Telangana passes resolution against CAA, NPR, NRC; lone BJP MLA opposes

16 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

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Telangana's KCR governmet passed a resolution against CAA, NPR, NRC stating it is against poors. AIMIM too supported government's move except for lone BJP MLA Raja Singh who opposed the decision.

Telangana state assembly passed a resolution againt CAA, NPR and NRC on Monday, March 16.  All members present of the house voted for resolution againt CAA, NRC and NPR, except for lone BJP MLA Raja Singh.
Telangana Chief minister K Chandrasekhar Roa, on the floor of the house, said he belongs to upper caste and rich family but does not have birth certificate, how can a poor dalit or harijan would have complete documents. CM said this CAA is divisive in nature so the house is rejecting it and he is ready to support if a wall is build along the border but not CAA . He quoted that kerala , Bengal, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi too passed similar resolutions. KCR said he will not allow the divisive politics in Telangana. TRS is a secular party and the citizenship question is pertinent. It has to be addressed but it is a time-taking process. There has to be a meeting of all political parties along with experts and everyone in the country has to be consulted, CM added.
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Through the speaker, Chief Minister asked the Centre to review its decision of CAA, NPR and NRC. He further questioned that if voter ID card, Aadhaar, driving licence are not valid for proving citizenship then what is the use of them. Even the PM is elected by voter ID cards only, CM said while questioning the Narendra Modi government.

The AIMIM supported the move strongly and its floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi said the CAA is not only dividing but also weakening the nation. Not just the Musilim are concern with it, in fact, the common man has too suffer. Akbaruddin said the CAA is againt the poor basically.
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But the lone BJP MLA Raja Singh opposed the decision and said its not againt the Muslims or anyone since its an act of inclusiveness and to give shelter to the persecuted minorities in our neighbouring countries. MLA Raja singh wanted to speak more on the proposed resolution but it was put for voting.
The CM said a month or two ago that he wanted to get a resolution againt CAA and the assembly passed today. He also announced the CMS conferance againt CAA in Hyderabad previously, whether it will happnen or not, only the Time will tell.