 16th over for Sunrisers Hyderabad and RR have 50 to get from the last 5 overs. Can SRH players pull off another rabbit out of the hat and defend the total? A couple from Rahane to start the over. A dot ball and it is followed up by a single. Lomror with a reverse sweep and he will get a couple, even singles and doubles will put RR on the front here in this chase. SRH need to get wickets to remain in this one. 7 runs off the over. 

6:59 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 102/4, 15 overs   Lomror – 3, Rahane – 44

Sandeep Sharma with the 15th over for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Starts off with a dot ball to Lomror. A run-out opportunity there with Rahane running on the danger end but he safe by a mile. He will have to stay there and guide his team to a win. Lomor takes a single after a dot ball. Rahane with a double, some good running between the wickets from him. Just 6 from the over and Sandeep Sharma finishes with brilliant figures of 4-0-15-1. 

6:54 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 96/4, 14 overs   Buttler – 10, Rahane – 41

Rashid Khan introduced in the attack by Williamson. Rahane gets a single off the first ball, was tossed up to him and he pushed it for a run. Rahane and Buttler dealing in singles here with four singles on the next four balls. Absolutely no room from Rashid to let the RR batsmen go big. Jos Buttler caught! Buttler c Dhawan b Rashid Khan 10(11). A comfortable catch for Dhawan and he makes no mistake with that one, Buttler wanted to go after Rashid and paid the price. 5 from it and a wicket. Mahipal Lomror is the new batsmen in for Rajasthan Royals. 

6:49 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 91/3, 13 overs   Buttler – 8, Rahane – 38

Yusuf Pathan with another over after taking a wicket in the first one. Rahane takes a single off the first ball and so does Buttler. A fine boundary by Rahane to get things going against the part-time spinner. A single again on the next ball. A couple to finish it up with 9 from the over. Good batting by Rahane and Buttler here. 

6:46 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 82/3, 12 overs   Buttler – 5, Rahane – 32

Shakib Al Hasan with the 12th over for SRH. Rahane starts off with a single off the first ball. Good bowling from Shakib, a dot ball and a single to Buttler. Rahane takes another single and Buttler finishes the over with a double. Just 5 from his over and he finishes his 4 overs with 30/0. Good spell by Shakib. 

6:42 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 77/3, 11 overs   Buttler – 2, Rahane – 30

Yusuf Pathan with the 11th over for Sunrisers Hyderabad. He bowls his first ball of IPL 2018 to Stokes without any run from it. Bowled! cleaned up Stokes. What a move this has turned out to be from Williamson, Pathan gets a wicket on just his 2nd ball of the season. Unbelievable stuff. Jos Buttler is the new man in for Rajasthan Royals. Brilliant over from Pathan with just 5 off it and a wicket. 

6:37 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 72/2, 10 overs   Stokes – 0, Rahane – 27

Kaul with the 10th over for SRH. A single to start with on a leg bye. Samson with a single on the next delivery. Good batting by the RR batsmen and they are doing well by rotating the strike. Another single from Rahane’s bat. OUT! Samson c Hales b S Kaul 40(30) Mistimed and Hales takes a comfortable catch. SRH were in desperate need of a breakthrough and this might be the ideal one for them. Ben Stokes walks in to bat for RR. Two dot balls from Kaul to finish a good over for SRH with three runs from it. 

6:32 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 69/1, 9 overs    Samson – 39, Rahane – 26

Shakib Al Hasan with the 9th over for SRH. Rahane playing the second fiddle to Samson here and Williamson will go all out attack now against these two. Rahane starts off with a single. Samson gets another. A good whip by Rahane this time and he gets a boundary which also brings up the 50 runs partnership between him and Samson. Two more singles in the last two balls and a good over for RR with 9 from it. Strategic timeout called. 

6:27 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 60/1, 8 overs    Samson – 37, Rahane – 19

Rashid Khan brought into the attack by Williamson. Samson takes a single off the first ball. Rahane follows it up with another single. Good shot from Samson, a square cut and a double for him. Another single to long-off. Lovely shot from Rahane and four runs for him. Swept it well and placed perfectly in the gap, good start by Rahane and Samson against Rashid. 10 runs off the over. 

6:22 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 50/1, 7 overs    Samson – 33, Rahane – 13

Shakib Al Hasan with the 7th over for SRH. Samson gets a double towards the third man with a cheeky sliced shot just off Saha’s gloves. Two singles on the next two balls, one each from Samson and Rahane. Samson plays another cheeky sweep now to the third man for another couple. Good ball this time from Shakib and no run from it. 7 off the over, a good one from SRH. 50 up for RR. 

6:18 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 43/1, 6 overs    Samson – 27, Rahane – 12

Siddarth Kaul introduced into the attack by Williamson. Starts off well with a dot ball to Rahane. A single on the next ball from the RR skipper. Samson takes on Kaul this time, picks up the knuckleball and times it well to get a boundary. Samson is not in the mood to spare any bowler. Another beautiful shot from Samson but mid-off cuts it off and the batsman settles with a double. Kaul finishes with a dot ball and a single off the last one. Eight runs off the over from Kaul. 

6:13 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 35/1, 5 overs    Samson – 20, Rahane – 11

Sandeep Sharma with the 5th over for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. So far so good for both the teams despite Samson earning 17 from Thampi’s last over. Sandeep starts off with a dot ball to Samson. A single on the next ball from the youngster who has looked magnificent today. Rahane with another single and smart cricket by both the Rajasthan Royals batsmen. A dot ball and a single on the next two balls. Samson was running on the dangerous end here. A single from Rahane to finish the over, a good over that from Sandeep Sharma just 4 from it. 

6:08 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 31/1, 4 overs    Samson – 18, Rahane – 9

Basil Thampi introduced into the attack by Kane Williamson. Sit back and enjoy that! What a shot by Samson, perfect timing and placement for a four. That’s Samson’s warning to Thampi right on his first ball. Smashed! Samson dispatches Thampi for six. A short ball and just perfect for Samson to free his hands a bit. A slower one this time from Thampi and smart thinking from him to give away nothing on the next ball. Samson is on fire here and another boundary from the in-form right-hander, brilliant pull and well controlled. A delight to watch. A couple on the next ball and what an over this one for the chasing side. 16 already with the last ball to be bowled. A single from Samson to wrap it up with 17 from the over. 

6:02 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 14/1, 3 overs    Samson – 1, Rahane – 9

Sandeep Sharma back with the third over for Sunrisers Hyderabad. Starts off with a shortish delivery to Tripathi,  a dot ball. Bowled! Nailed it R Tripathi b Sandeep Sharma 4(5). Bang and gone, Sandeep Sharma beats a stepped out Tripathi and dismantles his middle stumps to draw the first blood for his side. Sanju Samson is the new batsman for RR. Three dot balls and a single from Sandeep to finish the brilliant over. 

5:57 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 13/0, 2 overs    Tripathi – 4, Rahane – 9

Shakib Al Hasan introduced into the attack early by Williamson. Rahul Tripathi plays a good shot on that short delivery by Shakib to get a couple. A single to follow it up. A dot ball to Rahane and a slower one this time with a single from the RR skipper’s bat. Tripathi rotates the strike again with a single. Good over spoiled here with Rahane getting a boundary on the final ball. 9 runs off the over. 

5:53 PM IST:  Rajasthan Royals – 4/0, 1 over    Tripathi – 0, Rahane – 4

Sandeep Sharma with the opening over for SRH, Rhane will open the chase for RR with Rahul Tripathi. Two dot balls from Sharma to start off with and Rahane times it well this time to get a boundary towards the mid-wicket. Just clipped it with perfect timing and into the gap. A dot ball from Sharma to follow it up. Good comeback by Sandeep Sharma after going for a boundary, just 4 runs from that over.  

5:45 PM IST: Incredible bowling effort from the Rajasthan Royals bowlers as they kept the SRH middle order silent and just ripped them apart in the death overs. Kane Williamson 63(43) was once again smart and comprehensive with the bat not losing his coll and playing only calculated risky shots. It was Jofra Archer once again who impressed with the ball and scalped three wickets in his second IPL game. Coming to the total, SRH have shown that they can defend anything on their day and will be rearing to prove the claim right once again with the track helping the bowlers a bit. 

5:35 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 151/7, 20 overs     Thampi – 0, Saha – 11

Jofra Archer with the final over for RR. Saha gets a welcome boundary on the first ball. A single to deep mid-wicket on the next ball. Another single from Rashid. Can Saha give it a flourishing close? 150 up for SRH with a single from Saha. OUT!  Rashid Khan c Stokes b Jofra Archer 1(3). Stokes takes a brilliant catch and this has been a spectacular bowling performance by RR with a single off bye to finish. Rajasthan Royals will be chasing 152 in 20 overs. Jofra finishes his 4 overs with 26/3. 

5:30 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 143/6, 19 overs     Rashid – 0, Saha – 5

Unadkat with the 19th over for Rajasthan Royals. Manish Pandey starts off with a single. Saha follows it up with a couple. Another couple of runs from Saha with some misfielding from Gowtham at the long-off. OUT! Manish Pandey c Rahane b Unadkat 16(15), Unadkat strikes and he has got his first wicket of the day. RR are ripping apart the SRH middle order here. Rashid Khan is the new batsman in for SRH and he gets no run on the first ball. Just 6 off the over with a wicket. 

5:25 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 137/5, 18 overs     Pandey – 15, Pathan – 2

Jofra Archer with the 18th over for RR. Lethal yorker on the first ball from Archer and Shakib is bowled. Shakib b Jofra Archer 6(6). Superb yorker from Archer and Shakib is cleaned up. Yusuf Pathan is the new man in for SRH. He gets off the mark with a single. Two more singles on the next two balls. Singles are all that Shakib and Pathan are managing against Archer. OUT! Yusuf Pathan caught! Short ball, Pathan went for it and got caught in the third man. A double strike from Archer in the 18th over. Y Pathan c D Kulkarni b Jofra Archer 2(3. Wriddhiman Saha is the new man in for SRH. 

5:18 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 133/3, 17 overs     Pandey – 13, Shakib – 6

Ben Stokes with the 17th over for Rajasthan Royals. Dot ball to start the over, great fielding effort by Rahane. A single by Shakib on the next ball. Manish Pandey with a couple on the next ball. A poor ball from Stokes and Manish Pandey capitalises on it with a boundary. A good over from Stokes though with just 7 off it. 

5:13 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 126/3, 16 overs     Pandey – 7, Shakib – 5

Gowtham with the 16th over for Rajasthan Royals. Brilliant start to the over with a single and a dot ball from Gowtham. Another couple of runs on the next ball from Manish Pandey’s bat. Manish Pandey finishes with a double, Just six runs off the over and Gowtham finishes with superb figures of 4-0-18-2. Just 18 from his four overs and he has picked two important wickets. 

5:09 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 120/3, 15 overs     Pandey – 2, Shakib – 4 

Ish Sodhi with the 15th over for Rajasthan Royals. A dot ball to Manish Pandey to start off with. A single from him on the next ball. Followed by two more singles from Pandey and Williamson. The umpire has given Williamson out and he has asked for a review. And the decision has been held, Williamson OUT! Williamson c Buttler b Ish Sodhi 63(43). Sodhi with the big breakthrough and Williamson’s well-played innings has been disrupted. Wanted to cut it low got a slight edge and Buttler with a good catch. Shakib Al Hasan is the new man in for SRH. Starts off with a boundary to fine leg and that’s 7 runs from the over. First IPL wicket for Sodhi and he has got his country captain. 

5:04 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 113/2, 14 overs     Pandey – 0, Williamson – 62

Krishnappa Gowtham with the 14th over for RR. Starts off with a single from hales. Single from Williamson on the next one. In the air and Hales OUT!  Hales c Samson b Gowtham 45(39). Brilliant bowling from Gowtham, and its the end of the debutant who played a good knock in his very first game. Hales showed movement and Gowtham caught him by pitching the ball outside off which he sliced for an easy catch to Samson. Two doubles to follow it up. Six and a wicket from the over. Manish Pandey is the new man in for SRH. 

5:00 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 107/1, 13 overs      Hales –  44, Williamson – 57

Jofra Archer with the 13th over for RR. Williamson starts off with a single, Hales gets him back on the strike with another single. A brilliant shot this time from Williamson for a six. Towards long-off and Williamson just makes it look so easy. A good comeback by Archer though with a yorker and a bouncer without runs. Eight off the over and Hales is nearing his half-century now. 

4:55 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 99/1, 12 overs      Hales –  43, Williamson – 50

Unadkat brought into the attack by Rahane. Williamson plays an excellent shot to welcome him with a boundary. Another ball and the same treatment, change of pace from Unadkat and Williamson went straight down the ground for a six. Four again this time to deep extra cover and Williamson is accelerating well from here. Slogs it hard this time, a thick edge and the ball races down towards the third man for a boundary. This is the over SRH were looking for. Fifty! for Williamson with a single on the last ball. 21 runs off the over, a brilliant one for SRH. 

4:50 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 78/1, 11 overs      Hales –  43, Williamson – 29

Mahipal Lomror, left-arm spinner introduced into the attack by Rahane. Starts off with a single conceded to Hales. Two back to back singles on the next two balls before Hales plays a dot ball, failing to read the pitch of the ball. Really good bowling from the young man, he is keeping it strict and tidy. A four to finish the over and Hales spoils a good effort from the bowler. 8 runs off the over. 

4:46 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 70/1, 10 overs      Hales –  37, Williamson – 27

Ben Stokes with the 10th over for Rajasthan Royals. Boundary to start the over from Hales hooked it off his nose and got what he wanted. A double to follow it up. Good start by Hales against Stokes this over. Brilliant effort by Rahane and he has saved a couple for his side there. Good comeback from Stokes after going for runs in the first two balls. A dot ball to finish with 7 runs off it. 

4:40 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 63/1, 9 overs      Hales –  30, Williamson – 27

Ish Sodhi with the 9th over for RR. Hales went in the air and Ben Stokes almost pulled off a difficult catch. Fair play from Stokes to refuse the catch then and there as the ball ha clobbered from his hands. In the air again and Hales is safe with Archer failing to make it in time. A classy shot by Williamson to finish the over with 9 runs from it. Strategic timeout called. 

4:36 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 54/1, 8 overs      Hales –  26, Williamson – 22

Ben Stokes introduced into the attack. Williamson takes a single off the first ball. A brilliant short by Alex Hales this time for a couple, good effort by Gowtham to stop the boundary at the last minute. Hales with another single. A dot ball to Williamson this time. Good fielding effort by Tripathi this time to save three runs for his side. Good over from Stokes with 6 from it and SRH are over the 50 run mark now. 

4:32 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 48/1, 7 overs      Hales –  22, Williamson – 20

Ish Sodhi introduced into the attack by Rahane. Williamson starts off with a single. Another single by Hales and Williamson couples it with another. Hales and Williamson dealing in singles here against Sodhi. Far to short from Sodhi this time and Williamson smashes it for a much-needed boundary. A single to finish the over with 9 runs from it. 

4:27 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 39/1, 6 overs      Hales –  20, Williamson – 13

Jaydev Unadkat introduced into the attack by Rahane. Starts off well with a dot ball. A single from Hales on the next ball, a slower one it was from Unadkat. Another dot ball, this time to Williamson. Good shot by Williamson but finds a fielder and settles with a single. Change of pace by Unadkat and Hales gets a double. A double to finish the over a good one for RR with 6 from it. 

4:22 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 33/1, 5 overs      Hales –  15, Williamson – 12

Jofra Archer introduced into the attack by Rahane. Some movement for him from the first ball with Hales taking a single. Down the ground and a beautiful shot by Williamson for a four. This man is in best of his form. Williamson had a thick edge there but dropped! by Rahul Tripathi. Archer is not happy at all with that effort. Two singles on the next two balls. Good bowling from Archer, just 7 off that over. 

4:18 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 26/1, 4 overs      Hales –  13, Williamson – 7

Kulkarni with the 4th over for RR. Williamson gets going and plays a cracking shot for a boundary. Beautiful shot that one from the SRH skipper who gets to the height off the ball and smashes it well enough. Not the ideal start for Kulkarni, he is going for boundaries. A dot ball next and a single off another. Alex Hales plays a dot ball now. Single from Hales this time to mid-off. A dot ball to finish the over, good comeback by Kulkarni just six off that over. 

4:14 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 20/1, 3 overs      Hales –  12, Williamson – 2

Gowtham back into the attack for RR. Unexpected turn, Dhawan is bowled. OUT! Dhawan b Gowtham 6(4). What a start to the over. Dhawan wanted to go for the sweep and couldn’t read it well with the ball racing into his stumps. Big wicket for Rajasthan Royals and Gowtham. Kane Williamson is the new man in for SRH. Two singles in the next two balls. Gowtham is bowling well and restricting the SRH batsmen from getting any room. Just three off the over and a wicket, brilliant from RR. 

4:09 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 17/0, 2 overs      Hales –  11, Dhawan – 6

Dhawal Kulkarni introduced into the attack by Ajinkya Rahane. Alex Hales shows great wrist work to get a boundary on the first ball of the over. A dot ball. A shortish length ball and Alex Hales pulls it to the mid-wicket region for another boundary. That’s a good start by Hales and he is showing why Williamson should have picked him a bit earlier. A good ball from Kulkarni to Dhawan, he didn’t time it well but got a boundary on the leg side freeing his arms. A good over this is turning out to be for SRH. A single to finish it with 14 from it. 

4:04 PM IST:  Sunrisers Hyderabad – 3/0, 1 over      Hales –  2, Dhawan – 1

Gowtham with the first over for Rajasthan Royals. Hales gets off the mark straight away with a single and gets his first run in the IPL. Another single from Dhawan. Three dot balls to follow up by Gowtham with Hales pushing it to the mid-wicket for another single. Just three from the over, great start for the Royals. 

3:58 PM IST: We are minutes away from match action here at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur. The Rajasthan Royals players are on the pitch now and so are the SRH openers Alex Hales and Shikhar Dhawan. Hales will be making his IPL debut for SRH today. Krishnappa Gowtham will take the ball for Rajasthan Royals. 

3:55 PM IST: The last time Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals in IPL 2018, it was Shakib Al Hasan and Siddarth Kaul who pick a couple of wickets each to restrict RR on a mere 125 with Shikhar Dhawan and Kane Williamson chasing it down with 2 balls to spare. 

3:50 PM IST: Ish Sodhi has been traded for an opener in D Arcy Short or Heinrich Klassen. Now that’s a brave move from Rahane who is looking to counter SRH’s brilliant bowling with a good bowling unit at his disposal. Meanwhile, SRH have gone with a genuine batting option in place of Nabi which will certainly strengthen their middle order which has been far from best in the last few games. 

3:40 PM IST: Playing XIs

Rajasthan Royals: Ajinkya Rahane(c), Rahul Tripathi, Sanju Samson, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Krishnappa Gowtham, Jofra Archer, Mahipal Lomror, Jaydev Unadkat, Dhawal Kulkarni, Ish Sodhi

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan, Alex Hales, Kane Williamson(c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Yusuf Pathan, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Rashid Khan, Basil Thampi, Siddarth Kaul, Sandeep Sharma

Ajinkya Rahane: We had a couple of days off. It is important to switch off a bit. The preparation has been fantastic and the mood in the camp has been superb. Ish Sodhi is in. Very good leg-spinner and has been doing well for New Zealand. Mahipal Lomror, a local guy who has been doing well comes in as well. We were looking to bat first as well.

Kane Williamson: We are gonna have a bat. Day game and it looks like a very good surface. Just the one change. Hales comes in for Nabi. The bowling has been going on nicely. The way we have adapted to the conditions has been superb.

3:35 PM IST: Sunrisers Hyderabad have won the toss and opted to bat 

Sunrisers Hyderabad have played Alex Hales in place of Mohammed Nabi. Meanwhile, Rajasthan Royals have got Ish Sodi in. 


Rajasthan Royals squad – Heinrich Klassen, Benjamin Stokes, Jaydev Unadkat, Sanju Samson, Jofra Archer, Krishnappa Gowtham, Jos Buttler, Ajinkya Rahane, Darcy Short, Rahul Tripathi, Dhawal Kulkarni, Zahir Khan Pakteen, Ben Laughlin, Stuart Binny, Dushmantha Chameera, Anureet Singh, Aryaman Vikram Birla, Midhun S, Shreyas Gopal, Prashant Chopra, Jatin Saxena, Ankit Sharma, Mahipal Lomror.

Sunrisers Hyderabad squad: Alex Hales, Bhuvneshwar, Dhawan, Shakib, Williamson, Manish Pandey, Carlos Brathwaite, Yusuf Pathan, Wriddhiman Saha, Rashid Khan, Ricky Bhui, Hooda, Siddharth Kaul, T Natarajan, Nabi, Basil Thampi, Khaleel Ahmed, Sandeep Sharma, Sachin Baby, Chris Jordan, Stanlake, Tanmay Agarwal, Sreevats Goswami, Bipul Sharma, Mehedi Hasan.