Everybody in this world has a desire to perform adventurous, full of thrill and excitement activities to zest up one’s life and experiences. Some people like to trek and cross over scary mountains while some like to dive into deep oceans exploring the world beneath the dark blue layer. In a latest, stuntman Travis Pastrana performed one of the jaw-dropping tasks when he back-flipped over a 75-foot wide gap between two barges floating on River Thames in London. 

Pro stuntman Travis Pastrana took everybody’s breath when he rolled over in the air crossing a 75-foot gap between two barges on river Thames, in London. Travis Pastrana while performing this courageous and adventurous stunt also set a world record. The stuntman was performing at the launch of Nitro Circus’ UK and European tour. Nitro Circus took to its Twitter account and shared this daring video of stuntman Travis Pastrana who named himself as World’s First barge-to-barge moto back-flip on the River Thames! 

Watch stuntman Travis Pastrana daredevil act here:

According to reports, going for this stunt wouldn’t have been an easy task for Travis Pastrana who is  a professional stuntman though, as this particular goosebumps giving act hasn’t been tried for the past 11 years. Freestyle motocross rider Mike Metzger, who tried it before Travis Pastrana did not meet the same end Pastrana has. Rider Mike not only failed to make a world record but also hurt himself seriously when he fracturing his vertebrae.

Being an American professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer, Travis Alan Pastrana has grabbed various championships titles and won X Games gold medals in events, including supercross, motocross, freestyle motocross, and rally racing. One of this recent adventurous acts, Pastrana on September 26, 2007, jumped out of an airplane over Arecibo, Puerto Rico, without a parachute in a carefully choreographed stunt.

In 2015, during his debut at the X Games Austin, Pastrana finished last in his heat race, and was forced to run the last-chance qualifier, finishing second and advancing to the final race. Travis Pastrana finished on the ninth position in the final game.