Our country’s talent should not be wasted: Abhishek Singh, Actor & IAS

17 March, 2021 | newsx bureau

Abhishek Singh A List

Actor and IAS Abhishek Singh recently got candid with NewsX and shared insights from his journey of being an actor as well as an IAS. He also shared his vision for the country and gave a message to...

Abhishek Singh, an IAS officer turned actor, recently joined NewsX for a conversation as part of NewsX India A-List. He recounted his amazing experiences and explained how he became an actor being an IAS. All set to make his acting debut in Delhi Crime Season 2, Abhishek also shared about how he got the part.

He said, “Mukesh Chhabra introduced me to a few people who were making this web series on Netflix called Delhi Crime season 2. So he said, why don’t you brief them regarding the police administration, they would like to hear your views. So I was just briefing them and somebody from the team asked me, What experience do you have in acting? So I said, I’m not an actor and I’m Deputy Commissioner. So they were surprised. They said that we did not think that we will be getting to meet a deputy commissioner in Mr Mukesh Chhabra office. So nevertheless, then they said that they have a role in their mind of an IAS officer, and they said that my body language suits the role, So would you like to get into acting?” 

Talking about the revamping of Bandra police station, He said, “It so happened that I met Suzanne in one of the events and I mentioned this to her that, I’m planning this talent show so she said that why don’t you do something else also in the same name, so I said like what?, then she said that she had gone to Bandra police station for some work and she found a building to be not in a very good condition. So she said that since I’m an interior designer, I would like to do something for the police station. So if you help me and join me, then I think we’ll be able to do something. So that’s how it all started. And then we picked Bandra police station, and we thought that we will revamp it, so she is doing it free of cost”

When asked about one of his initiatives i.e ‘World of Wardi’, he shared, “All these policemen, who will be of the rank of constables and head constables, will be given a chance to showcase their talent and it will be a kind of a reality show. They will be showcasing their talent and then the audience will be judging and there will be few judges from the music industry. So, they will be picking up the top 10 best talents of the country and then we will be providing them a platform where they can get to sing in the movies or they can get their own albums released. The idea is that the talent which is there in our country should not go wasted. Even if one is doing police force, it doesn’t mean that you know, he cannot have a hobby and he cannot pursue it as a hobby.”

In the concluding remarks, he said, “I think one should follow their heart. And if you are actually determined to do something, you will be able to do it no matter what, nobody is going to stop you. The only limits that one has is one’s own mind. So think free, be free, be very hardworking, be very focused.”