In the Indian Premier League 12 (IPL 2019), Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) captain Ravichandran Ashwin dismissed Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler without even releasing the ball. The run out on the non-striker’s end is called as Manakading. If a batsman crosses the crease before the bowler releases the ball and knocks the bails, then the batsman is declared out. Mankanding is approved under ICC’s rule 42.15. The law is promoted by the MCC and allows the bowler to run out non-striker before releasing the ball. The bowler does not need to complete his usual bowling action, to attempt to run out the batsman on non-striker.

 In the 4th match of IPL, when Rajasthan Royals were chasing a target of 184 runs, in the 13th over of the match, Punjab skipper and spinner R Ashwin knocked the bails of non-striking batsman Jos Buttler and he was given out by the umpire. After the Mankading and before leaving the ground anguished Buttler exchanged some heated words with Ashwin. 

Although Buttler was declared out but the dismissal raised several questions on the sporting spirit of the cricketer. Tweeple, former cricketers and experts have divided on the controversial dismissal.  It was not the first time that such controversies erupted after the dismissal of a batsman following the Mankad style. Indian cricket legend and 1983 World Cup winning team captain Kapil Dev and former Indian spinner Murli Karthik, Keemo Paul and Alan Hurst have dismissed batsmen in the same manner. 

Here are 5 past incidents of Mankading in the history of cricket:

  1. In 1979, Australia’s Alan Hurst had dismissed Pakistan’s Sikandar Butakh, who was standing on the non-striker’s end, batsman Asif Iqbal was struggling to avoid the defeat in a Test match at Perth.
  2. In 1992, during a Friendship Cup test match, Kapil Dev had knocked the bails of Peter Kirsten, who was standing at the non-striker’s end. Kapil Dev noticed that Peter Kirsten is taking a long start, he came running from the boundary and stopped near the stumps and dismissed the stumps.
  3. R Ashwin is not the first man to upset Jos Buttler, earlier in 2014, Sri Lanka’s Senanayake did the same. Buttler was Mankaded as he was standing outside the line before the bowler would have released the ball.
  4. In 2012, R Ashwin had Mankaded Sri Lankan batsman Lahiru Thirimanne in an ODI against Sri Lanka at the Gabba in 2012 but Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar had withdrawn the appeal. 
  5. In the history of cricket, Indian legend Vinoo Mankad had done it for the very first time. The Mankad had dismissed Australia’s Bill Brown. Mankad had done the same to Bill Brown twice in the series, following which such dismissals were called as Mankad or Mankading.