Sugith Varughese admits facing discrimination, says it is important to address the issue

13 June, 2020 | newsx bureau

Sugith Varughese Entertainment

Amid the Black Lives Movement, Canadian actor, writer and director Sugith Varughese says he has faced discrimination and done his bit to lend his voice to it.

He plays Mr Mehta in the series ‘Kim’s Convenience’ and is also seen in the immensely popular Canadian TV series ‘Transplant’ as Dr Ajay Singh. Canadian actor, writer and director Sugith Varughese has been a pioneer given the breakthrough and success he has had on television and films as an actor of South Asian descent. Having been an actor and writer for nearly 40 years now, he says that his ability to do multiple things – write, direct, act – is what has kept him relevant and helped him evolve with the times.

Sugith Varughese has been seen on stage as well in various plays including Anushree Roy’s ‘Little Pretty and the Exceptional’, ‘Bhopal’, ‘The Post Office’ and ‘Indian Ink’. He is also a director with works like ‘Mela’s Lunch’ and ‘Kumar and Mr Jones’. He is an award-winning writer and penned ‘The Secret Life of Goldfish’, ‘Best of Both Worlds’, and numerous episodes for TV shows.

At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic has engulfed the world, we see the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. Ask Varughese, how important was the issue of racism and discrimination and whether it has affected him personally, he says, “Yes.” He adds that it is important to address the issue of discrimination and talks about how he has done his bit to lend voice to it.

OTT platforms like Netflix have given your shows a global audience. Ask him how he feels about having fans worldwide and in India and he says, “I didn’t know I had fans in India. My cousins who live in India and other parts of the world can now actually get to see my work.”

In this exclusive interview, Sugith Varughese talks about his work, the issue of discrimination, the arts and what he is looking forward to shooting next.

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