Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Telangana CM’s daughter Participates in protest on National Highway connecting North and South India

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Former MP from Nizamabad MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha marked her support in solidarity with the farmers of India against the unruly provisions of the Farmers Act, 2020. As Kavitha took on the highway along with the TRS party she addressed the media on the issue.

In her interaction she said that the Bill makes the farmers weak and does not take into consideration the stability and security of our farmers. The absence of MSP in the act, she said leads to a direct entry of private players into the system. She said that there are three crucial aspects of agriculture that are seeds, fertilisers and farm produce. While the access of seeds and fertilisers have been given to private players that has visibly led to unregulated market, if farm produce is also opened for private sector we can foresee the future of the same.

Kavitha stated the example of Bihar where the abolition of Market Committee has paved the way for market prices lower than the MSP which is not in the interest of farmers. She further stated that Corn is the primary produce of Telangana and the TRS government provided for ₹1800 as MSP which varies drastically in other states from ₹1000-₹1200. Daughter of Telangana CM KCR said that if the government wants to pursue “ONE NATION – ONE MARKET” then the Modi government must ensure “ONE NATION – ONE MARKET – ONE MSP” Policy which is the primary dement of the TRS party too.

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TRS Party leader Kavitha said that the TRS Party was in opposition of this farms bills ever since they were tabled in the Parliament and it still stands with the farmers and that the party supports their call for Bharat Bandh. She said that farmers work on the basis of their experiences not on political ideologies and that the government must respect their service and experience. The BJP Government must ensure that nothing is sold below MSP, this will instil a sense of security among the farmers and in turn ensure food security within the country.

Stating the example of the USA which is a credit based agriculture market MLC local bodies from Nizamabad said that only 14 paise reaches a farmer in the country. However, in a country like ours where the focus is on increasing the income we must ensure MSP, smooth working of APMC and increase subsidy. She further said that if the government wants to bring transformation in the agricultural sector than the focus must be on developing infrastructure for our farmers and meeting the need of the society.

While research says that India needs over 40,000 agriculture markets in proportion to our population, we only have 6500 markets at the moment – keeping this in mind if the Centre Government intends to change the entire situation in the existing manner , our farmers will be the worst hit.

MLC Kalvakuntla said that TRS Party stands by the farmers of India and demands the Narendra Modi government to think for the farmers too and ensure their security.

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