Virat Kohli is known for his aggression and merciless thrashing of the opponent on the cricket pitch but there is another side to the Indian cricket captain’s personality as well. In a gentle gesture at Trivandrum Airport, Virat Kohli went beyond the security lines to give the autographs to his disabled fans. Not just the autographs, the Delhi-born cricketer was so delighted with the sketches that his little fans made for him that he gave selfies to almost all of them.

Virat Kohli first began signing the pictures and blank papers for the disabled children that were present at the airport in wheelchairs to cheer their favourite cricket superstar. As he moved from one fan to another, Kohli saw the sketches and collage that his ‘special’ fans made for him. Now we all know the tight schedules of Indian cricketers, especially the cricket captain. It was getting late and Kohli was taking too much time on autographs as the rest of the Indian team and staff waited for him.

Unperturbed by the delay he was causing, Kohli continued to check the sketches and collage his ‘special’ fans made for him. Content at the efforts of his fans, Kohli decided to give each of his wheelchair-bound fans a selfie with him. The fans started handing him their mobile phones to get a picture clicked with their idol and to their surprise, the Indian run machine took every phone given to him, got in frame with the fan and clicked selfies himself.

The security personnel at the airport made a human chain around the cricket superstar as he kept clicking pictures with his fans. This adorable gesture by Virat Kohli did not just win over the fans that were present at the Trivandrum airport but every supporter that saw the video on social media. Coming from the New Zealand series triumph, Indian cricket team will begin the tour of Sri Lanka from November 16 and we wish captain Kohli and his men all the best!

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