Taking a jibe at the Premier League referees, Arsenal head coach Arsene Wenger urged the arbitrators of the English league to stop manage games like they represent the ‘dark ages’. As per reports, the Gunners manager has been charged with misconduct by the Football governing body for confronted match officials after his side was forced to share points on Sunday with West Brom. Wenger feels he is done facing backlashes with Premier League referees in his 22-year old career as Arsenal manager. The veteran Premier League manager added that it is the match referee who is supposed to make sure that football happens on the pitch and should serve the beautiful game like the players, managers are doing.

“Sometimes I say to the fourth official, when the goalkeeper starts to waste time after five minutes, ‘There are people who pay a lot of money to watch football. You are responsible to make sure football happens on the pitch’. They have to serve the game, like we do. They have not to be the star,” Wenger said. The 68-year old said that in 2018, it’s a bit of inappropriate for the referees to call players and give them a ticking for a minute or half. “It’s not [appropriate] any more, in 2018, that the referee calls a player and speaks to him for half a minute or a minute,” Wenger said in a statement.

Considering ‘wasting time with players’ by speaking with them not the rhythm of a modern society, Arsenal manager said that introducing video assistant referee (VAR), which is already flourishing in Serie A and the Bundesliga, is “inevitable”. Speaking behalf of the spectators, Wenger said people who buy match tickets or are watching the game want crisp, sharp action and referees are suppose to safeguard it. “People want crisp, sharp action and the referee has to make sure that happens. We don’t live in the dark ages,” Wenger added. 

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