Chandrayaan-3: Tejasvi Surya speaks exclusively to NewsX on India’s moon landing

23 August, 2023 | Shubhi

Tejasvi Surya National

Karnataka MP Tejasvi Surya spaking to NewsX told that India's scientific capabilities are immense and the central government has taken various steps to nurture a culture of science and technology.

Amidst the countdown for the Chandrayaan-3 mission, a historic landing on the southern pole of the moon is anticipated. The spacecraft has completed orbit and deboosting manoeuvres and is now focused on locating the optimal landing site on the challenging lunar terrain. To discuss this momentous event, Tejasvi Surya, the young BJP MP from Karnataka, shared his insights on this achievement, its significance, and the role of India’s space agency, ISRO.

Surya stated that it is a significant day for India, as the nation stands on the brink of achieving its first successful lunar landing. This accomplishment will place India in an exclusive club of powerful nations that have accomplished successful moon missions, including the United States, China, and Russia. Tejasvi Surya emphasized the exceptional nature of this achievement, particularly for a country of India’s size and population, and notes that this milestone will inspire young Indians, especially students, to dream big and foster a scientific temperament.

He attributed the success of the mission to the dedication and hard work of India’s scientists, particularly the team at ISRO. He expressed his gratitude to the Prime Minister for his support over the past nine years in modernizing and strengthening India’s space sector.

The collaborative effort of the scientific community, along with government support, has paved the way for this historic moment. While acknowledging that there might be nervousness at ISRO, Surya exuded confidence in the capabilities of India’s scientists.

The Karnataka MP pointed to ISRO’s track record of asserting India’s global dominance in space exploration and states that the nation’s confidence is backed by the collective prayers of a billion Indians. He firmly believes that ISRO will achieve a successful landing and continue to make the nation proud.

Tejasvi Surya said that significant momentum building in India’s space industry over the past nine years, attributed to reforms initiated by the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He highlighted a substantial 150% increase in the budget allocation for the Department of Space and ISRO, which has led to enhanced resources for research, development, and ambitious projects like Chandrayaan-2, Chandrayaan-3, and Gaganyaan. The introduction of new technologies, such as the anti-satellite system, further demonstrates India’s progress.

The Modi government’s efforts to open up the space sector to private players and startups are applauded by Surya. He noted that this policy shift will lead to the establishment of multiple space agencies, analogous to ISRO, thus fostering a more robust and competitive space sector. He also discussed the vibrant start-up ecosystem in India’s space capital, Bengaluru, and envisions a future where private players significantly contribute to space technology development.

Surya’s also said that India’s scientific talent and capability are immense, and the government has taken numerous steps to nurture a culture of science and technology from the school level upward.

Tejasvi Surya also mentioned initiatives like the Atal Innovation Mission and the National Research Foundation Bill, which support research and innovation in the country. He believes that India’s strong scientific and technological foundation, built over the past nine years, is steering the nation toward becoming a scientific superpower.