With a defeat in the opener against UP Dangal and victory in second against Veer Marathas by the slightest of margin, Pro Wrestling League defending champions Punjab Royals have started their title defense for Season 3 in quite some fashion. On Tuesday they ended Haryana Hammers’undefeated run, who were second on the PWL Season 3 standings with 4 points in 2 games. The Day 8 fixture between Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers which ended in Punjab’s favour was also a rematch of last years’ PWL Finals where Royals edge past Hammers with a dramatic comeback at KD Jadhav Indoor Stadium.

The upset of the night was recorded by Indian wrestler Pooja Dhandal, who shocked everyone by outclassing World Campion Helen Maroulis and Hammer’s icon player with a 7-6 margin. She made a brilliant start for Punjab Royals in the initial stages and picked up first two points of the bout with ease. Helen Maroulis was taken by surprise and despite a hard-fought comeback in closing stages, the 2016 Rio Olympic Gold medallist tasted defeat through the hands of Punjab’s grappler.   

Here are the highlights from the Pro Wrestling League Season 3 Day 8 encounter between Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers:

08:50 PM —  Punjab Royals have edged past Haryana Hammers and with the crucial win they have opened the semi-final road for themselves. The upset of the night was recorded when Pooja Dhandal outclassed World Campion Helen Maroulis with a 7-6 margin. 

08:48 PM —  The Haryana Hammers’ Roublejit Singh Rangi has been confirmed as the victor. He ends Haryana Hammers’ disappointing night with a 11-0 win.  

08:45 PM — Roublejit Singh Rangi has got the consolation fight in Haryana Hammers’ favour. 

08:41 PM — Roublejit Singh Rangi is in the lead with 2 points. The Haryana Hammers’ grappler is expected to dominate the in match proceedings in the second round. 

08:38 PM — The final contest is between Roublejit Singh Rangi (Haryana Hammers) and Naseer (Punjab Royals). 

08:33 PM — That’s it ladies and gentlemen, the tie is done and dusted by Punjab Royals. A terrific performance by their wrestlers. Anastasija Grigorjeva gains superiority over Sarita to make next bout-outcome a mere consolation for Hammers. 

08:31 PM — Clock is ticking quickly for Sarita and her Haryana Hammers’ dugout.  Punjab Royals can smell victory as the second round is about to end in their favour.  

08:29 PM — Anastasija Grigorjeva gets two more points in the opening phase of the second round. Sarita is still behind without a reply. Anastasija leads 5-0 now. 

08:27 PM — First round is history now. Sarita trails 2-0.  

08:25 PM — Anastasija Grigorjeva, Bronze medallist in 2017 World Championship has drawn first blood for Punjab Royals. She is leading 2-0 so far. 

08:23 PM — Definitely Sarita has weight on her shoulders as she is in a do or die situation. 

08:21 PM — It’s time for women’s action folks, representing NCR Punjab Royals is Anastasija Grigorjeva. She is up againts Haryana Hammers’ Sarita. 

08:19 PM — Haryana Hammers are making a comeback ladies and gentlemen. After toying with his opponent he ends the bout with 11-0 scoreline. Hammers still trailing 2-3. 

08:17 PM — First five minutes are gone and Jitender has conceded two more points. It’s 11 to nothing for Jitender. 

08:15 PM — A spectacular low attack by Tsabolov, he gets 2 more points to lead the bout 3-0. 

08:13 PM — Khetik Tsabolov is leading with a solitary point as first round reaches conclusion. 

08:11 PM — A minute and a half up in this one and passivity warning has been given to Jitender, who is bleeding with his ear. 

08:09 PM — Jitender of Punjab Royals is up against Khetik Tsabolov, both grapplers have started the first round in defensive mode and there is no margin for Hammers especially in this bout.  

08:06 PM — The third bout between Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers is underway. 

08:02 PM — Punjab Royals are leading 3-1 so far and there are only 3 matches left. 

08:00 PM —  Helen Maroulis has picked up 4 points in the end but it won’t make much of a difference in the scoreline. Pooja Dhandha has defeated World Champions Helen Maroulis 6-7. 

07:58 PM — Pooja Dhandha is on the verge of making an upset in PWL Season 3, Punjab Royals’ grappler are banking on their 7 point lead. Still, a minute and 15 seconds left, an all-out attack is the only option for Helen Maroulis. 

07:55 PM — Strange and surprise scoreline for Haryana Hammers!  Pooja Dhandha of Punjab Royals is leading 2-0 as the second round gets underway.

07:52 PM — Brilliant start for Punjab Royals as Pooja Dhandha has picked up first two points of the bout. Helen Maroulis is in deep trouble. 

07:50 PM —  Punjab Royals’ Pooja Dhandha is up against 2016 Rio Olympics Gold medallist Helen Maroulis as the first round is underway.  

07:46 PM — Next up is women’s 57kg bout, representing Punjab Royals is Pooja Dhandha and from Haryana Hammers is their icon signing Helen Maroulis. 

07:44 PM — Game set and match for Punjab Royals, Petriashvili wins his bout via technical superiority. Geno Petriashvili beats Sumit 15-0. 

07:42 PM — Geno Petriashvili takes Sumit down again and with another roll-over maneuver he has scalped 4-more points in total.  

07:38 PM — Geno Petriashvili is the man in control so far and with a 9-0 lead, there’s no back for Sumit and Hammers. 

07:34 PM — The first round between Petriashvili and Sumit is has ended with the Georgia international leading the bout 9-0. Emphatic performance by the 2016 Bronze medallist Geno Petriashvili so far!

07:32 PM — It’s time for men’s action in the 125kg category! Representing Punjab Royals is 2016 Bronze medallist Geno Petriashvili and he is up against 2017 Asian Championship Silver medallist Sumit.  

07:28 PM — Punjab Royals have leveled things by winning the second bout 6-2.  

07:15 PM —  Haryana Hammers are off and running with their first win in the 7 match tie against Punjab Royals. Khinchegashvili beats Kale 11-4. 

07:11 PM —  Vladimir Khinchegashvili is in cruise control and the Rio gold medallist is about to put first bout to bed 10-point margin. 

07:09 PM — Utkarsh Kale takes Vladimir Khinchegashvili down in the opening seconds of the second round to score his first 2 points of the match. Khinchegashvili is leading the bout 11-2. 

07:07 PM — The first bout for tonight’s PWL action features Punjab Royals’ Utkarsh Kale and Vladimir Khinchegashvili of Haryana Hammers. The first round between the grapllers is underway. 

07:05 PM — Haryana Hammers have won the toss and they have blocked men’s 65 KG category and in reply, Punjab have blocked Female’s 50Kg. 

06:45PM — Here is the entire schedule for tonight’s action between Punjab Royals and Haryana Hammers.


06:40PM — With a win over arch-rivals Punjab Royals, Haryana Hammers can become the second team after UP Dangal to win three matches in a row. Stay tuned for the match toss between Hammers and Royals! 


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