Considered as the devil’s playground, the hell in a cell is a demonic structure which has given us some historic career making and career-ending matches over the years. Since its inception, in October 1997 when the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels took on the phenom Undertaker, which also paved the way for Kane in WWE, Hell in a Cell match always lived-up to its expectations by giving us an absolute slobber knocker of matches.

More than 30 elite superstars have stepped inside the demonic structure. Out of each and every individual of them have never been the same after as Hell in a Cell bears no friendliness to any superstars and going by the name it’s indeed the devils’ playground where you have put your opponent out of his misery to remain the last man standing.
But there are some superstars unlike the others who made friends with the demonic structure and made the devil’s playground their own backyard.

1) Randy Ortan

Viper Randy Ortan made the list with his impressive 6 hell in cell appearances where the Legend Killer has got the better of Cenation leader John Cena, Celtic Warrior Sheamus and Daniel Bryan.

2) Brock Lesner

The beast in carnage has stepped inside the demonic structure only twice, but what makes it so special that Lenser made the list is that in his 2 famous bouts, he went against the Undertaker, absolutely decimating the deadman, who has never been a stranger with a staggering 14 appearances to his name.  

3) Triple H

The 13–time WWE Champion Triple H has been the standout performer in his career by creating some legendary matches, taking on legends’ and beating the crap out of them. The cerebral assassin has stepped in the Hell in a cell match 9-times, where he emerged victorious in 6. The game became WWE champion 3 in his 6 bouts inside the cell.

4) Shawn Michaels

The heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels has contested hell in cell matches 4 times in his illustrious career and was the very first entrant in the demonic structure with dead man Undertaker at Bad Blood paper-view in 1997. He registered his name in the history books by winning the first hell in a cell match against the Undertaker. Micheals also fought against his D-Generation X (DX) member Triple-H in 2004 which is considered as one of the greatest Hell In A Cell matches as their match lasted for 47:26 minutes.

5) The Undertaker

The Undertaker has proved to be the most dominating, ruthless and unforgiving for any of his opponent inside the Hell in A Cell as the Deadman from Death Valley has competed in 12 matches. Despite winning only half of them the Phenom has unleashed hell inside Hell in a cell and has given unforgettable memories whether it’s throwing Mankind over the top of cell or taking on Triple H in the end if an era match at WrestleMania 28 which had Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee.