Former Chelsea defender Marcel Desailly has heaped praise for Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho as the former French defender Marcel Desaily wants United fans to remain patient with the Special One, who revamps the Red Devils squad according to his own preference. Speaking to the press ahead of the Golden Foot Hublot Award that were held in Monaco, Desailly said the Special One has to stay like he has been over the years and he is well aware of the capacity of his current team Manchester United, who are occupying the second spot in the Premier League after 11 games. “He has to stay as Mourinho. He knows the capacity of his team,” Desailly told Omnisport.

The 42-year old defender also drew a comparison between the Portuguese manager and his old rival Pep Guardiola. The Frenchman believes that unlike Manchester City manager Guardiola, who uses every player from his squad, Mourinho is still dealing with some players who he didn’t really want in the Man United team. “He looks like he’s not really had the team he wanted, like when you compare with [Pep] Guardiola, who really chose every player he wanted in and out,” Marcel was quoted as saying. “Mourinho, he’s still dealing with some players that he didn’t really want in his system,” he added.  

Manchester United led by Jose Mourinho were beaten 1-0 by Antonio Conte’s Chelsea as the Desailly’s former club extended the gap between United and City to eight points in the Premier League. Despite a disappointing result at Stamford Bridge, Desailly asserted that the Special One will bounce back with the Red Devils and United will shine like they used to back in the Sir Alex Ferguson era. “He’s doing well, so I hope United will shine like they were shining at the time with [Alex] Ferguson,” said Desaily, who made 158 appearances for the Blues in his glittering career. “But it’s tough. Every time, every game, there’s big history on the shoulders of all the players and on the manager. So, let’s give him time,” he concluded.