Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tensions over the renaming of Mohammadpur erupted in Delhi, resulting in a bomb scare

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The decision to rename the village of Mohammadpur to Madhavpuram has taken a frightening turn in light of recent events in the area. On Monday night, the Delhi Police discovered a bag containing a grenade near Mohammadpur in Southwest Delhi. This created friction in the neighbourhood, prompting residents to call the cops.

The bomb disposal squad, dog squad, and the National Security Group all arrived to the scene after the police force arrived and roped off the area. Following this, a telephonic discussion between local BJP councillor Bhagat Singh Tokas and an anonymous guy, who purportedly threatened the councillor over the renaming of Mohammadpur, came as a more disturbing development. The explosive was discovered outside Tokas’ home in the neighbourhood.

According to the councillor, he received the call six months ago, during which time he passed a motion renaming Mohammadpur Madhavpuram. Following that, Adesh Gupta, the state BJP chief, summoned a press conference to address the issue. The BJP councillor can be heard chatting to an unidentified man in a telephonic conversation obtained by Republic, who appears to threaten him over changing the name of Mohammadpur.

Further, the unnamed caller claimed that activities are disturbing Muslims, and threatened that if the name of Mohammadpur is altered, then “what Ajmal Kasab did in Maharashtra will be repeated again”. 

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