Sheikh Rasheed, Pakistan’s interior minister, made a shocking remark on Monday after Pakistan won a T20 by 10 wickets for the first time, saying that all Muslims throughout the world, including Indian Muslims, were rooting for Pakistan. He went ahead and proclaimed that Pakistan’s triumph against India is a ‘victory of Islam’.  

Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. “Today’s match has a different degree of enthusiasm than any other World Cup encounter,” he added, celebrating Pakistan’s rare victory. 

On the other hand, Bazid Khan, a former Pakistani cricketer and an official commentator for the World Cup 2021 picked up by the International Cricket Council, gloated over Pakistan’s victory over India by saying ‘Kufr Toot Gaya’; demonstrating the extent of Pakistan’s Xenophobia. 

This is the first time that India has lost a T20I by 10 wickets. Coincidentally, this is also the first time that Pakistan has won a T20I by 10 wickets. India will next square off against New Zealand on Sunday, October 31 while Pakistan will take on New Zealand on Tuesday, October 26.