Friday, December 1, 2023

‘Streaming is like watching a live match’: Aparna Shukla & Kangkana Talukdar

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Gamer Influencers Aparna Shukla & Kangkana Talukdar, popularly known as Rog Stream and Mystic Ignite on Facebook, joined us on NewsX for a candid chat as part of NewsX Influencer A-List. In the exclusive conversation, the duo opened up about the experience of being a gamer influencer, interacting with their fans and followers and much more.

Explaining the concept of ‘streaming’ in the gaming space, Kangkana said, “Streaming can be explained with an example. Just like we see live news, streaming is done in a similar fashion. Somebody is speaking live and people can watch it. In our case, we play games. There are softwares called Opus and StreamLab. You can use them to keep your camera and your game play in one screen. You can stream it and people will receive the visuals live in their phones or wherever they are watching our stream.”

Talking about how she streams her games, Aparna added, “Streaming is like watching a live match. In news, it can still be re-recorded but streaming is like a live cricket match. Just like you watch the players live playing cricket, here you watch us play PubG or any other game. It is very fun. People get excited by watching us play, because they feel they are the ones who are playing the game.”

Speaking about the extent of audience involvement, Aparna said, “Whenever we are streaming or whenever we are playing the game, the comments are reflected on our screens. As soon as we get sometime, we check out the comments to see what people are saying. It works simultaneously along with the game. Sometimes people get angry that we are not replying to them but in that moment, we are immersed in the game and end up ignoring the comments.”

Talking about her experience, Kangkana said, “I am not a very talkative person so I can’t resist speaking all the time. Whenever I stream, I continuously talk about something. Whether it is about the game or talking to my teammates who are playing with me, so it becomes a thing. Whenever I see my regular viewers, I interact with them and ask them about their day and they do the same. It becomes a conversation within a group and we have a very good time together.”

To this, Aparna said, “While streaming, if there is any kind of stress, it all vanishes as soon as we come live because it is so much fun. We don’t realise how 2-3 hours pass by while talking and playing the game.”

Check out the entire conversation on NewsX YouTube:

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