After actress Nimrat Kaur’s sweet denial of romance rumours with Indian cricket team coach Ravi Shastri, the man himself has come out calling the dating rumours with Kaur a “biggest load of cow dung”. In a telephonic interview with Mid-day, Shastri, on being asked about the rumours shot back, “When I say cow dung you must understand.”

A few days back, reports emerged that Shastri and Nimrat Kaur have been dating for over 2 years after getting to know each other through a common friend. The 2 were even roped in by a luxury German car brand to launch its new fleet of cars every year. They posed alongside the latest models at various such car expos and got to know each other well. Twitterati was filled with Ravi Shastri and Nimrat Kaur pictures after the rumours.

The day, the rumours started doing rounds on the internet, Nimrat took to Twitter to deny them but in a cryptic manner.

Nimrat tweeted, “Fact: I may need a root canal. Fiction: Everything else I read about me today. More facts: Fiction can be more hurtful, Monday blues exist and I love ice cream. Here’s to trash free happy days ahead.”

Apart from the sweet acceptance of her dental problems, she took on the speculation by outright calling it a work of fiction. She further went on to say that fiction is hurtful.

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