Sunny Leone’s husband Daniel Weber claims she is very lazy and sleeps all day

20 April, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Recently Sunny Leone shared a video on her Instagram account, in the video her husband Daniel Weber is praising her but his placards tell a different story. Read the article and check out the video...

A very famous celebrity Sunny Leone shared a candid video of her husband Daniel Weber. In the video, Daniel was singing praises about the star Sunny, but the placards he showed in the video were different then praises. Let us also tell you that Daniel also doubles up as Sunny’s manager. Daniel said in his video that Sunny is excellent in cooking and she looks beautiful all the time but his placards said that she is terrible in cooking and all she is wearing in this lockdown period is her pyjamas.

Leone shared this video on her Instagram account with the caption that she just saw the video and will be taking revenge for it, she will also be making a video which will be showing what Daniel does all day. In the video Weber says Sunny helps him in everything like laundry, cooking and other stuffs as well and her cooking is just so fantastic, he also added that she dresses up beautifully each day. However, the things written on the placards read as that he needs help as Sunny is driving him crazy as she lives in pyjamas all day and what all she does is taking selfies the whole day, she also sleeps all day and is horrible in cooking.

Sunny and Daniel are parents of a 4 years old daughter Nisha and one-year-old twin boys Noah and Asher. Recently in an interview, Sunny said that this lockdown is not going easy for her as she needs to do a lot of household works and her lot of time goes in handling her three little toddlers as they need a lot of attention and school time. She also said that the house needs to be cleaned as well when one has three little kids in their house. She also said that there are not sufficient hours in the day to do it all. It can be seen that this lockdown is going really busy for Sunny.