Sunny Leone pulls off epic prank on husband Daniel Weber, watch

3 May, 2020 | newsx bureau

Sunny Leone pranks Entertainment

Actor Sunny Leone is a true prankster as earlier also she spares no one from her pranks from crew members to director each one has had been fooled by her. Recently she pranks on her husband Daniel ...

In quarantine, actor Sunny Leone is all set to entertain her fans by uploading hilarious videos with husband Daniel Weber. Recently Sunny uploaded a new video of hers where she pulls off an epic prank on Daniel. In the video, she can be seen faking that her finger has been accidentally chopped off with a knife.

However, before placing the camera, she showed up the whole setup to her fans including artificial finger and fake blood. Sunny made sure that Daniel got no hint related to what’s cooking in her mind, so she placed her camera in the kitchen.

In the video, she shouts and called his husband to help him and pretend that accidentally she chopped off her finger while cooking. Wasting no time Daniel found a towel and grabbed her wrist, and placed it on her hand.

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In the video, he was seen freaking out and tried to call the doctor, drawing his attention Sunny said, there is the phone.. eventually he gets to know that he was fooled by his wife and laughed.

It’s not for the first time, Sunny pranked on him earlier also she did the same! Later she asked him about did he enjoyed the prank to which he replied and said, generally he is a serious person in life, in actual he doesn’t like pranks not even on others and when the situation comes upon him, then it’s a big No, Sunny asked him to rate his prank, in reply Daniel said zero as it was done on him.