Cricket enjoys the status of a ‘religion’ in India and that effectively makes cricketers demigods, if not Gods. The Indian cricketers have a massive following in the country and the fans have such emotional connect with the game that they revel in the highs of the team and sink in the lows. After the glorious years of legendary Sachin Tendulkar, one who is currently the undisputed divine force of nature is Virat Kohli. The Indian run-machine Virat Kohli turned 29 on Sunday and there was hysteria of incredible magnitude among fans.

It was not just Virat Kohli or his folks that celebrated his birthday, rather fans across the world celebrated the Indian batting wizard’s big day in high spirits. On the day of November 5, Twitter went into a virtual meltdown due to the enormous amount of wishes that Virat Kohli received. Several fans dedicated their time to make the fancy digital greetings while the more enthusiastic ones produced sheer work of art to show their love to their favourite cricketer.

The Indian cricket captain is one true phenomenon and his supporters love everything about him. In the wishes that were shared across various social media platforms, his contribution to the sport was commended while some fans kept posting his runs and records. When it comes to Virat Kohli’s personal life, the discussion about Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma becomes inevitable. There was a flurry of pictures of the two shared by Kohli’s fans.

Even the influential people from various walks of life joined in to wish the charismatic cricketer. Here are some of the top picks:

Virat Kohli shared this artistic cake arranged by Indian cricket team on his birthday

Thank you everyone for all the love and the wishes. God Bless you all. 😊

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