After successful triumphs in their last 2 games in the Pro Wrestling League Season 3, last year finalist Haryana Hammers will face their season 2 conquers Punjab Royals on Tuesday at Siri For in New Delhi. Haryana Hammers will be looking to clinch the silverware this season after reaching the finals in the previous two seasons. With the inclusion of Olympic and World Champion Helen Maroulis and World Champion Vladimir Khinchegashvili, Haryana Hammers are boosted with an impeccable lineup of strong grapllers in the third installment of PWL. Their opponents Punjab Royals are also not further behind and with the likes of World Champions Geno Petriashvili, who is still unbeaten in the PWL season3, they are a force to reckon with.

This mouth watering clash will also be an one of a kind contest where famous foreign wrestlers will go one on one against Indian homegrown talents. The legend suggest that whenever any Indian wrestler has managed to outclass a foreign opponent, winning chances of his team have increased emphatically. Speaking ahead of the match, co-owner of the Haryana Hammers Bhupender and Co-owner of NCR Punjab Royals Dharampal have expressed their support for Haryana and Punjab respectively. “Ilyas Bekbulatov, Geno Petriashvili, Anastasija Grigorjeva and Koumba Larroquewould emerge as champions and remaining players are in their optimum form,” Dharmpal was quoted as saying. 

Here is the order of play for tonight’s action: (First name of Haryana Hammers) : 57 Kgs – Vladimir Khinchgashvili Vs Utkarsh Kale, 65 Kgs – Harphool Vs Ilyas Bekbulatov, 74 Kgs – Khetik Tsabolov Vs Jitender, 92 Kgs –Roublejit Singh Rangi Vs Aslan Alborov, 125 Kgs – Sumit Vs Geno Petriashvili , 50 Kgs – Sun Yanan Vs Nirmala Devi, 57 Kgs – Helen Maroulis Vs Pooja Dhanda, 62 Kgs – Sarita Vs Anastasija, 76 Kgs – Pooja Vs Koumba Larroque.