Riding high on 4 successive wins, U Mumba will face off Gujarat Fortunegaints in the 2nd game on Saturday in Mumbai. While the home team is in red-hot form, visitors are eying an upset, coming from 5 back to back victories in their first 5 matches and then hitting a stutter in the last 2 with a loss and a tie. A one-on-one battle between Iranian defender Fazel Atrachali and Gujarat’s star raider Sachin is something to watch out for in the much-anticipated match.

Gujarat’s defence has been on fire so far with Parvesh Bhainswal, Ruturaj, Sachin Vittala scoring regular points in defending. While Bhainswal scored 6 points against Delhi, Right corner Ruturaj has scored 21 points in the 7 matches the team have played.

The match will change tally standing in Zone A, but who will take away the points, in the end, is nobody’s guess as both the teams have looked equally good so far.


U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (c), Vinod Kumar, Siddharth Desai, Rohit Rana, Abhishek Singh, Surender Singh and Dharmaraj Cheralathan

Gujarat Fortune Giants: Sunil Kumar (c), Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin, Dong Geon Lee, Rohit Gulia, Ruturaj Koravi and Sachin Vittala


U Mumba 36-38 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Gujarat Fortunegaints beats U Mumba in a thriller, for a moment, it seemed that Mumba will script their first win over visitors but, Mahendra Rajput changed it all in a blink of an eye with a super raid. U Mumba tried to claw back with 4 points in the last 2 minutes but Gujarat kept the lead intact with swift points.

U Mumba 36-38 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Gujarat want to waste time in raids, while Mumba need every raid to be successful. Rajput is tackled and a successful raid from Siddharth gets hosts' hopes high but Ajay Kumar gets a touch point and maintain the lead of 3 points.

U Mumba 33-37 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Rohit Balyan is dashed out, Darshan is tackled, while Mahendra Rajput gets tackled in do-or-die raid. Match is about to end, and U Mumba it seems has again failed to register a win ove Gujarat Fortuneginants.

U Mumba 30-34 Gujarat Fortunegiants

What a twist in the game, Mahendra Rajput makes a super raid, bags 5 points and U Mumba is all out! Giants are back in the lead. Rajput was quiet for the entire match but now he's roared!

U Mumba 30-26 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Prapanjan scores again for the Giants in do-or-die raid but makes a blunder in his next one. He's self out while Siddharth Desai makes an empty raid.

U Mumba 29-25 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Prapanjan scores for Giants, he's been making steady raids with success for the visitors. For Mumba Baliyan gets a point but is then tackled in his next raid, while Mahendra Rajput makes an empty raid.

U Mumba 27-23 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Siddharth Desai gets a bonus for Mumba after a time-out, Sachin from the other side also makes a successful raid. But then both Siddharth and Sachin are tackled in the next raids. No side gains a lead.

U Mumba 25-21 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Mumba is in the lead after a long time, and the defence is also making comebacks, Dong Geon is dashed out, while Ruturaj makes an empty raid for the Giants

U Mumba 24-21 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Prapanjan is tackled in a do-or-die raid, Mumba is making efforts to overcome the lead, another set of empty raids follow from both the teams, but Sunil Kumar gets the job done for the Mumba, It's ALL OUT Gujarat.

U Mumba 19-21 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Both the side are taking it slow right now, empty raids happening from both sides, but Rohit Baliyan for Mumba makes a mistake and gives 2 points to Gujarat. Siddharth for Mumba gets the 19th point to reduce the lead.

U Mumba 18-19 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Siddharth gets going after the first half, gets 2 raid points, while the defence takes down Dong Geon to reduce the lead. Sachin gets a bonus for Giants but gets tackled, U Mumba's defence is looking more organised.


U Mumba's defence is out of sorts, they are trailing by 4 points but still can script a comeback. Gujarat Fortunegaints are looking look with their raiders, Sachin and Dong are getting the job done.

U Mumba 14-16 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Sachin is turning out to be the guy for Giants for the deadly raids. He scores 2 touch points in a do-or-die one, Siddharth finally gets one point for Mumba.

U Mumba 13-16 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Mumba is struggling a bit, Siddharth Desia is getting tackled or making empty raids. Abhishek gets a point for Mumba while Dong Lee makes an empty raid for Giants.

U Mumba 12-15 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Siddharth gets a bonus for Mumba, while Sachin makes an empty raid. Meanwhile, Dong Geon Lee returns to his red-hot form and gets Mumba out of the mat. It's a ALL OUT.

U Mumba 11-10 Gujarat Fortunegiants

While Mumba has to pay the price for empty raids, Abhished gets tackled in a do-or-die raid, Giants have got a point with Sachin turning the deadly raid into a point.

U Mumba 11-8 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Gulia is out of the mat, gets tackled in a do-or-die raid, however, Prapanjan gets a point for his team and breaks the deadlock. Mumba, on the other hand, have started the empty raids with Sunil Kumar returning with nothing.

U Mumba 10-7 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Dong Geon Lee, who had been phenomenal in the last couple of matches is making empty raids, while Baliyan from Mumba gets his team in the front with a bonus and a 2 pointer raids.

U Mumba 7-7 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Sachin gets 2 point , Siddharth goes for the bonus and scores 100 raid points in just 9 matches in this season. Mumba makes a comeback with a super tackle now the socre is tied at 7-7

U Mumba 4-7 Gujarat Fortunegiants

Rohit Gulia gets Fazel, but Mumba immediately go upstairs, however much to their hopes, the review is held unsuccessful. Gulia gets a point and now the score is 3-5 with Gujarat in the lead.

U Mumba vs Gujarat Fortunegiants Underway

Gujarat get the first point of the match with Sachin getting the bonus but on his next raid, Rohit Rana gets him out of the mat. After the first 3 minutes, the score is tied at 3-3 for both the teams.

Head-To-Head U Mumba 0-3 Gujarat Fortunegiants

U Mumba might be in red-hot form but they have been winless against the Giants in their last 3 meetings. Interestingly, Gujarat is the only team in PKL against whom Mumba don't have a single win.

Gujarat Fortunegiants PKL 2018

Standing at 3rd spot right now, the visitors are eying an upset to change the tally after this match. After winning their first 4 matches, they have hit a bit of a stutter with a loss and a tie, but they will definitely look to return to their initial form.

U Mumba PKL 2018

U Mumba is having a sensational run the ongoing season with 7 wins, 1 loss and a tie. They are leading the Zone A standings with 39 points and got just the start to their home leg yesterday against Jaipur Pink Panthers when with a 48-24 victory.

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