WWE Wrestlemania 35: For the first time in the history of WWE Wrestlemania, beast Triple-H to defeated The Animal Batista in one-on-one fight. It was an extravaganza which showed lot of brutal action and heavy punishment. Both the former Evolution faction members had an intense fight and the Triple-H hammered Batista and registered a victory. Triple H smashed Batista mercilessly as he first hit at The Animal on face with a toolbox and he then used an iron chane to hit him. The most brutal thing Triple H did to Batista was breaking his fingers with a plucker.

Not just this, Triple H used another tool to pull out his Batista’s nose ring. Later, the Game delivered a spear to Batista who went through the tables.

It was a no-holds-barred and everything was legal in this match. The 14-time World Champion also used his favourite weapon – a sledgehammer to beat Batista.

Another team mate of the Evolution, Ric Flair also came out to help Triple H and beat Batista. When Batista was trying to make a comeback Ric distracted him and made an opportunity for Triple H to smash Batista’s head with hammer and mark the win.

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