For some their passion stands above all and no matter what they don’t let their soul settle down for anything lesser than what they had craved. One such story is of avid cyclist Vedangi Kulkarni who has spent last few years paddling across lone roads, Mountains, lush fields and on all plots which sufficed her bicycle. Following her passion, the nineteen-year-old from Pune has decided to shatter the world record by cycling across globe covering close to 29,000 kilometres while touching each of the continents. If you thought the record was cycling on the soil of each continent wait till you hear this. Vedangi has aimed to complete the unsupported solo trip in just 130 days.

A second-year sports management student at the Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom, Vedangi will set on the enthralling journey in June 2018 and will start off from Perth, Australia and will then head to New Zealand, followed by Alaska in the United States. I would later cover Canada, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Mongolia and China. In the process, she will be planning to take the honours of becoming the youngest and the fastest woman to cover the staggering distance on a bicycle. She will be covering at least 350 kilometres a day as per a Mumbai Mirror report.

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She will be covering all continents except South America and Antartica and her dream run will certainly be full of adventure and excitement. “It is going to be super cool, I am very excited about it,” a nonchalant Vedangi, who studies sports management at Bournemouth University, told PTI recently before setting out on a 1,400-km ‘training ride’ from Mumbai to New Delhi. Call it her way of ringing in the New Year.

The ardent sports enthusiast that she is, Vedangi has been playing football since a tender age and got a knick of cycling when she took up a solo ride in Himachal Pradesh along the Manali-Leh-Khardungla top-Drass route in 2016.

“Throughout my life, I have been an avid adventurer. I started cycling when I was 17. It all happened when I called my father at 4 am only to tell him about my plans and he was understandably shocked. As of now, I have cycled at many challenging places with Khardung La being one of the toughest,” she told Mumbai Mirror.

However, this ominous challenge has of covering almost the whole globe has a strong motivation behind. The Pune girl wants to encourage people to overcome their fear and do what they love and she wants to do so by putting an exemplary display of her courage and lead the way for others. She will be propagating the #StepUpAndRideOn campaign during her ride and will document her attempt to make sure it reaches people and her agenda is fulfilled.

Before embarking on the journey, she will meet potential sponsors and all the concerned officials to ensure she has a smooth passage across continents on her bicycle.

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