Sunday, December 10, 2023

Need for ‘peace and stability’ in Taiwan Strait: Blinken to Chinese counterpart

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Friday and emphasised the need to maintain peace and stability on both sides of the Taiwan Strait amid the tension between the US and China.

According to a statement from the State Department’s Ned Price, Blinken, who is in New York for the 77th session of the UNGA, “emphasised that maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait is essential to regional and global security and prosperity.” Blinken reiterated during the course of the one-hour meeting that the United States is committed to upholding peace and stability on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in accordance with its long-standing one-China policy.

The need of keeping lines of communication open and handling the US-PRC relationship appropriately was highlighted by both leaders.

“He emphasised the consequences if the PRC supported Moscow’s invasion of a sovereign state and restated the United States’ rejection of Russia’s conflict against Ukraine. He emphasised that the US is still willing to work with the PRC when our interests coincide “Ned Price was cited in the release as saying.

Additionally, the US has already spoken out frequently on China-Taiwan ties. Joe Biden stated that the American military would protect Taiwan against a Chinese invasion in an interview with the US President that was broadcast on September 19 as part of its “60 Minutes” programme.

According to a daily newspaper, when asked about supporting Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion, Biden responded that the US would do so “if there was an extraordinary onslaught.”

Biden was questioned by Scott Pelley, the interviewer for the 60-minute broadcast, on whether the scenario would change in the case of an assault on Taiwan.

To be clear, sir, unlike Ukraine, American soldiers, including men and women, would defend Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion. Pelley enquired.
Yes, Biden answered.

Following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, ties between China and the US worsened. That trip infuriated China’s ruling Communist Party, which, despite never having had control over Taiwan, regards the island as being a part of its territory. In response, China’s Communist Party launched unprecedented military exercises around the island, sent warplanes across the Taiwan Strait, and fired missiles over the main island.

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