Sri Lanka passes controversial Bill on Chinese port city, Should India be worried?

25 May, 2021 | newsx bureau

Sri Lanka China India-China dispute

Sri Lanka parliament passed a law introducing a powerful economic commission for Chinese-built port in the city of Hambantota. Sri Lankan decided to postpone a debate on “Colombo Port City Economic...

As China’s influence grows in Sri Lanka, the Lankan parliament on Thursday passed a law introducing a powerful economic commission to regulate enormously Chinese luxury oceanside development after hampering the elements of the bill for Chinese-built port in the city of Hambantota.

Sri Lankan with a kick start on becoming Chinese colony decided to postpone a debate on the controversial Bill submitted for the port city called the “Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill”. All party leaders in the House agreed on rescheduling of debate, as the Supreme Court’s determination on the bill had not yet reached Parliament.

Whereas, the government wants to get it passed as quickly as possible to compensate the heavy burden of loan the country took.

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Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s government sees the project as a lifeline for an economy fighting hard through coronavirus pandemic, has raised concerns in Sri Lanka and neighboring India that the development could become a virtual Chinese colony. Also concerns raised by the opposition parties said that, they want the port city project to succeed but the risk is high that Sri Lanka would lose control of the territory.

With this escalating tension Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa promises to balance diplomatic issues between India and China also defending Chinese infrastructure projects in the country and claimed that the project was decided on the basis of “equality and consultation.”

The former Sri Lankan foreign secretary Jayanath Colombage expressed his concern saying, the government in the terms of strategic security has highlighted that Sri Lanka will be following ‘India first’ policy.

Additionally, he said, “as we are very concerned of the vulnerability of the world power rivalry and regional power but, also we need to ensure our balance in foreign policies as well,” while addressing a conference of Nikkei’s Future of Asia . He announced ensuring India that, they will not in any case jeopardise the  Indian security and he emphasised up on the continuation of the ties with China at the same time.