After witnessing back to back defeats in the 11th edition of Indian Premier League, Royal Challengers Bangalore returned to winning ways on Saturday as the outclassed Delhi Daredevils by 6 wickets at the famous M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. Both Delhi and Bangalore were occupying the last and second last spot in the current Indian Premier League standings. With just a single win in four games as fate decided their course in the IPL, both DD and RCB found themselves locked in a must-win situation for themselves on matchday 19th of the IPL.  

Despite making his return to Daredevils, Delhi boy Gautam Gambhir failed to prevent his side from hitting the rock bottom in the 11th edition of Indian Premier League. In addition, Gambhir also witnessed his homecoming Kolkata getting wrecked when Daredevils were outclassed completely by his former franchise at the monumental Eden Gardens. Coming back to forver title contenders of IPL, the Bangalore side has been a one-man show in their first four where Virat Kohli has either emerged as the top scorer for his side or he outlived other batsmen in chasing.

Here are the highlights from the IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Delhi Daredevils from the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru: 

11:11 PM IST: Royal Challengers Bangalore beat Delhi Daredevils by 7 wickets 

176/4 after 18 overs, Ab de Villiers 90* in 39 balls, Mandeep 17*

Boult replaces Morris: FOUR! AB sails the short ball over the third man. FOUR again! That’s it it’s all over, RCB beats Delhi Daredevils by 6 wickets. Scenes of jubilation at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. de Villiers was just shy of a hundred with outstanding 90 run knock—10 fours and five sixes. AB gave away only five dot balls in his memorable innings against Daredevils. “Rishab and Shreyas were unbelievable but Ab de Villiers 90 took the game away from us,” Delhi Daredevils skipper Gautam Gambhir was quoted as saying after the match.  

11:18 PM IST: RCB – 162/4 after 17 overs, Ab de Villiers 80, Mandeep 12 

Morris replaces Boult: SIX! Mandeep miss-timed his pulled effort that went back for a six. Luckily for the Royal Challengers, they need 18 runs from 22 balls.  AB plays the full toss exceptionally well to return back the strike to Mandeep. Dot by Morris, RCB still require 17 from the last 20 balls. FOUR! Mandeep miss-timed another shot that went for a boundary. Brave effort by Roy — only to find himself on the receiving end. Slow off cutter in the end as Boult ends 16th over by conceding a single. RCB are now 163-4 in 17 overs. They need 12 from 18 to beat Delhi at home.  

11:11 PM IST: RCB – 148/4 after 16 overs, Ab de Villiers 79, Anderson out for 15

Boult replaces Tewatia: Massive SIX by Anderson as he joins the party. Single on the next ball to give AB the strike. What drama here! Delhi missed a chance to run out any one of the batsmen. BOWLED! Anderson knocked over by Morris. RCB are now 4 down for 148. 

11:05 PM IST: RCB – 140/3 after 15 overs, Ab de Villiers 79, Anderson 8 

Morris replaces Tewatia: With a massive six followed by a boundary, Ab de Villiers will not stop the mission to beat Delhi Daredevils at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium is accomplished. End of the 15th over RCB are now 140-3 with AB delivering them with boundaries. 

 11:03 PM IST: RCB – 126/3 after 14 overs, Ab de Villiers 68, Anderson 6 

Tewatia replaces H Patel: Anderson gives strike to AB and guess what, he Delivered! Another maximum by the RCB talisman to take RCB to 125-3. He moves into 68 that’ve come in just 30 balls. A Single by Anderson to keep the strike, RCB are now 126-3 in 14 overs. 

10:58 PM IST: RCB – 115/3 after 13 overs, Ab de Villiers 60, Anderson 3 

H Patel replaces Tewatia: SIX! AB is up for a treat here at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium. Another boundary by the South African to register his first fifty of the season. Good dot ball from Harshit in the end, although he concedes another single to bring Anderson on strike. Thick edge from Anderson’s bat as he takes the single. Ab faces the second last ball from Harshit’s over. Dot again by Harshit as AB is beaten, one more ball to go. SIX! What a way to end the over, RCBH are now 115-3 in 13 overs. 

10:55 PM IST: RCB – 97/3 after 12 overs, Ab de Villiers 40, Kohli OUT for 30  

Tewatia replaces H Patel: Another economical over by Tewatia. AB continues to lead RCB with a 8.0 run rate so far. Anderson is the next man in to replace Kohli. 

10:52 PM IST: RCB – 92/3 after 11 overs, Ab de Villiers 40, Kohli OUT for 30  

H Patel replaces Tewatia: Smacked away for FOUR! AB on cruise control now. Good running between the two, AB and Kohli combines to take two more runs. Smacked but only for a single this time by AB as Kohli gets the last two balls. Good running again, brilliant running from the two of the very best representing RCB in the 11th edition of IPL. OH, MY WORD!  Whatta catch by Boult! Kohli departs for 30. This might be the catch of the season. End of the over and tables have changed for RCB. 

10:50 PM IST: RCB – 82/2 after 10 overs, Ab de Villiers 33, Kohli 27  

Tewatia replaces H Patel: Up in the Delhi bowling attack is Tewatia who played a small cameo in Delhi’s innings. SIX! A resounding welcome by de Villiers. Massive six which has kissed the roof! AB plays another drive to keep the strike with a single. End of the over RCB are now 82/2 in 10 overs. 

10:45 PM IST: RCB – 72/2 after 9 overs, Ab de Villiers 25, Kohli 25  

H Patel replaces Nadeem: Single on the first ball by Kohli. In the gap for another single by Ab de Villiers. Another single to put AB back on strike—RCB are not wasting balls. Well bowled by Harshit, Ab beaten for once. Although a single again to put Kohli back on strike. Good start by Harshit, he has leaked 5 runs in 5 balls. Full toss and puched by Kohli for another single as Patel ends his first over. RCB are now 72-2 in 9 overs. 

10:40 PM IST: RCB – 66/2 after 8 overs, Ab de Villiers 23, Kohli 22  

Morris replaces Nadeem: FINE shot by Kohli! What a way to start the over, 4 runs straight away for RCB captain. A single on the next ball to rotate the strike. Punched away for another single by Kohli.Mistimed shot by AB but ball lands safely, single again. Single to end the over AB and Kohli are lifting RCB in this one. End of the 8th over, RCB are now 66-2.   

10:35 PM IST: RCB – 57/2 after 7 overs, Ab de Villiers 21, Kohli 16  

Nadeem replaces Morris: Nadeem continues his play with RCB skipper Virat Kohli. Difficult chance in the end for the keeper but good bowling by the young Indian. Brilliant from AB again. Fine shot by the Proteas ace to get a crucial boundary. In the gap again! AB at his level best, 50 up for RCB inside 7 overs.Absolutee class by the South Afrcian, nothing wrong witha delivery. SMASHED AWAY AGAIN! AB strikes back to back boundaries to put DD bowlers back in pressure. End of the over, Nadeem only troubled Kohli as scoreline reads 57-2 for RCB in 7 overs. 

10:30 PM IST: RCB – 43/2 after 6 overs, Ab de Villiers 8, Kohli 14  

Morris replaces Nadeem: SIX by a whisker! Virat Kohli gets into the groove after AB. Morris recovers well with a dot ball. Delhi were 27/2 at this same stage. End of the over, RCB are now 43-2 in 6 overs. 

10:24 PM IST: RCB – 37/2 after 5 overs, de Kock out for 18, Kohli 4  

Nadeem replaces Maxwell: Gambhir is eager to utilize his spinners before the situation becomes unfavorable for the spinners. de Kock takes a single to bring Kohli on strike. Edge and fine! Nadeem has bowled a beauty of a delivery. Mixup! De Kock has to go. Its a big wicket for RCB as per the current circumstances are concerned. Set batsman de Kock departs for 18, another big breakthrough for Delhi. Next man is Ab de Villiers. Back to back boundaries by the South African to ease off the pressure. End of the over, RCB are now 37-2 in 5 overs. 

10:18 PM IST: RCB – 24/1 after 4 overs, de Kock 17, Kohli 4  

Maxwell replaces Boult: Back to back singles by both of the batsmen at the crease. Skipper Virat is still trying to settle in and de Kock on the other is keen on punishing Delhi bowlers. SIX! Maximum by de Kock as he perishes Maxwell’s fourth delivery. Maxwell recovers with a dot delicvery. de Kock takes a single in the end to keep the strike. Emd opf the over RCB are now 24-1 in 4 overs. 

10:09 PM IST: RCB – 11/1 after 3 overs, de Kock 9, Kohli 3  

Boult replaces Maxwell: Next batsman is skipper Virat Kohli. de Kock continues with glorious strokes. Single by the capstraightright from the first ball. Boult has bowled a good over to put pressure back at RCB. End of the over RCB are now 15-1 in 3 overs.    

10:05 PM IST: RCB – 9/1 after 2 overs, de Kock 6, Vohra out for 2  

Maxwell replaces Boult: Strong appeal denied by the umpire, no review taken by Daredevils. OUT! Whatta catch that is, Roy takes a blinder! RCB are now 9-1 in 2 overs. Maxwell takes his first wicket, good start from the visitors. 

10:00 PM IST: RCB – 4/0 in 1st over, de Kock 4, Vohra 0 

Boult opens up Delhi’s attack against RCB: RCB have started things well as Quinton de Kock smacks Boult for a boundary in the 3rd ball. The South African plays a couple of more drives to settle in. End of the over. RCB are  4 without a loss in 1st over. 

9:42 PM IST: RCB need 175 runs to win against Delhi Daredevils

DD – 174/5 after 20 overs, Rahul Tewatia 9, Rishab Pant out for 85

Anderson bowls last over: SIX! Maximum by Rishab Pant, Pant is on the verge to conclude the Delhi innings in style. Dot by Anderson. In his last 16 balls, Pant has hit 6 sixes and 3 fours. OUT! AB takes it, Pant departs for 85. Brilliant batting by Rishab Pant. He has been the backbone for Delhi in this match. Anderson’s pace has been utilized emphatically by Tewatia. Dot ball in the end as batsman decide not to run. End of Delhi innings and it has been a Daredevil of a performance by Rishab Pant and Shreyash Iyer. Delhi have set a target of 175 here at M Chinnaswamy Stadium. 

9:36 PM IST: DD – 163/4 after 19 overs, Rahul Tewatia 9, Rishab Pant 79

Woakes replaces Siraj: WOW! Another maximum by Rishab Pant. He moves into 70s with that stroke. Pant has got this fine via leg bye. WOW! What a shot by Pant again. Stand and deliver by Rishab. Skillful, Classy and wonderful execution by Daredevil batsman. Wonderful! Pant picked the spot again, another boundary to end the over. 18 runs from it as DD reach 163-4 in 19 overs. 

9:23 PM IST: DD – 145/4 after 18 overs, Rahul Tewatia 9, Rishab Pant 65 

Siraj replaces Woakes: SIX! its raining sixes for Rishab Pant! Pant struck hard but no run in the next ball. Back to back dot balls for RCB. WIDE! A slight loss of concentration for Siraj as he gives away another extra. Good bouncer for a comeback. HOW GOOD IS THIS GUY? Real power display from Pant as he smashes Siraj for another maximum. Good over for DD as Siraj leaks 15 runs in it. End of the over DD are now 145/4 in 18 overs. 

9:28 PM IST: DD – 130/4 after 17 overs, Rahul Tewatia 9, Rishab Pant 52 

Woakes replaces Chahal: FOUR! Thick edge on the first ball, frustration continues for Woakes. Good comeback by Woakes as he bowls a dot ball. Another dot by Woakes, shift in momentum possibly. Sliced it hard and just short of the fielders!. Runs keep on coming for DD as Rahul survives. Good effort by Siraj in the end. Tewatia smashed this one again! and it backs to Siraj again. What chemistry between the fielder and batsman. Fine leg just came in and so is a welcome boundary for DD. End of the over DD are now 130-4 in 17 overs. FIFTY for Rishab Pant.     

9:22 PM IST: DD – 117/4 after 16 overs, Maxwell out for 4, Rishab Pant 48 

Chahal replaces Siraj: Single on the first ball to take Pant on strike. 5 overs to go, Delhi have comeback well despite losing out skipper Gambhir and Roy cheaply. Kohli is now banking on his most economical bowler of the night—Chahal. OUT! Good catch in the end as Maxwell’s improvisations disappoints DD. He departs for 4, BIG Wicket for RCB as we head into a strategic timeout. SIX! maximum by Rishab Pant. He just got better in the next one as Pant smashes Chahal for another maximum. Dot ball in the end to complete the 16th overs. DD are now 117-4 with 4 overs in hand.  

9:16 PM IST: DD – 103/3 after 15 overs, Maxwell 3, Rishab Pant 35 

Siraj replaces Sundar: 3 runs in first 2 balls for Delhi as the third ball was a dot. WIDE! Siraj gives away another extra. Pant takes a single to put Maxwell on strike. LBW appeal by Siraj, denied by the umpire as RCB takes a review. Pant went down immediately after the ball struck his right thigh, the ball misses all the padding pant looks in extreme pain. Can he keep up and take DD to a defendable target? RCB review is wasted as umpire signals not out. End of the over DD are now 103-3 in 15 overs.    

9:10 PM IST: DD – 96/2 after 14 overs, Shreyas out for 52, Rishab Pant 34 

Sundar replaces Siraj: Back to back sixes by Shreyash Iyer! Shreyash Iyer gets to his fifty. Iyer reached his half century in 30 balls. Solid comeback by Delhi against RCB. OUT! Shreyas Iyer has been dismissed by Sundar. Next man in his Glenn Maxwell. Dot to end the over, DD are 98 for 3 in 14 overs

9:07 PM IST: DD – 84/2 after 13 overs, Shreyas — 38, Rishab Pant 27 

Kohli brings Sirah back into the attack: Good stroke by Pant, takes a single on the first ball. SIX! Maximum by Pant to put an end to Siraj’s over. Shreyash takes a single after the boundary. FOUR! typical inside-out stroke by Shreyash. An awkward duck pull kind of a stroke by Shreyash. End of the over DD are 84-2 in 13 overs. 

9:01 PM IST: DD – 71/2 after 12 overs, Shreyas — 34, Rishab Pant 26 

Sundar replaces Woakes: In their bid to try and put up a competitive total, Delhi Daredevils have made a good comeback at the  Chinnaswamy against RCB. Pant and Iyer have rotated the strike in first 4 balls of Washington Sundar, who is balling the 11 over. Single again by Shreyas to put Pant back on strike. End of the over Delhi Daredevils are 71/2 after 12 overs. 

8:55 PM IST: DD – 66/2 after 11 overs, Shreyas — 32, Rishab Pant 24 

8:42 PM IST: DD – 39/2 after 8 overs, Shreyas — 16, Rishab Pant 12 

Yadav replaces Sundar: SIX! its the first massive six for Delhi Daredevils! Time for a strategic timeout as Shreyas perishes Yadav for a maximum. Good save in the end! RCB are pretty keen not giving away cheap runs.Youngsters have a point to prove in this one folks. FOUR! Yadav has been smacked for a boundary as Delhi’s Shreyas Iyer gains momentum. The expensive Yadav has been brought into the attack by Kohli. Despite proving costly, Yadav still managed to get a breakthrough early for the Delhi side.  

8:38 PM IST: DD – 39/2 after 8 overs, Shreyas — 16, Rishab Pant 12 

Washington Sundar replaces Siraj: End of the over, DD are 39-2 in 8 overs. Delhi’s current run rate is 4.98, they need to buckle up if they are here to put big total against RCB, who have a habit of chasing big at the Chinnaswamy. A single on the fourth by Pant to put Shreyas on strike. Washington Sundar has been hit for a FOUR on his 2nd ball. 

8:36 PM IST: DD – 32/2 after 7 overs, Shreyas — 11, Rishab Pant 7 

Siraj replaces Chahal: Good over for Delhi Daredevils as new batsman Rishab Pant gets into the act instantly for the visitors. End of the over Delhi are now 32/2 in 7 overs. 

8:33 PM IST: DD – 31/2 after 6 overs, Shreyas — 11, Roy – out for 5

8:25 PM IST: DD – 22/1 after 5 overs, Shreyas — 11, Roy – 5

Yadav replaces Chahal: The Delhi boy is easing the pressure for his side. Single in the end, after 5 overs, Delhi Daredevils are 22-1. He has struck 2 so far 3 balls.Good through! fielding has been all good for RCB so far. FOUR! First boundary for Delhi Daredevils after 4 overs for the visitors. Another boundary by Shreyas. 

8:16 PM IST: DD – 10/1  after 4 overs, Shreyas — 1, Roy – 4

Chahal replaces Yadav: Close call again by Chahal. Interesting first over by Chahal, beautifully bowled!Too much turn for Roy and negative for RCB as the umpire calls it a wide. Single on the next ball by Roy to put Shreyas on strike. Not Out! Play continues as Chahal goes after Roy again. Close call! Yuzvendra Chahal beats Roy straight up and the umpire has taken it to the third umpire. 

8:12 PM IST: DD – 08/1 after 3 overs, Gambhir out! for 2, Roy – 4

Woakes replaces Yadav: Next man is Shreyas Iyer for the Daredevils. Yadav bowls back to back slow balls to Roy. Just a single and a wicket by Yadav. Its a dream start for RCB as DD reach 8 after losing out skipper Gambhir. OUT! Yadav has got the breakthrough for RCB. Gambhir departs for 2 as his mistimed shot went straight to Chahal. 

8:10 PM IST: DD – 07/0, 2 overs, Gambhir — 2, Roy – 3

Woakes replaces Yadav: Another decent over by Woakes. Delhi Daredevils openers are still trying to settle in as the unpredictability of the pitch is really high thanks to unpleasant weather conditions. 

8:00 PMDD 1-0 (End of 1st over, Gambhir 0, Roy 1)

Decent start by RCB! Umesh Yadav has rounded the first over superbly. Its 1 for no lost for Delhi Daredevils at the end of the over. Yadav will be replaced by Woakes.  

And we are underway at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru! Opening for RCB is Umesh Yadav, who struck two on two last time around against Mumbai Indians. 

7:49 PM — Other than the skipper Virat Kohli, the entire RCB squad have failed to explode in full cylinders till now. Kohli has smashed 201 runs in four outings for RCB, averaging 67.00. His RCB counterparts on the other — AB de Villiers, Quinton de Kock and Brendon McCullum have scored 122, 94 and 47 runs respectively this season. 

7:30 PMRCB have won the toss and they have elected to bowl first.