Highlights from the IPL encounter between the Kolkata Knight Riders and Sunrisers Hyderabad From the Eden Gardens Cricket Stadium in Kolkata:

So Sunrisers Hyderabad make it three out of three in their IPL campaign so far. But the victory didn’t come as easy as it seemed at the end of the KKR innings where the SRH bowling lineup once again lived up to reputations, restricting a powerful barting lineup to a below par 138/8 with Chris Lynn top scoring with 49. 

12.27 PM IST | GAME OVER! Yusuf Pathan finishes things off in style. A handsome pull short to deposit it in the stands. So SRH make it three out of three and this is their 1st victory at the Eden.   

12.20 PM IST | SRH 126/5, 18 overs: Y Pathan – 6, D Hooda- 2

Yusuf Pathan comes in and crashes a full ball through extra cover. What a powerful hit. He nailed this drive to the fence. 8 off the Johnson over and the important wicket of the skipper as SRH need 13 off the final 12 deliveries. Deepak Hooda once again in the thick of things. 

12.17 PM IST | WICKETT! Williamson is gone after scoring a 50! Is there a twist in the beautiful tale that Kane was stitching for his side? Johnson is brought back into the attack and strikes. soft dismissal this as Kane just flicks in Russell’s hands. Williamson c A Russell b Johnson 50(44) [4s-4 6s-1]

12.14 PM IST | SRH 118/4, 17 overs: K Williamson- 50, D Hooda- 2

From the context of the match, this was the most important over as it was Narine’s last. He returns with figures of 2-17 in his 4 overs. Meanwhile, Kane Williamson brings up his fifty off 43 balls, a real captain’s knock this. So all the specialist spinners are done. Just pacers to go from here on I believe. 

12.11 PM IST | SRH 114/4, 16 overs: K Williamson- 48, D Hooda- 0

Excellent over from Chawla. Broke the partnership by bowling out Shakib. SRH’s messiah from the last match, Deepak Hooda joins his skipper. But Chawla could’ve had two-in-two as KKR went for a review on the last ball for leg-before. Hooda didn’t pick a googly from Chawla and was hit on the back pad and ultra-edge shows that there’s an inside edge too. 

12.05 PM IST | OUT! Quite against the run of play as Chawla bowls out Shakib. But is it too late for KKR now? Their fans will be hoping not. Flat through the air from Chawla, zoots it through Shakib as he’s on the prowl down the pitch. Shakib b Chawla 27(21) [4s-2 6s-1] Time-out taken!

12.02 PM IST | SRH 112/3, 15 overs: K Williamson- 47, S Hasan- 26

The debutant, Shivam Mavi, right-arm fast medium, comes into the attack and is hit for a six over fine leg as Williamson makes use of his pace (140 kmph) to whip it over the fence. Less than run-a-ball needed now as Mavi gives away 10 in his first over.  SRH should get home from here. But it was a similar situation against MI too and they almost made a mess of that

 11.59 PM IST | SRH 102/3, 14 overs: K Williamson- 39, S Hasan- 24

Tidy over from Kuldeep here. Just 5 from it and quite against the run-of-play. Kane Williamson playing a captain’s knock for SRH. Keeping his cool and assuring nothing will go bad till he is there at the crease. And he has found good support from the Bangladeshi skipper. 

Just FYI, This is not the official account! 🙂 

 11.54 PM IST | SRH 97/3, 13 overs: K Williamson- 36, S Hasan- 22

Sunil Narine comes on to bowl his third over giving away 9 runs and thankfully for SRH, no harm done. The partnership between the two has now grown to 42 off 26 balls as the RRR is now just a touch above 6, courtesy some expensive last few overs. This is SRH’s game to lose from here on. 

 11.50 PM IST | SRH 88/3, 12 overs: K Williamson- 30, S Hasan- 19

Big big over this for SRH. 16 runs off it as the runs have started to flow. Shakib joins the party by sending Russell first for a pull through the mid-wicket, then a loft over mid-off and a ferocious slash for six over the third man boundary. SRH back in the game. 

 11.45 PM IST | SRH 72/3, 11 overs: K Williamson- 29, S Hasan- 4

Williamson finally breaks the shackles with some good positive shot-play. Hits Kuldeep for two consecutive fours as SRH manage 10 from this over. The SRH skipper is looking good and holds fort for his side here. 

 11.42 PM IST | SRH 62/3, 10 overs: K Williamson- 20, S Hasan- 3

Good over from Chawla. Just 4 singles from it. The RRR is still just around 7.5 and isn’t a problem for SRH. It’s the wickets they should be mindful of. 

11.38 PM IST | SRH 58/3, 9 overs: K Williamson- 18, S Hasan- 1

Its game-on at the Eden. Three quick wickets and KKR are back into the game. Just 5 off the over but more importantly Kuldeep gets the wicket of Manish. SRH should act with caution here. Williamson is key to the chase, if he stays till the end and others play around him then SRH still should chase this down.

11.35 PM IST | OUT! Pandey gone! The spinners are doing it for Karthik and Kolkata.  It was a flighted delivery which turned in after pitching, Manish Pandey’s bat was behind the pads and ball raps him on the pads. It looked adjacent the only question was whether it was going down the leg-side. Umpire thinks it wasn’t and he raises his finger slowly in a stylish manner. ‘slow-Death’ is what Ian Bishop calls it on-air. Manish Pandey lbw b Kuldeep Yadav 4(11)

11.31 PM IST | SRH 53/2, 8 overs: K Williamson- 15, M Pandey – 3

Chawla comes back and bowls a tidy second over, just 4 singles off it. The two batsmen are looking to rotate the strike as much as possible and not go for any big shots. 

11.26 PM IST | SRH 49/2, 7 overs: K Williamson- 13, M Pandey – 1

The Chinaman, Kuldeep Yadav is brought on and delivers a tidy pressure for his skipper, giving away just three runs. But SRH shouldn’t worry. runs don’t matter at this moment. They should look to build a formidable partnership by settling in and taking their time. Wickets here are the key for both the sides. 

11.22 PM IST | SRH 46/2, 6 overs: K Williamson- 11, M Pandey – 0

Excellent over. This is a wonderful display of off-spin bowling here from Narine. Last over of the powerplay and just the one run off it, that too courtesy a wide. But skipper Williamson is joined by a batsman who knows this ground at the back of his hand and has over the years, played some good innings here for his former franchise. These two will be crucial for SRH’s chase from here on. Required Run-rate under 7. 

11.19 PM IST | WICKET! Sunil Narine is on fire at the moment. In-form batsman Shikhar Dhawan bowled. Former Knight Manish Pandey joins his skipper at the crease. But great bowling. He’s making sure that SRH doesn’t run away with the game here. Dhawan b Narine 7(7) [4s-1]

11.18 PM IST | SRH 45/1, 5 overs: K Williamson- 11, S Dhawan- 7

Karthik introduces spin from both ends, as Piyush Chawla comes onto bowl. But proves to be expensive as Williamson hits him for two cracking shots. 10 off the over. 

11.14 PM IST | SRH 35/1, 4 overs: K Williamson- 2, S Dhawan- 6

Excellent first over from Narine. Karthik’s go-to bowler has done the trick for them. Strikes off the very first ball and gives KKR the much-needed breakthrough. Another failure for Saha at the top of the order continues. In comes the skipper Kane Williamson. 

11.10 PM IST | WICKET! Another failure for Saha as Narine strikes on the first ball. but an excellent catch from Karthik there. Saha doesn’t even wait for the finger to go up as he walks back. It was an off-spinner down the leg-side, Saha gets a faint tickle to it and Karthik behind the stumps makes no mistake. Saha c Karthik b Narine 24(15) [4s-5] 

11.08 PM IST | SRH 32/0, 3 overs: W Saha- 24, S Dhawan- 5

A bad and expensive over this as 16 runs given away by Johnson. Got hit for three cracking boundaries by Saha. Was too predictable with his length and Saha just toying away with him. a pull shot off a short ball, then an off-drive on a slower ball and then a loft over mid-on. 

11.03 PM IST | SRH 16/0, 2 overs: W Saha- 9, S Dhawan- 5

Andre Russell shares the new ball but goes for 10 in his first over. Both Saha and Dhawan managed a four each. This is good positive batting from the two. 

11.00 PM IST | SRH 6/0, 1 over: W Saha- 4, S Dhawan- 0

Good first over from Johnson. Started off with a wide but just 6 from it. Both these openers should just try not to give their wickets here. The target is not a big one. 

10.56 PM IST | Back with the chase then. 139 to get. Looks easy but if the KKR bowlers manage to pick early wickets then this match could end up as another thriller. Out come the two SRH openers – Shikhar Dhawan and Wriddhiman Saha and its Mitch Johnson to start. 

10.46 PM IST | This is a below-par total, but on a pitch that has something for the bowlers. Utthapa instead of Narine as opener didn’t quite work for KKR, and the home team never quite recovered after the play resumed. Chris Lynn’s 49 was the highest, and once Shakib got him out, KKR’s innings went off-rail as the SRH bowlers ran through the middle-order. Five wickets between Bhuvneshwar and Stanlake in the end. Should be an interesting chase for SRH, as they have never won against KKR at their den.

10.39 PM IST | KKR: 138/8, 20 overs; M Johnson-4, S Mavi – 7

So a wicket to finish off the innings for KKR. An excellent last over from Kaul giving away just 4 runs. KKR finish with a below-par 138 on the board. Kane Williamson will be a happy captain as all his 5 bowlers did a more than decent job on the field. and to complement the bowling, their athletic fielding, making amends for the last match.  Shivam Mavi c Bhuvneshwar b S Kaul 7(8)

10.34 PM IST | KKR: 134/7, 19 overs; M Johnson-4, S Mavi – 3

WICKETTT! gone, Karthik departs as well! Bhuvi strikes again. Trying to run it down to third man, gets a thick edge through to the keeper and Saha pouches it. This KKR innings is absolutely derailed as the last recognized batsman departs. 

Quite an Un-Bhuvi over this. A couple of no-balls as Bhuvneshwar was caught overstepping on two occasions. Picked up the wicket of Karthik and gave away 12, but could have had 2 there if not for the no-ball. Bhuvi finishes off as well – 4-0-26-3

10.25 PM IST | KKR: 122/6, 18 overs; D Karthik -23, S Mavi – 3

Rashid Khan finishes off as well. 31 off his four overs, as 9 more came off that one. on his last ball, Rashid thought he has Shivam Mavi LBW and Williamson reviewed. Missed his sweep there, deflecting the ball to short fine leg. And guess what, he hasn’t missed it. It’s taken the under-side of the glove and gone to short fine leg, who with a wide throw at the bowler’s end allowed the second. so just the two overs remain, and one of them to be bowled by Bhuvi. 

10.19 PM IST | KKR: 113/6, 17 overs; D Karthik -17, S Mavi – 0

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, back from injury, strikes again. The pressure was building on gill. played 8 balls for his meager 3 runs. Looks as if the match has shifted from the Eden to a graveyard; that silence. 2 off the 17th over with just three to go, as Karthik is joined by another u-19 debutant: Shivam Mavi. the entire onus is now on the skipper to take his side to a respectable total of 140-150. 

10.20 PM IST | OUT! The youngster departs! Was a tough ask from Gill, coming in at this number and then trying to curve his natural game. But Bhuvneshwar strikes! He’ too good for a debutant. Takes the pace off again and Shubman Gill, overcommitted on the front foot, splices that up to extra cover. Shubman Gill c Shakib b Bhuvneshwar 3(9) 

10.19 PM IST | KKR: 111/5, 16 overs; D Karthik -15, S Gill- 3

Rashid Khan comes back and bowls his third over. Just 5 singles off it. Both the batsmen are very cautious here. Rotation of strike is the key. 

10.16 PM IST | KKR: 106/5, 15 overs; D Karthik -12, S Gill- 1

9 off the over from Kaul. Karthik hits a back of a length delivery exquisitely behind point. Has to assess the situation here first and try not to lose any more wickets. the veteran has a more-than-able partner in Shubhman Gill. 

10.07 PM IST | KKR: 97/5, 14 overs; D Karthik -5, S Gill- 0

Another exceptional over from big Billy! Included the big wicket of Dre-Russ, but got to say, that was reckless from the big Jamaican. At a time when wickets are falling, you got to stay there and support your captain. But great fast bowling. Stanlake finishes his quota of four overs and he too returns with figures of 2/21. And meanwhile, in comes debutant Shubhman Gill. Big responsibility on his shoulders now. Has to try and stay there till the end.

10.04 PM IST | WICKETT! Russell is gone! these are wickets not by bowlers but by the fielders. unluckily there’s no rule like this. But coming back to the dismissal,  Russell hit Billy for a six off the first ball, and Another one that he totally wanted to hit into the stands. Stays leg-side of the ball and wafts, and ends up slicing it. Into the night sky, Manish Pandey runs back from cover, with his back to the ball, and leaps in front to take that. Russell c Manish Pandey b Stanlake 9(5) [6s-1]

10.02 PM IST | KKR: 90/4, 13 overs; D Karthik -5, A Russell- 3

What an over from the veteran Shakib! Just 4 off it,  and the big wicket of Lynn, who fell 1 short of a 50. Shakib finishes off with figures of 2/21. KKR need some re-building here as still 7 overs to go and the skipper is joined by the big Dre-Russ. 

10.00 PM IST | OUTTT! Another one! SRH bowlers are running through the KKR lineup after the break. Arm-ball from Shakib again that sticks a bit in the pitch, Chris Lynn’s making room down leg and can only tamely pop it back down the pitch. And then Shakib takes over. Chris Lynn c and b Shakib 49(34) 

9.59 PM IST | KKR: 86/3, 12 overs; D Karthik -4, C Lynn- 49

Tidy over from Rashid that one. Just 5 runs off it as SRH have started to apply pressure on KKR. the rain-break has surely worked in their favor. these two have to now build the innings and do not give their wickets away. 

9.57 PM IST | KKR: 81/3, 11 overs; D Karthik -1, C Lynn- 46

A good over for SRH comes to an end. Although 11 off the over, had the crucial wicket of Sunil Narine. He was throwing his bat at everything but finally, is caught and has to now walk back. In Comes the KKR captain – Dinesh Karthik.

9.51 PM IST | OUTTTT! Finally, Narine is gone! Another excellent catch and this time its their skipper, Kane Williamson. Went miles up in the air, Williamson ran back, judged it to perfection and takes an excellent grab. Jeeez, I’m running out of adjectives to describe the fielding on display here from SRH players. Narine c Williamson b Shakib 9(10) [4s-1]

9.44 PM IST | KKR: 70/2, 10 overs; S Narine – 3, C Lynn- 46

Although 11 off the over, yet it was a brilliant one from Siddarth Kaul as very nearly took two wickets. An under-edge off the first ball from Narine that did not carry to the keeper and then, a knuckleball on which Lynn went hard, towered it up towards long-off where Rashid settles underneath but goes for it only with his left hand, gets a bit on that and eventually parries it over the fence. Was a very tough chance that, difficult to spot those in the night sky. Have to say, SRH are pretty electric on the field today. Have seen quite a few examples of great athleticism from their players.

9.40 PM IST | KKR: 59/2, 9 overs; S Narine – 2, C Lynn- 36

And nearly, just nearly had Manish Pandey pulled off another blinder. this time at the boundary. Narine doing what he does best; attacks Shakib, lofts that to long-on where Pandey plucked it, and leaps up in the air near the boundary, takes the catch and parries it away as he’s about to hit the ground. Strategic Time-out in place as KKR in a bit of worry. 

9.36 PM IST | KKR: 55/2, 8 overs; S Narine – 0, C Lynn- 34

Brilliant over comes to an end from Stanlake. Gave away just 3 runs but more importantly, picked up the important wicket of Nitish Rana who was starting to loosen up. so the little rain-break works for SRH, doesn’t for KKr as Sunil Narine has joined Lynn on the crease. Shakib to continue. 

9.33 PM IST | WICKETTT! There it is. just the fourth ball after the rain-break and KKR lose Nitish Rana. And what a catch. Excellent grab by Manish that, fumbles on the first attempt but manages to hold on as he’s about to hit the ground. Touched the ball, lobbed it in the air and then caught it on the second attempt, great match awareness and this is exactly what the KKR camp didn’t want.  Nitish Rana c Manish Pandey b Stanlake 18(16) [4s-2 6s-1] The new batsman is Sunil Narine. 

9.29 PM IST | The players are back on the field. Lynn to face the first ball and it will be Stanlake steaming in to bowl against him. That’s his third over…

9.16 PM IST | Good news for all the fans! Covers about to be taken off. No loss in overs, we’ll have a complete T20 match. Play to resume at 21:30 IST, only fifteen minutes from here on. 

8.39 PM IST | Rain Stops play! It has started drizzling out there and the covers have come on, almost the entire ground in under covers in no time. Although it’s not that heavy; prevention is better than cure, after all. Just as the KKR innings was looking to blossom after the early loss of Narine, the rain has intervened. 

Anyway, we’ll be back as soon as the rain stops and live action starts. Shouldn’t be that long a break, this. Nothing much to worry about.

8.32 PM IST | KKR: 52/1, 7 overs; N. Rana- 18, C Lynn- 31

So spinners from both ends by Williamson. Shakib al-Hasan is brought into the attack and bowls a tidy over giving away just three singles. And as I type, the covers are brought on as the players make their way out of the ground. 

8.28 PM IST | KKR: 49/1, 6 overs; N. Rana- 17, C Lynn- 29

A good over that for KKR as young Nitish Rana joins the party. Sent Rashid for a six off a slog sweep over midwicket and then square cuts the last ball for four.  12 off the over then, quite a contrasting start to Rashid Khan’s bowling.

8.22 PM IST | KKR: 37/1, 5 overs; N. Rana- 6, C Lynn- 28

Expensive over that. 14 off it as Chris Lynn hits three overs off Kaul’s over; two off the meat of the bat and one off the inside edge. not a good start from Siddarth who has been outstanding for SRH so far. Meanwhile, Lynn’s started to look dangerous now. And as I type, Rashid Khan is brought into the attack for the last over of the powerplay. 

8.17 PM IST | KKR: 23/1, 4 overs; N. Rana- 6, C Lynn- 14

A good comeback this by Big Billy! just two off the over in which he troubled the batsman with his extra pace and bounce, as the ball went past the outside edge on a few occasions.  And, after a wicket in his last over, Bhuvi is taken off the attack as Siddarth Kaul is given the ball.

8.14 PM IST | KKR: 21/1, 3 overs; N. Rana- 5, C Lynn- 13

It was a good over from Bhuvneshwar despite giving away 11 runs. Uthappa nicked a ball behind to the keeper Saha, they all went up but the umpire didn’t seem convinced. Kane Williamson then opted for the review and ultra-edge clearly showed a nick and Uthappa was on his way back.   Uthappa c Saha b Bhuvneshwar 3(8) 

08.11 PM IST | WICKETTTT! Big one this. Robin Uthappa goes back to the pavilion. and its that man, Bhuvneshwar Kumar who strikes early. So the move to send Uthappa in front of Narine hasn’t paid. Nitish Rana comes in. 

8.08 PM IST | KKR: 10/0, 2 overs; R. Uthappa- 2, C Lynn- 8

Two successive fours in the over from Chris Lynn in the over. SRH almost got their first wicket as Williamson tried to pull off a blinder at mid-off. Williamson went back running, extended his right arm in the air but couldn’t take the catch, the ball crawled away to the long-off boundary. 9 off the over. Its 10 for no loss. 

8.03 PM IST | KKR: 1/0, 1 over; R. Uthappa- 1, C Lynn- 0

Excellent first over from Bhuvi. Just a single from it. Billy Stanlake, the lanky Australian fast-bowler to continue from the other end. But coming back to the decision of not sending Narine at the top, maybe it’s because of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. His agility and accuracy might’ve been the case that tempted Karthik to keep Narine back and instead send seasoned opener Uthappa with Lynn.

8.00 PM IST | Surprise Surprise! No Narine today at the top. Robin Uthappa joins Chris Lynn as the two openers are out in the middle. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off the proceedings with the ball for SRH.

7.59 PM IST | SRH bowling coach, Muttiah Muralitharan rings the ceremonial 5-minute bell at the Eden Gardens.

7.43 PM IST | So the changes in the two sides are out. While Bhuvneshwar comes back in for SRH at the cost of Sandeep Sharma, Karthik has made a couple of big calls – the two India U-19 stars, Shivam Mavi and Shubhman Gill come in for Vinay Kumar and Rinku Singh. Also, Australian pacer MitchellJohnsonn comes back in for KKR, in place of tom curran, who didn’t have the best of debuts.


KKR: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik(w/c), Shubman Gill, Andre Russell, Mitchell Johnson, Shivam Mavi, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav

SRH: Wriddhiman Saha(w), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson(c), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul, Billy Stanlake

7.36 PM IST | Sunrisers Hyderabad have won the toss and opted to field first.

Hello and welcome! After yet another thriller in Wankhede, where the Delhi Daredevils won by 7 wickets, the action now shifts to the Edens Gardens in Kolkata for the evening match, where the hosts Kolkata Knight Riders will take on the Sunrisers Hyderabad in what is expected to be a cracker of a match. SRH will head into the game riding on two back-to-back victories, first against the Rajasthan Royals in their season opener, where they cruised to a pretty easy 9-wicket victory; and the next against the Mumbai Indians where they emerged victorious on the last ball in a nail-biter. KKR on the other hand, after starting off their campaign on a positive note, with a win against RCB, suffered a close 1 wicket defeat in their last game against the Chennai Super Kings, a thriller where the result was decided off the penultimate ball. While the hosts will look to make it 2-in-2 on their home ground, the visitors will look to carry their good run in this tournament and complete a hat-trick of victories.

The Sunrisers bowling has been one of the takeaways of this first week of the tournament, in how it has lived up to its reputation. They were without Bhuvneshwar the other day, who was out with back soreness, and it’s still unclear whether he’ll be back. But with or without him, the visitors have the attack to pose problems – with the likes of Rashid Khan and Siddarth Kaul leading the way so far and Bhuvi’s replacement- Sandeep Sharma doing an excellent job in his absence as he returned with figures of 2/25 in 4 overs.
KKR, on the contrary, were left heartbroken against Chennai as their death bowling was sent to all parts of the Chepauk. Such were the emotions that Vinay Kumar felt the need to take up to Twitter to explain the nature of the game. The contest between these two bowling attacks presents an interesting dynamic to watch out for.

WHEN: April 14, 2018; 8:00 PM IST

WHERE: Eden Gardens, Kolkata

CONDITIONS: Eden Gardens is a furnace at this time of the year and with a maximum of 37 degrees and humidity of close to 60 percent, the players would be in for another tough evening in the center. If the close lying Ganges brings in some respite, life would be a tad easier. There’s a trifle chance of a thundershower in the afternoon, but that shouldn’t be much of a worry.

HEAD-TO-HEAD:  KKR 8 – 4 SRH [*No team has won more matches against Sunrisers Hyderabad than the Kolkata Knight Riders.]

At the Eden Gardens: Matches – 5, KKR 5 – 0 SRH


Kolkata Knight Riders: After a poor final over in Chennai where the veteran failed to defend 14 runs off the final 6 deliveries, it will be interesting to see if Dinesh Karthik still persists with him or employs either of the U-19 stars – Nagarkoti or Shivam Mavi. Mitchell Johnson, who was out with a niggle, should walk back into the eleven, replacing tom curran. West Indian Javon Searles had his first long training session on tour, on Friday, and did enough to keep everyone guessing about KKR’s pace combination.

Probable XI: Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Dinesh Karthik (c & wk), Rinku Singh, Andre Russell, Mitchell Johnson, Piyush Chawla, Shivam Mavi/Kamlesh Nagarkoti, Kuldeep Yadav

Sunrisers Hyderabad: The only worry for SRH would be Bhuvneshwar’s sore back that kept him out of the previous contest. If he is fit, however unfair it may look, he will come in place of Sandeep Sharma, who will have to make way despite his fine performance in his absence.

Probable XI: Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson (c), Manish Pandey, Deepak Hooda, Yusuf Pathan, Shakib Al Hasan, Rashid Khan, Billy Stanlake, Siddarth Kaul, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.


True to expectations, the quick bowlers had a good outing in the previous match at the Eden Gardens; where they picked up 10 wickets (economy 8.54), while the spin bowlers collected 3 wickets (economy 9.50).

Manish Pandey, Yusuf Pathan, and Shakib al Hasan have been an integral part of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the last few seasons; in this match though, they will walk out of the visiting team’s dressing room, having been signed up Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Player Auction earlier this year.

Sunil Narine needs 3 more wickets to reach the 100 IPL wickets milestone.