Our life cycle is an Yatra, full of challenges.Also,while attempting to face them,one learns Good lessons. It is the Experience that matters in the ultimate analysis. There,is,therefore,No harm in Trying. Immediately after magnificent performance by Indian sportspersons at the Tokyo Main Olympics recently, the Divyang Sportspersons of Bharat Mata displayed their prowess & confidence in the Paralympics that was held from 24 August to 5 September.

2 ) Quantity and to a certain extent quality wise also, latter with their new found determination could outsmart able bodied brethren by a rich haul of nineteen medals(5 Gold,8 Silver & 6 Bronze)in comparision to seven medals won by the former.

3) We had sent largest ever contingent of Fifty Four Para Athletes across nine disciplines. India not only took active part but did remarkably well, crossing all expectations in Badminton by grabbing bulk of medals. Like Taekwondo, this sport too had made its debut in the Games.

Pramod Bhagat and Krishna Nagar won Badminton Golds while Suhas L.Y.,38 year old IAS, committed and effective officer of 2007 batch and current DM of Noida won a silver medal also in Badminton.For the first time an AIS officer (who used to practice for two hours daily at night), got a medal at the topmost Games.It was a tough and focussed eighteen months,that mattered.


4) India since making its debut at the Paralympics in 1968 had won 12 medals in TOTAL till the Rio Games in 2016. During Rio , the country could manage only four medals.

5) INDIA began at Tokyo with Bhavina Patel’s unbelievable Table Tennis Silver medal in the women’s category. Another woman Avni Lekhara went on to win a Gold and a Bronze in Shooting Range. Like last main Games,highly spirited & empowered women of India gave the lead. 23 year old Sunil Antil shook the whole Sports Arena by reaching Javelin upto 68.55m.Thus he broke his own World record THRICE in six attempts.

6) Maximum eight medals were won in Track & Field events,five in Shooting,four in Badminton and one each in T.T. and Archery.For this game, after expressing her immense expectation,country had sent largest ever contingent of 54(40 men,14 women) as opposed to 19 members at Rio.

Each para athlete had a different background & tale to convey.All have been reported to have overcome several impediments. For their courage and determination,their State sports associations,Union Ministry of Sports, employers,family members and above all, the fully determined Sports minded P.M.Sri Narendra Modi were responsible.

A Fine Gesture, Yet Again

7) It goes without saying that by deciding to meet and felicitate all 54 participants on 9th September, the popular P.M. has once again displayed his wide vision,caring attitude for the disadvantaged sections and a large heart.

High Degree of Courage & Determination

8) Indian Paralympians have rewritten history, rather,with due regard to main event competitors, they dared to compete and won on a different level playing field, always under the painful and irritating shadow of Covid.

Improved Boost & Facilities

9) Boost or encouragement given to Divyangs in the last four to five years has proved very beneficial for the parents,relatives as also the spotspersons concerned.A noticeable improvement has been witnessed both in outlook and treatment.If these are on positive side,things are certainly going to improve in the spheres of education, sports, dance, music & many other fields.

Focus Of Different Kind

10) In several parts of country, separate sports complexes, toilets,changing rooms,ramp etc have been provided in all public places,grounds and stadiums. Number and quality of tournaments is also being fully taken care of. With the passage of time,with changing perceptions and facilities, performance on the part of sportsperson too went on improving. Not only additional funds were earmarked and released but wherever a need was felt for training in foreign countries,same was arranged.

11) The Paralymics are held mostly within a fortnight of conclusion of the main games at the same venue.Purpose is to utilise the venues with reduced expenditure and give a bolstered encouragement and an enhanced inspiration to the Divyang Sportspersons.

Long Live the Enhanced Spirit of Indian Sports !