Monday, December 4, 2023

Tarina Patel receives Global Gandhi Award

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The Global Gandhi Awards were given to Tarina Patel in recognition of her charitable and humanitarian services. The Global Gandhi Awards are given to persons who have made exceptionally significant contributions to society in all spheres of endeavour.

“I was a member of the International Conclave to mark 75 years of Indian Independence, held in London, UK,” Tarina Patel stated after accepting the prize.

In the House of Commons, “I received my honour from the Honorable MP Virendra Sharma & Lord Rami Ranger.” Patel went on to say.

“I was given the honour for my charitable and social activity. Being in the UK parliament was a luxury and an honour, but being acknowledged and awarded was something else entirely. A humble learning experience,” remarked Patel.

In the meanwhile, discussions on the bilateral collaboration between India and the UK continued. These discussions aimed to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between the two powerful countries while also providing chances for growth and development.

The Sustainable Development Goals were also brought up. The proposal had the backing of the Indo-European Business Forum and other groups. The Global Gandhi Awards were presented in the UK Parliament.

Additionally, the Global Gandhi Awards promote the lessons of truth, nonviolence, peace, and equality while honouring Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs, teachings, and principles.

They do, however, draw inspiration from Gandhiji’s ideas and outlook on sustainability. The congratulations recognise people who are making significant and meaningful social, economic, and political changes in their domains that have an international influence. They were introduced as a tribute to mark and remember Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birthday.

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