Reigning champions Punjab Royals tasted defeat in their opening fixture against their nemesis UP Dangal on Thursday of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 at Sri Fort in the national capital New Delhi. Starting their title defence, Punjab Royals despite giving nail biting final were outclassed by UP Dangal 4-3. The 2017 champions were decimated in the closing stages of the tie through the hands of UP Dangal grapplers. In the final bout, UP Dangal’s Nitin kept his cool and was able to hold Utkarsh Kale. His heroics gave UP Dangal a sensational start by winning the contest against Punjab Royals with a overall 4-3 margin on Day 3 of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3. 

Speaking  before the heavyweight clash, co-owner of Punjab Royal, Dharampal Rathi said that: “We will fully utilise the weakness of UP Dangal to our benefits and we believe in our players that they will ensure victories during the entire tournament”.  On the other hand, their arch-rivals UP Dangal were spearheaded by Indian wrestler Bajrang Punia in the 65 KG category bout including other potential threats such as Jamaladdin Magomedov (125 Kgs) and top favourite Geeta Phogat (62 Kgs). Dangal owner Sunny Katyal believes that his side will utilise the experience of his players after investing a huge amount of money on them. “My team has come way ahead of its initial difficulties,” Katyal was quoted as saying.  

Here are the highlights from Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 3 clash between Punjab Royals and UP Dangal: 

8:42 PM — Nitin kept his cool and was able to hold Utkarsh Kale. It’s a 4-3 victory for UP Dangals over defending champions Punjab Royals as Day 3 of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 comes to an end. 

8:40 PM — With Utkarsh Kale desperately trying to turn tables for his side, we are moving into a dramatic finale with this certain cliffhanger. 

8:38 PM — Utkarsh Kale was on the verge to  hand over Punjab an emphatic win but his lead is cut short superbly by Nitin. Talk about comebacks! What a game we are having tonight. UP Dangal’s grappler has turn things around for his side. 

8:36 PM — The man in blue Utkarsh Kale brings the first round in Punjab’s favour with 2-0 lead. 

8:34 PM — First real attack in the opening round by Utkarsh Kale with a leg-grasp as the agile wrestler bags 2 points for Punjab. 

8:32 PM — From 1-3 down to 3-3, Punjab Royals have thoroughly  shown their resiliency. Who will bite the dust? Punjab or UP, Utkarsh Kale and Nitin are here next to give us the vivid pictures. 

8:30 PM — The seventh and final bout is between Utkarsh Kale (Punjab Royals) and Nitin (UP Dangals) for the men’s 57Kg category.  

8:28 PM — Day 3 of the Pro Wrestling League Season 3, we are into our main event folks as bout seven will be the decider between Punjab Royal and UP Dangal. 

8:26 PM — That’s it for Zsannet Nemeth, Koumba Selene has defeated the Hungarian 4-0. 

8:24 PM — We are still waiting for a game-changing attack in this sixth bout. Going in the last stages, Zsannet Nemeth is still choking under pressure. 

8:22 PM — Despite having the narrowest lead, Koumba Selene is still making things complicated for Zsannet Nemeth and with one minute gone, Koumba is still more aggressive than the two. 

8:20 PM — Koumba Selene is leading the first round for Punjab Royals with a solitude point. 

8:18 PM — Koumba Selene has bagged the first point in the first round for Punjab Royals. 

8:16 PM — It’s an all European clash where promising wrestlers Selene from France and Nemeth  from Hungary  are competing in for supremacy. 

8:14 PM — The sixth bout is between Koumba Selene (Punjab Royals) and Zsannet Nemeth  (UP Dangals) for the women’s 76Kg category.  

8:12 PM — With the nail biting finish, reigning champions Punjab Royals are back in the tie with a 3-2 overall scoreline. 

8:10 PM — Geno Petriashvli has edge past his opponent  by 4-3, this is the closest bout we’ve witnessed ladies and gentlemen on Day 3 of  Pro Wrestling League Season 3. Stay tuned for more. 

8:08 PM — It’s a treat for all you grappling fans,  Geno Petriashvli is now shwoing his true World Champion skills. 

8:06 PM — Is this the match where Geno Petriashvli will taste defeat? No chance, Petriashvli is back in this one by picking vital points. 

8:04 PM — The second of between Geno Petriashvli and Jamaladdin Magomedov  is underway. 

8:02 PM — First round has come to a conclusion with UP Dangals’ Jamaladdin Magomedov leading with a solitary point. 

8:00 PM — Very little mobility between the two as both Geno Petriashvli and Jamaladdin Magomedov are still searching for the first point of the bout. 

7:58 PM — This is the heavyweight clash of the night ladies and gentlemen, representing Punjab Royals is 2017 World Championship Gold medallist Geno Petriashvli and his opponent  is UP Dangals’ Jamaladdin Magomedov. 

7:56 PM — The fifth bout is between icon Geno Petriashvli (Punjab Royals) and Jamaladdin Magomedov  (UP Dangals) for the men’s 125Kg category.  

7:54 PM — Superb performances by Vinesh Phogat as she pins her opponent with a remarkable double leg hold in the end. Vinesh Phogat thrashes Nirmala Devi 16-0 with ease. 

7:52 PM — In the league stages of the competition, UP Dangals are setting standards straight ahead.  

7:50 PM — Agile, alert and full of energy Vinesh Phogat is leading 10-0 in the second round. 

7:48 PM — First round ends and it’s all  UP Dangals so far folks, Vinesh Phogat gets into a commanding 8-0 lead.  

7:46 PM — The Commonwealth gold medallist for India in 2017, Vinesh Phogat take-downs her opponent with authority. 

7:44 PM — Excellent grappling skills by Vinesh Phogat, the UP Dangals ace earns first two points of the game. 

7:42 PM — The fourth bout is between Nirmala Devi (Punjab Royals) and Vinesh Phogat (UP Dangals) in the women’s 50Kg category.  

7:42 PM — Despite leading 4-0 in the earlier stages, Pendulum swings in UP Dangal’s favour, injured Mausam Khatri forfeits his bout.   

7:40 PM — Worrying signs for Punjab Royals, Mausam Khatri is getting stretchered off. 

7:38 PM — Trouble for Punjab momentarily! Vicky Kumar has made a great comeback but his maneuver has inflicted more pain than expected for Mausam Khatri. The national championship gold medalllist is unlikely to continue his bout. 

7:36 PM — The second round gets underway with rookie Vicky Kumar trailing 4-0 against Mausam Khatri. 

7:34 PM — Vicky Kumar recently had problems with his shoulder but Mausam Khatri hasn’t hit the sweet spot yet. Mausam Khatri  bags two more points in the end to lead the third bout 4-0.

7:32 PM — Mausam Khatri  leading the match proceedings with a 2-0 lead over Vicky Kumar. 

7:30 PM — It’s an all Indian clash as the 2017 Commonwealth Silver medallist Khatri takes on a promising youngster in the form of Vicky Kumar. 

7:28 PM — The third bout is between Mausam Khatri (Punjab Royals) and Vicky Kumar (UP Dangals) in the 92Kg category.  

7:26 PM — Down and out goes Geeta Phogat! Defending champions Punjab Royals are back in this one as scoreline reads 14-2. 

7:24 PM — Geeta Phogat needs a miracle to get back into this one sided bout. Punjab are on the verge of getting level terms with UP Dangal. 

7:22 PM — One way traffic in the second bout folks, Grigorjeva Anastasija is maintaining her lead in the second round. Punjab Royals’ grappler leads 14-2. 

7:20 PM— The first Indian women to get a gold in a major tournament is left with a uphill task. Grigorjeva Anastasija is in no mood to relinquish a 10-2 lead. 

7:18 PM— We are 10-2 at present as the first round comes to a curtain close. Grigorjeva Anastasija is clearly the favorite to level the tie for Punjab Royals. 

7:16 PM — Geeta Phogat, who clinched Commonwealth Gold medal for India in 2010 is off to a terrible start. Grigorjeva Anastasija is leading 10-0. Real trouble for UP Dangal’s talisman. 

7:14 PM — The second bout between Geeta Phogat and Grigorjeva Anastasija in 62kg category is underway! 

7:1o PM — It’s now time for some women’s action as UP Dangal’s Geeta Phogat steps up in the mat against Punjab Royals’ Grigorjeva Anastasija. 

7:08 PM — With a 5-0 lead Bekzod has successfully transformed his first round form in the second by picking 4 more points. By dominating Jitender in both rounds, UP Dangal’s Abdurakhmonov has won the first bout for his side convincingly. 

7:06 PM — The first round has come to a conclusion and it has been one way traffic ladies and gentlemen. UP Dangal’s Abdurakhmonov Bekzod is leading 5-0. 

7:04 PM — The first point of the bout has been bagged by UP Dangal’s Abdurakhmonov Bekzod. The UP Dangal’s grappler is trying to get behind Jitender and is creating more pressure for his opponent.  

6:58 PM — The first round between Jitender (Punjab Royals) and Abdurakhmonov Bekzod (UP Dangal) has been underway!

6:45 PM — Here is the entire schedule of tonight’s action. 


6:30PM — UP Dangal have won the toss against NCR Punjab Royals!

5:47PM — Here’s how the action unfolded on Day 1 and Day 2.


5:20 PM — Here is the schedule for Pro Wrestling League 2018 for Day 3:

6:45 PM: National Anthem
6:50 PM: Match Toss
7:00 PM: Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 3 match — Punjab Royals Vs UP Dangal
8.50 PM: Presentation Ceremony