In the main event of the WWE’s 2017 edition of Hell in a Cell, Kevin Owens defeated SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon, who has landed in hospital after performing another ridiculous stunt by jumping from top of the cell to announcers’ table at the bottom.

The much-awaited encounter which aimed at settling several months of enmity between the two ensued with much anticipation. The two could not wait to get their hands on each other as McMahon launched an attack on Owens from outside the cage even before ringing of the bell. Shane grabbed Owens and landed him a series of blows and finally jumped onto his head from the barrier. The contest saw both rivals crossing all limits to outdo each other. After McMahon’s attempt to put Owens through the table failed, he tried more tricks. Both the wrestlers climbed up a 20-foot structure and after an intense battle McMahon pushed Owens from cage’s side to commentator’s table at the bottom. Shane then jumped off the top of the Hell in a Cell to land an elbow drop when to everyone’s surprise Sami Zayn pulled Owens out of the way. Shane fell through the table and was left severely injured. Owens too was left bruised, but managed to get up on his feet with a little help.

According to a preliminary report, Shane McMahon might have suffered several injuries including neck trauma, fractured ribs and a dislocated shoulder following the brutal bump. WWE has said in a statement that it will be monitoring his condition. McMahon is known for his crazy stunts. The athlete had jumped off the cell against Undertaker at 2016, WrestleMania as well, and while Undertaker had moved out of the way McMahon had crash landed. Shane suffered a nasty blow at 2001’s King of the Ring as well when he fell from Kurt Angle belly-to-belly suplex.