Telangana government orders heavy slash in salaries for all public representatives and employees

30 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Telangana government orders heavy slash in salaries, telangana IAS, IPS salary deduction, telanagana KCR government to cut salary National

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao has ordered heavy cuts in salaries for all public representatives and employees and the money will be used to combat COVID-19.

The Corona virus is adversely impacting the world world . This affects the Telangana state too. The Telangana State’s economic situation has been deteriorating due to continual lockdown. In this background, the state government had to act with caution and foresight. A high-level review meeting held on Monday at Pragathi Bhavan (the CM of Telangana’s camp office ) on the financial situation of the State. After reviewing the financial condition of the state, decisions are taken on payment of various salaries.
The government decided to slash the salaries from chief minister to the forth class employees. So the Government said There will be 75 per cent cut on the salaries of the CM, State cabinet minister , MLCs, MLAs, State Corporation Chairpersons, Local Bodies representatives. There will be 60 per cent salary cut of IAS, IPS IFS and other such Central services Officers . For all other category of employees, there will be 50 per cent salary cut.
The government showed a little bit compassion on the class IV employees. For the Class IV, outsourcing and contract employees, there will be 10 per cent salary cut. The pensioners too get the beating . For all category of pensioners there will be 50 per cent cut. For the Class IV retired employees there will be 10 per cent cut.
“There will be cut of salaries For all the Public Sector Undertakings, Institutions that are receiving the government grants employees, like the government employees and retirees “ the government said.
On the other hand Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao declared that a Comprehensive Telangana State Paddy and Rice Policy would be prepared keeping in view of increase in the Paddy yield in the State. The CM has instructed the officials concerned to formulate the policy after consulting with the Rice Millers and other stake-holders.
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The CM also announced that the government would stand by the Rice Millers and make them stake holders in the State’s development and progress. He said the draft Paddy Policy will be discussed in the State cabinet and it would be discussed in the Legislature before it is accepted as the policy. The CM said the government is going to buy all the paddy and other crops of Telangana . For that he is going to spare 25 thousands of crores. The farmers need not worry about their produce.