Friday, December 1, 2023

Taliban official assassinated in Afghanistan’s Faryab province

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Abdul Rahman Munawar, a Taliban leader who also oversees the province of Faryab in Afghanistan’s economy, was killed on Saturday.

According to local accounts cited by the Khaama Press, the Taliban official was killed by unidentified armed men while he was returning to his home. Shamsullah Mohammad, the acting director of information and culture for the Faryab province, verified the assassination news following the reports and stated that the event occurred in a hamlet in the Qaisar region of Faryab.

According to Mohammad, “Unknown armed individuals executed Abdul Rahman Munawar, the chief of economic affairs for the Taliban in this region when he was on his way home.”

According to a Taliban spokesperson, the Islamic emirates have begun their inquiry and are seeking the assassins even though they fled the site of the crime.

The two armed individuals who murdered Abdul Rahman Munawar are wanted by the Taliban.

According to Taliban security authorities, no one, group, or organization has yet claimed responsibility for the assassination and they are still unsure of the motive.

Since the Taliban took over last year, there has been an upsurge in crime, and even Taliban leaders may become victims.

The Afghan National Resistance Front (NRF) had earlier in June said that it had downed a Taliban chopper and taken four of the group’s members into custody in the nation’s Panjshir district.

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