Hijab is a symbol of oppression: Taslima Nasreen praises the protest by Iranian women

21 September, 2022 | Riya Girdhar

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Hijab is not a choice, according to Bangladeshi novelist Taslima Nasreen, and women all around the world will be inspired by the rallies in Iran.

The 22-year-old Mahsa Amini’s killing prompted Iranian women to burn their hijabs and shave their heads in protest. Taslima Nasreen of Bangladesh praised these actions. According to Taslima Nasreen, who was speaking to NewsX, said that hijab is not genuinely a choice, and women all around the world will be inspired by the protest in Iran.

After being detained in Tehran earlier in the week, Mahsa Amini went into a coma and passed away on Friday. She reportedly had a heart attack after being held by morality police who objected to her hijab, according to accounts in the media (headscarf). Iran saw an uprising after Maha Asmini’s passing.

“Iranian woman have been fighting against their compulsive Hijab for many years, their message to the wider Islamic world is very simple. Protest against Hijab, Hijab is a symbol of oppression do not wear Hijab, walk in public places freely and happily, nobody should be ashamed of their body parts. Hijab is like a chest to the belt, women have to wear in the dark ages.”, she said

“Its men, who are sexually excited when they see women, it is absolutely men’s problem. Women do not have to hide their body parts. Men must learn to control their sexual urge. Women have sexual urge too, women do not ask men to hide their body parts. I hope women in other Islamic countries would be inspired by Iranian women, would remove their Hijab and live with dignity and honour as human being, not as a slave of men or as a sex object.”, she added.

On being being asked if letting the woman decide shall be the main principle, and shall it be the same way, she enthusiastically responded, “: In a misogynistic patriarchal society, women do not decide for themselves. It is always men who always decide “What women should wear”, where women should go to”, “What women should do”, “whether they should speak or they shut their mouth.”

“Woman have no freedom, no misogynistic rule should be practiced even if the rule was made by highest religious authority or god. Religion is not above human.”, the Bangladeshi author added.

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